ObjectChair ErgoPro Office Chair

Is The ObjectChair ErgoPro Office Chair A Multi-Purpose Choice?

ObjectChair ErgoPro Ergonomic Office ChairFrom the start, it is clear that the makers of the ObjectChair ErgoPro Office Chair want to market this mode to everyone. There are tags about this being an office chair, task chair, and gaming chair.

First impressions of the design suggest that it isn’t going to be great for gaming, but what do users think of the features and comfort offered?

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The Pros and Cons of this ObjectChair ErgoPro Office Chair.


  •  The ergonomic segments for support while working at a desk
  •  The adjustments in the headrest and 4D armrests
  •  The quality of the base with its rollerblade wheels


  •  The backrest isn’t ideal for gaming purposes
  •  The lack of padding could be an issue for long-term use.



There is a nice shape to the ObjectChair ErgoPro Office Chair that should allow for support when working at your desk.

There is a lot here to make this ergonomic chair a hit for work at a desk as an office or task chair. The design is great with the segmented panels and mesh in either black or grey.

The lower segment of the backrest is curved for lumbar support and there are adjustable elements with the headrest, 4D armrests, and tilting backrest. You also get a nice waterfall edge to the seat for better circulation while working longer shifts.


ObjectChair ErgoPro Ergonomic Chair


Then there are the more practical elements to the chair. There is a wide base that has a more stable feel than some other models. This is completed with rollerblade wheels, rather than the usual casters, to help you glide across the floor with ease.

The whole chair has a maximum weight allowance of 260 pounds, so should be fine for larger users.


The ObjectChair Gaming/Task/Office Chair might not be as multifunctional as hoped.

Sold as being multifunctional as an office chair, task chair, and gaming chair. However, this is not a gaming chair. You could try and use it as such short-term, but it isn’t going to be great for longer streams or missions.

First of all, it doesn’t have the right angle in the backrest for reclining and watching a wall-mounted TV. Secondly, there isn’t the cushioning needed for that sort of long-term use.

The mesh is fun, but not the same as a racing chair. There is also a lack of padding on the armrests


Is this ObjectChair ErgoPro the right option for your home office or gaming room?

If you are mostly after a chair for your home office, you can’t go too wrong with this option. It does what it needs to in terms of comfort and ergonomics without going too far. Those looking for a more multifunctional chair with gaming potential may struggle.

The cushioning, reclining options, and style just aren’t there. However, just because the company oversold the capabilities from the outset, that doesn’t mean that you can’t make good use of this stylish chair and its adjustable features. The ObjectChair ergonomic chair still has a lot of potential.

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