NOUHAUS Velour Office Chair Review

Is The NOUHAUS Velour Office Chair More Of A Hybrid Task Chair?

NOUHAUS Velour Office Chair
The NOUHAUS Velour Office Chair is an interesting option for anyone that is stuck between choosing an office chair and a gaming chair.

Some gaming chairs look incredibly comfortable but not that practical for the office.

Office chairs can be the exact opposite. This ergonomic chair seems to be a hybrid of the two, blending office chair features and gaming chair features for a more interesting task chair.

Does this mean that it has wider appeal, or does it leave out too many important elements to be worthwhile?

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The Pros and Cons of this NOUHAUS Velour Office Chair.


  •  The chair has a more grown-up design with the black and grey segments
  •  The velour feel on part of the upholstery is a nice touch
  •  The arms rests are both padded and retractable
  •  There is a good hydraulic lift on the seat height adjuster
  •  Rollerblade wheels on the base add to the appeal as a task chair


  •  The backrest doesn’t tilt back as much as you might expect
  •  There isn’t as much padding for long term support across the day
  •  This is especially true in the lumbar region, causing some buyers to make additional purchases



There are elements in the hybrid design of the NOUHAUS Velour Office Chair that work really well for different tasks and needs.

The design of the chair is interesting compared to other gaming chairs. Normally, you get the same PU leather covering different segments of padding and that traditional racing seat.

Here, the shape is similar to the wings on the sides and the design of the seat and headrest. But, there is a velvet-feel cover on the back and seat.

Not only does this allow for a different feel, but there is a more “grown-up” two-tone effect with the black and grey.

NOUHAUS Velour Velvet Computer Chair

Another important comparison between this NOUHAUS ergonomic chair and a more typical gaming chair is in the adjustable features. Here, you can adjust the armrests to provide the best possible access to your desk or keyboard.

They have padding when you need them but can also retract fully if they get in the way. This creates a better feel of a multi-functional task chair than a gaming chair or strictly office chair. You can also change the seat height via the hydraulic system underneath.

Then there is the added functionality in the base. There are rollerblade wheels instead of the usual casters to help you glide over the floor with ease.

So, if you have multiple set-ups and monitors in use for streaming or other projects, it is easy enough to jump between them. You can also swivel 360 degrees with ease and the base seems to be strong enough.


This NOUHAUS Velour model doesn’t have the same level of padding and adaptability as most gaming chairs.

One feature here that may be a disappointment to some is the reclining backrest. The maximum angle is 135 degrees. While this is fine for getting a good view of a wall-mounted monitor or TV, it isn’t any different from a lot of office chairs.

Other gaming chairs go much deeper for relaxation with napping positions.


NOUHAUS Velour Ergonomic Gaming Chair


There are also comments from buyers about a lack of lumbar support. One thing that you often see with gaming chairs that are more obviously made for the gaming market is the detachable cushion for the lumbar region.

This can make a big difference on the comfort and support offered long term. Here, users are saying that they struggle to get comfortable for long periods and some have even gone and bought additional pillows to try and improve the experience.


What does this all mean for the final verdict on this NOUHAUS Black Velour Task Chair?

Overall, it is clear that in trying to make a more “grown-up” gamer chair for the office, there are some successes and failures in this design.

On the plus side, there is that nice black and grey look with the moderate use of sculpted cushioning and velvety feel. The retractable armrests are a nice touch too.

On the negative side, you don’t get the same cushioning for long-term use, nor the same reclining backrest for greater relaxation.

Some with a home office that want more of a multi-functional chair will find that this is nicely between the office and gaming styles.

Others will find the flaws. The decision on whether to get the NOUHAUS office chair depends on which way you lean.

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