Oak Desk Ideas and Top Picks to Consider in 2022

Are you shopping for a new oak office desk but are stuck on oak desk ideas? This review will show you the top oak desks available on the market. We have researched the best models, saving you time and effort in your search. In addition, we have focused on features such as table size, materials and durability. Therefore, you can make an educated decision when selecting a desk.

Furthermore, we will pick a variety of modern designs and styles to match your office décor. We have factored in the price to get you the best deals for your budget. Finally, you will learn about the functionality and key features every desk should have, which will help you find your new office addition.

Top Factors When Choosing The Right Oak Desk


The desk size must match the user’s practical needs. For example, the size of the desk should be large enough to fit a computer and keyboard. Also, the desktop depth should have enough space to ensure the individual isn’t sitting too close to the computer. In addition, if there is more than one monitor, then a longer table may be needed.

The desk height should be considered and must align with the user seating position. However, this may not be an issue in some cases as the office chair has height adjustability. Therefore, the person can adjust accordingly to sit at the correct height of the desk and monitor. In addition, the size of the desk should match the office space.


Oak Desk

Proper storage creates a tidy and secure workplace. It will keep the desk clutter-free and organized. As every office is different, it is essential to get a desk with the required storage space.

Some desks have extra draws or shelves to store documents and personal items. However, if the workplace stores their files on computer systems, then a desk with extra storage may not be required. 

Some oak desks have great ergonomic features. Such as a pull-out keyboard tray, which saves space on top of the desk. It’s handy as it benefits the user by sitting further away from the monitor. In addition, it is more comfortable to place the arms on the tray if the desktop is much higher. For example, standing desks which have this feature are convenient for shorter people.


Oak desks are among the more expensive types, but you can buy cheaper models too. In this guide, we have picked the top desks to suit all budgets. The oak desks with extra storage are more expensive, which makes sense as more materials are used. Some of the cheaper options may have a minimalistic design but still enhance the office decor. 


Oak is one of the popular hardwoods used for the office desk. This is because the material is sturdy and robust, which makes the desk highly durable. When looking at the product description, pay attention to the materials used to ensure they are high-quality.

In addition, a warranty provided by the manufacturer ensures they are confident that their product is durable and long-lasting. Finally, thicker oak wood will last longer with heavier loads on the desk over the years.

Extra features

It is essential to look for a desk with added ergonomic features, as this will improve the desk’s functionality. Here are a few key features to look out for:

  • Shelves and draws: extra draws will save you storage space and keep the desk clutter-free. Also, shelves are great for decorative purposes such as putting up a photo frame or storing files.
  • Tilt- mechanism: some desks have a built-in worktop, which tilts forward. This is great for drawing on as the user doesn’t have to strain over the desk.
  • Cable management: desks with this feature have a cut out hole on the top right or left corner for the wires to pass through. This ensures a tidy and organized desk space.
  • Height adjustable: this feature allows the desktop to go upwards or downwards. This is ideal if the user wants to work standing up. In addition, it’s excellent for blood circulation and keeping healthy.
  • Monitor stand riser: some desks come with a monitor stand in their design. This lifts the computer higher, which keeps the user from looking down on the screen. It improves posture by avoiding slouching, which puts a strain on the back of the neck.

The Best Oak Desk Picks

Here we have selected the top oak desks available on the market today. We have picked each desk for its modern design, materials and features. This means you can get a top of the range desk for your office décor.  

Armocity Corner Desk with Outlets Corner Table: Best Oak Corner Option

Armocity Corner Desk with Outlets Corner Table

The Armocity Corner Desk has a modern design, perfect for small office spaces. In addition, the desk comes with 2 power outlets and 3 USB ports, which is ideal for charging your phone or laptop. This impressive feature will keep your workspace clutter-free and organized. 

It’s a corner-friendly size, 28.4L”28.4W”29.6H inch, which makes this desk suitable for snug spaces. Under the desk is a storage board for your printer, books, and documents. Also, the oak hardwood is sturdy enough to support heavy loads.

Instructions and parts labels are included with this corner computer desk. In addition, it requires little effort to assemble and can be completed in less than 10 minutes. Furthermore, a warranty is included, and customer support is at hand to resolve any issues.


  • 3 types of oak colors to select for the office decor
  • It fits perfectly into corners, which saves space
  • Built-in storage board for keeping items organized
  • 3 USB ports, which are handy for charging electricals


  • Limited desk space, which isn’t ideal for larger workstation setups
  • Not much legroom for taller people

FURINNO Econ Multipurpose Home Office Desk: Best Pull-Out Tray Option

FURINNO Econ Multipurpose Home Office Desk

The FURINNO Econ Home Office Desk is an ideal solution for small home offices, yet it is ergonomically functional. It features a slide-out keyboard draw, which allows the arms to be comfortably placed while typing. Additionally, it comes with a CPU storage compartment and a non-woven drawer for keeping the desk organized.

This multi-functional oak desk is derived from high-quality composite wood that complies with CARB regulations. It’s built to last and highly durable, which ensures the desk is of excellent quality. In addition, the computer desk comes in a variety of wood finishes, which gives you flexibility when styling the office space.

The desk comes with a step-by-step manual and a tool kit for assembly. Also, the warranty can be claimed through customer service in case any issues arise.


  • The desk has rounded edges on the corners for extra safety
  • Various wood finishes to choose from, to suit personal tastes
  • Excellent for small office spaces
  • Pull-out keyboard tray ensures arms can be comfortable


  • Limited space on the desktop for larger workstations
  • Limited space for the legs under the desk

Homieasy L-Shaped Computer Desk: Best L-Shaped Option

Homieasy L-Shaped Computer Desk

The Homieasy L-Shaped Computer Desk is a stylish addition for your office, finished in elegant black oak. The L-shaped desk fits comfortably in a corner, which maximizes limited spaces. In addition, under desk shelves offer extra storage for books and files, which will keep your workstation clutter-free.

For under $200, this is one of the top L-shaped desks on the market. It features a spacious worktop 47″ L” 19.68″ D inches for large computers. In addition, the frame is made of heavy-duty coated steel, which ensures stability and durability. Also, the desktop is anti-scratch resistant, waterproof and easy to clean with a wet cloth.

Finally, the shelving units can be fixed on the left or right of the desk. This provides flexible customization to fit the desk perfectly within the office space. Also, the manual and part labels are included with the packaging, ensuring easy assembly.


  • The desk has side pocket storage for keeping files organized
  • 2 height options for upper shelves for customizing the storage space
  • L-shape desk is well integrated next to the wall space
  • Larger worktop ideal for more than 1 computer


  • It doesn’t come with a pull-out tray for extra comfort on the arms
  • No draws to hold secure files, therefore may get lost or stolen

Coavas Computer Desk with Storage Shelves: Best for Desktop Space

Coavas Computer Desk with Storage Shelves

The Coavas Computer Desk has a cute and simplistic design for the everyday office. It has a 120cm long tabletop which is larger than other desks on the market. Therefore, ensuring ample space and can fit up to 2 computer monitors on the workstation. Also, the oak beach effect on the tabletop is beautiful and enhances the office décor. 

The desk includes 5 storage shelves on the side of the desk, which is ideal for organizing books and files. Additionally, the sturdy and solid MDF panels ensure heavy items can be placed on the desktop and storage units.

Finally, the packaging includes a complete set of screws and a step-by-step manual. You can expect to assemble the desk in less than 30 minutes. Furthermore, for peace of mind, the desk is backed with a 90-days money-back warranty.


  • Built-in shelves for ample storage space
  • Highly durable oak wood worktop, which will last for years
  • Large workstation for more than one computer
  • Modern design for decorating the office space


  • No draws to keep private files secure
  • The shelving unit is not big enough to store a PC case

VERMESS Study Computer Desk: Best Oak Top Option

VERMESS Study Computer Desk

The VERMESS Study Computer Desk has a modern minimalistic design that is pleasing to the eye. This affordable desk is less than $60, which is a great low budget option. Also, the extra thick oak worktop feels expensive and high-quality. 

The sturdy desk has a metal frame and adjustable leg pads, which provide stability while working. In addition, the extra storage bag on the end of the worktop is ideal for books and files. This add-on will keep the desk clutter-free and tidy.

The desk measures 36″ L” 23.25″ D inches on the worktop, ensuring a large workstation. This provides a spacious work area on the desk without it feeling cramped. Finally, the desk can be assembled within 10 minutes, with a manual included along with a toolset.


  • Thick Hardwood oak worktop ensures a highly durable desk
  • The extra storage bag is ideal for placing books and other items
  • Adjustable foot pads to keep desk level to the floor
  • The worktop is waterproof and easy to clean


  • There are no draws or shelves for extra storage
  • The desk may not fit in small spaces

4NM Small Desk Folding Desk: Best Folding Desk Option 

4NM Small Desk Folding Desk

The 4NM Small Desk Folding Desk has a stylish modern design that enhances the office décor. Its sandy natural oak wood is pleasing to the eye. Also, the engineered hardwood ensures the desk is stable and long-lasting.

The minimalist desk is ideal for small spaces, such as a bedroom or living room corner. It measures 31.5×17.72×29.72 inches, which fits a computer, keyboard and mouse on the worktop. Furthermore, the desk is ideal for users that will use the desk for shorter intervals. This is because prolonged use may lead to poor posture and muscle pain. 

The warranty can be easily claimed through the website, which offers a money-back guarantee should the product have a defect. Also, as the desk is foldable, there is no assembly required, saving you time as it can be used right away.


  • Small desk fits into small spaces
  • Folding desk, which is easy to move around the home
  • The desk comes in various wood finish effects to customize the décor
  • Stylish design which enhances the office décor


  • No storage space, therefore no organization
  • Small desktop, which is challenging to place the hands for comfort.

SHW Harrison Home Computer Desk with Shelves: Best Price Option

SHW Harrison Home Computer Desk with Shelves

The SHW Harrison Home Computer Desk is the top pick for the best price on the market, at only under $40. The desk has attachable shelves on the sides of the small frame, which is its best ergonomic feature. Also, the shelves can be moved to the outer or inner desk frame. This is ideal for placing hot drinks on the side while working.

The modern desk is made from engineered oak wood, ensuring it is durable and solid. Also, the steel frame keeps the desk from wobbling and stays stable on any floor. In addition, the worktop is waterproof resistant, which is ideal for cleaning with a wet cloth.

The desk’s dimensions are 16″ D x 31″ W x 29″ H inches. Therefore, the size is ideal for smaller office spaces and is suitable for the home. Lastly, the manual and the tools to construct the desk is provided, which takes less than 20 minutes.


  • The shelves are removable at any time if not in use
  • High-quality oak wood is durable and long-lasting
  • Smaller than average desk to fit small office spaces
  • Low price to suit all budgets


  • No draws for storing files
  • Small desktop area, therefore clutter may form due to lack of space

SHW Adjustable Standing Desk: Best Standing Desk Option

SHW Adjustable Standing Desk

The SHW Adjustable Standing Desk is stylish and modern in design. Its impressive feature is the built-in electric adjustable desk height adapter. With a click of a button, the desk can be manoeuvered upwards or downwards. Therefore, the user can use the desk in a seated or standing position. 

The desk is 40inches long, which is a reasonable size for a smaller office space. Also, the hardwood oak material is durable and sturdy. In addition, the metal frame is stable and has footpads for extra stability.

The ergonomic desk comes in different sizes, which is ideal for a larger workstation. Finally, to assemble the standing desk, a manual and toolset are included in the box. It should take less than 20 minutes to construct the desk.


  • Adjustable desk ideal for perfecting the user’s posture
  • It has various sizes and designs to customize the office
  • Standing desk ideal for people who want to be fitter
  • Small desk fits in small office spaces


  • Small desktop, therefore less room for items on the desk
  • No storage units for organizing files and personal items

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What are the Advantages of an Oak Top Desk?

Answer: Oak is one of the popular hardwoods used for computer desks. This is because it is sturdy and durable, which is built to last for many years. In addition, they are easy to clean by wiping stains off with a wet cloth. Oak desks look stylish and elegant, which are versatile for any office décor. 
However, due to its heavy nature, the desk can be heavy to lift. It often requires 2 people to move it. Also, poor maintenance can leave cracks and darker stains on the surface of the desktop.

Question: What Size Oak Desk Should I Buy?

Answer: You should invest in a desk with dimensions that will serve its purpose. For example, if you are limited on space, it would be best to get a smaller desk. On the other hand, if you need 2 computer screens, a larger desktop would be more appropriate. A standard large desk size is 60-inch x 30-inch, which accommodates most use cases. 

Question: Should I Purchase a Standing Desk?

Answer: A standing desk is a brilliant way to keep moving and increase productivity. When seated for many hours, it can increase the risk of lower back pain.

Therefore, while standing and working, it can improve posture leading to better overall health. In addition, some people like to work while walking on a treadmill. Standing desks are an excellent solution for people that work long hours but want to keep fit.

Adjustable standing desks are the best way to move around the desk, as the feature allows the user to sit or stand. However, a common issue is that some desks are not high enough for the correct standing height. Therefore, researching the dimensions and height ranges on offer are vital for comfort and posture.

Question: What are the Advantages of Storage Space?

Answer: There is a range of desks available with built-in draws and shelves. An exemplary storage system will ensure you have space to keep files, books and personal items organized.

Also, it reduces clutter and mess around the desk. However, desks with ample storage units may take up too much space. Therefore, look for a desk with only the storage you will be using, as this minimizes wasted space. 

Question: Are Pull-Out Keyboard Trays Necessary?

Answer: This ergonomic feature is highly favourable, as it allows the user to work comfortably and efficiently. Firstly, it will enable the hands to be placed on the tray to support the arms while typing.

Secondly, the tray can be adjusted for the correct height of the user for their convenience. Lastly, this added feature prevents long-term muscle pain and slouching that leads to poor posture.


We have included the ultimate oak models in this buying guide, and we are confident there is something for everyone. It is a popular choice due to its durability and elegant finish. However, consider the ergonomic features, size and materials before choosing your new office addition.

Overall, we recommend buying Armocity Corner Desk because it’s excellent value and has a premium style. The integrated power sockets are also handy for cable management 

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