NOUHAUS ErgoTASK Ergonomic Chair

Is A NOUHAUS ErgoTASK Ergonomic Chair More Practical Than Comfortable?

NOUHAUS ErgoTASK Ergonomic Task ChairThe NOUHAUS ErgoTASK Ergonomic Chair is one of those chairs with the less is more approach to design.

There are segments of black or grey mesh, some adjustable features, and a base on wheels.

There are promises of both comfort and practicality, but does it lean more towards the latter than the former?

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The Pros and Cons of this NOUHAUS ErgoTASK Ergonomic Task Chair.


  •  The focus on practical features like the blade wheels and coat hanger
  •  Plenty of black mesh for breathability
  •  Some adjustability in the armrests and backrests


  •  Comfort is a bigger deal in the ErgoDraft, which has a footrest
  •  There isn’t much cushioning here and no lumbar support.



The NOUHAUS ErgoTASK Ergonomic Chair has some fun extra features to help users make the most of a more professional home office

There is a clear aim here to create a more practical office chair for a home office. One of the key features highlighted by Houhaus is the use of the blade wheels for a smoother feel and better protection for your floor.

There is also a coat hanger on the back of the NOUHAUS ergonomic chair for a jacket, which adds to the professional feel. If you don’t want this, you can decide not to add the headrest and stick with the more simplistic design with the backrest.




You also get the standard practical features of the swivel seat and height-adjustable armrest. Those armrests also have a PU leather grip to help you stay comfortable as you are working.

There are benefits in keeping that headrest attached as this can provide greater neck support across the day. It is adjustable to suit different users and has the same breathable mesh as the backrest.


There are lots of practical features in this NOUHAUS ErgoTASK, but not so much with comfort in mind.

The problem here is that there is a greater focus on these helpful features than on the comfort of the chair. The mesh on the backrest is fine and does keep the office chair nice and cool. But there is no additional lumbar support.

The seat is also fine for what it is, but there isn’t much padding and nothing especially exciting about it. You can tilt the backrest up to a 135-degree angle for relaxation, but there isn’t the flexibility and cushioning for a quick nap.

It is also worth noting that the Task models don’t come with the footrest, you need to upgrade to the ErgoDRAFT for that, which also means losing the blade casters and going back to normal nylon ones.


What does this all mean for the final verdict on this NOUHAUS Ergonomic Office Chair?

This chair is great if you want to smarten up your home office to get some new professional energy into the place. It looks great, glides between work areas with ease, and the coat hanger is a great touch.

But, there are those shortcomings with the comfort and the adjustable features.

In the end, it all depends on how long you plan to spend here and how relaxed you need to get. The NOUHAUS task chair can work in a lot of spaces, but it won’t be for everyone.

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