Mysuntown Mesh Office Chair Review

Is The Mysuntown Mid-Back Mesh Office Chair A Crowd-Pleaser?

Mysuntown Mesh Office ChairThe Mysuntown Mid-Back Mesh Office Chair appears to be out to show users that you can choose functionality over style.

Why have a super-trendy office chair which minimal features or comfort when you can have a padded, simple chair for long-term use?

There is the mesh backrest, the padded seat, adjustable arms, a swivel base. This means that the ergonomic chair should have quite a lot going for it in the specification for a low price.

So, is it able to provide the experience that users are after in a typical office environment?

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The Pros and Cons of this Mysuntown Mesh Office Chair.


  •  The padding on the seat
  •  The functionality for the low cost
  •  The adjustable elements


  •  Occasional issues with the comfort over longer periods
  •  A bit too short for some people.


This Mysuntown Mid-Back Mesh Office Chair offers just enough features in an affordable, all-round desk chair. 

One of the main things that stand out with this office chair is the size and design of the seat. Instead of offering a more typical plastic seat with a thin cushion and fabric cover, this chair has something much thicker.

The sponge and the upholstery should over enough comfort and security for long time use. The comfort continues in this ergonomic office chair thanks to the breathable black mesh on the backrest and the addition of the lumbar support cushion.

Mysuntown Mid-Back Mesh Office Chair
It isn’t just the seat that shows that the designers wanted to do something different with this mesh office chair. There is also the design of the flip-up armrests which swivel cleanly on the side of the chair.

This might not lead to the most attractive or streamlined design out there. But, there is still functionality for the everyday office user. This functionality continues with the seat height adjustments, the swivel on the base and the general ease of use.


A major downside of this Mysuntown Mid-Back Adjustable Office Seat is the height. 

The feedback is pretty positive with this executive swivel chair. However, there are some mixed comments about the comfort long term. Some people found that they needed to add a cushion if they were to sit in the chair for long periods.

Others had some issues with the motions of the armrests to get them to sit in precisely the right position. Finally, taller users have suggested that this desk chair might be a little bit too short. The lowest seat height adjustment is pretty close to the ground.


What does this all mean for a final verdict on this Mysuntown Mesh Adjustable Height Executive Chair?

Overall, the comments for this chair are positive and talk about the features and experience achieved for the price paid. The majority agree that this has enough going for it at a lower price to be functional and comfortable enough for their needs.

Small issues can be rectified and there is no major issue apart from the height for taller users. Therefore, it isn’t hard to recommend this Mysuntown ergonomic chair for use in a standard office environment.

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