Nokaxus Gaming Chair Review

Does The Fold-Out Nokaxus Ergonomic Gaming Chair Offer Good Value For Money?

Nokaxus Gaming ChairAlmost all gaming chairs are out to attract buyers with their aesthetic qualities, and the Nokaxus Gaming Chair with massager lumbar support does a great job.

The two-tone design, accents in the base, and choice of colors will appeal to a lot of gamers.

There is also the promise of a lot of adaptable features for a relatively low price. So, does this model offer good value?

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The Pros and Cons of this Nokaxus Ergonomic Gaming Chair.


  •  The amount of dense padding throughout the chair
  •  The addition of a pull-out leg rest for added comfort
  •  A deep recline of 180 degrees for napping
  •  A strong base with smooth casters
  •  A nice design that continues from the headrest down to the wheels


  •  The leg rest doesn’t extend far enough for some taller users
  •  The seat height adjustments could go further too
  •  Some rare comments about the assembly process



This budget Nokaxus Racing Seat with Massager Lumbar Support does a lot more in terms of comfort and adjustments than you might expect.

One of the joys of a gaming chair is that you can get a lot more comfortable than in a traditional office chair. The question here is just how comfortable do you want to get?

There are factors within the comfort features and adjustability that seem to take this chair beyond others at this price range.

The ergonomic chair has plenty of soft padding throughout, including a thick high-density cushion on the seat and cushions around the neck and lumbar areas.

That lumbar cushion also has a massage function. There is also the ergonomic shape around the wings of the seat and a little padding in the armrests.

Nokaxus Ergonomic Gaming Chair

As for the adjustable features, there are two key features here that gamers will appreciate. The first is the depth of the backrest. You can keep this at a secure 90 degree when working at a keyboard and drop it down to 130, 150 and 180 degrees.

The later is great for taking a nap while waiting for other streamers to finish up with their sessions. Then you have the fold-out leg rest. This allows you to stretch out even further with soft cushioning around the calves and then folds away neatly afterward.

Of course, there are all of the other practical features that you would expect to find in this sort of chair. The seat height is also adjustable to help you get in the right position by your monitor.

There is also a 360lb weight capacity on the strong base, as well as a swivel and smooth casters.


Some taller users might not be so comfortable when using this Nokaxus Adaptable Gamer’s Chair for long periods.

Unfortunately, there are some negative comments from users that are on the taller side. Some people around 6ft4 say that they could do with a few more inches on the height of the chair and that the leg rest doesn’t extend far enough to be comfortable for long term use.

This is a shame when the listing highlights the width and strength of the seat and gives the impression that this will be a big and tall chair. Still, there are plenty of users that are shorter than this that are happy with all those comfort features.

Nokaxus Ergonomic Racing Seat with Massager Lumbar Support

Otherwise, there aren’t too many complaints about this product aside from the odd breakage and issue with the assembly process. There was one reviewer that struggled to get the cover on properly because of the alignments. But, this does appear to be a rare issue.


Is this Nokaxus Ergonomic Gaming Chair still recommendable with these pros and cons in mind?

There is a lot to like about this racing seat, just with some diminishing returns when you are over 6ft and try to use this regularly. This isn’t the big and tall gamer chair that some people expected.

But, there are still plenty of benefits in the ergonomics of the chair, its comfort features, and that great design.

Many users are still going to be able to play and nap in this chair with ease and find that they can enjoy long sessions time after time.

The Nokaxus ergonomic chair has a lot to offer for the low price and this value for money makes it well worth consideration for your gaming room.

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