NOVELLAND Ergonomic Reclines Office Chair

Will The Whole Office Like The NOVELLAND Ergonomic Reclines Office Chair?

NOVELLAND Ergonomic Reclines Office ChairThe NOVELLAND Ergonomic Reclines Office Chair is a nice looking chair for an office environment. Sometimes the word “nice” can be a bit of a backhanded compliment.

It suggests that it will do fine without offending anyone but isn’t anything special. This can be a good thing in a communal office. So, does this desk chair do enough to appeal to everyone?

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The Pros and Cons of this NOVELLAND Ergonomic Reclines Office Chair.


  •  The clean lines of the design
  •  The ease of adjusting the backrest and arms
  •  The minimalist approach to basic comfort


  •  Some would like more padding in the arms and seat
  •  A few issues with the assembly process


The appeal of this NOVELLAND Ergonomic Mesh Chair comes from the clean look and the simple approach to the comfort features.

This isn’t like some of those gaming chairs or oversized executive chairs where there are lots of parts and cushions across the product. Here things are a lot more simplistic with the same breathable mesh running all the way down the backrest and along the headrest.

There is a lumbar support system built-in, but not the over-sized cushion of some chairs. The seat is padded with a waterfall edge to protect the user’s leg. It does just enough for most users without taking things to far.

NOVELLAND Ergonomic Office Chair

One thing that might surprise buyers about this adjustable lumbar support  chair is that despite all the low-key comfort features, there are lots of adjustments to be made across the chair.

The backrest has a reclining function so you can find the right angle for relaxation or working at a desk. The lumbar support on the back is also adjustable to suit different taste. An interesting addition here is the movement of the armrests.

While you can’t really call them 360-degree arms, there is still plenty of movement to raise them up and pivot them on a 40-degree angle. This should make things more comfortable for most users.


This NOVELLAND Ergonomic Reclines Office Chair might be too safe for those with greater needs with support and comfort.

Comments about the comfort of this chair are always going to vary between buyers depending on their size and the amount of time spent in the chair.

There are some that feel that this is a bit too hard or too narrow. A little padding on the armrests wouldn’t hurt. There are also some buyers that struggled with the assembly process because of the number of parts and the fact that everything has to be adjustable.

This difficulty may explain why there are reports of the lumbar system sliding down the backrest and not staying in place.


How does this all affect the final verdict on this NOVELLAND Reclines Chair?

The overall appeal of this chair does come down to this issue of the minimalist approach. Some people will find that it doesn’t do quite enough in the way of padding and support.

But, there is a nice design that has greater mass appeal than some over the over-the-top designs. The adjustments also mean that it is better suited to a communal office environment.

Therefore, the NOVELLAND office chair is still a great product for a lot of office spaces.

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