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Why I’m Putting a NECTAR Mattress in Everyone’s Christmas Stocking This Year

After our readers went absolutely nuts over their incredible Fall Sale, the good people over at NECTAR Sleep sent us their signature mattress so we could try it out for ourselves. And for the record, this mattress is AH-mazing! We also received 2 FREE PILLOWS with our perfect night’s sleep. Continue reading for our honest review.

For starters, the Queen-sized mattress came to our doorstep wrapped up like the most beautiful mattress burrito you could ever imagine. NECTAR comes vacuumed sealed and takes no more than 24 hours to fully expand. Assembly from start to finish took us about 2 minutes. Cut the plastic wrap around your NECTAR and voila! you’ve got yourself a new mattress. If you order NECTAR during their Cyber Monday Sale, you’ll also get 2 FREE PILLOWS inside that big, beautiful mattress burrito!

NECTAR Sleep is easily the most supportive memory foam mattress I’ve ever slept on. And I have slept on A LOT of memory foam. You might actually think you’re petting a polar bear the first time you slide your hand across NECTAR’s “cool-to-touch” fabric. Each of NECTAR‘s 5 layers of premium material is expertly designed to provide support to your back and sensitive pressure points while keeping you at a comfortable sleeping temperature all night long.

If we still haven’t convinced you to try a NECTAR Sleep mattress, maybe their 365-day trial and lifetime warranty will change your mind. And don’t wait too long to order, because NECTAR’s Cyber Monday Sale also includes $125 off your order! That’s 2 FREE PILLOWS and $125 off your order. Trust me, you’ll want to replace all of your home’s mattresses with NECTAR Sleep after your first perfect night’s sleep.


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