Musso Ergonomic Gaming Chair Review

What Can The Musso Ergonomic Gaming Chair Offer To Keen Gamers?

Musso Ergonomic Gaming ChairThe Musso Ergonomic Gaming Chair is your typical racing gamers chair in many ways.

It has come to a point where designers don’t have any intention of thinking outside of the box with these chairs because they want to meet basic expectations.

That is true here with a very familiar design and some simple promises on functionality for keen gamers.

So, what can you actually expect from this high-back executive office chair?

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The Pros and Cons of this Musso Ergonomic Gaming Chair.


  •  The density of the foam in the seat
  •  The strong 300lb weight allowance on the frame
  •  The backrest has both a deep 170 degree recline and a rocker function
  •  The choice of colors, including an interesting camouflage option
  •  The additional cushions around the lumbar and head


  •  Some issues with the hydraulics on the seat degrading fast
  •  The lack of adjustability in the armrests
  •  There just isn’t the same luxury feel as more expensive options



The Musso Ergonomic Gaming Chair has some nice design features to keep users comfortable for long periods.

The makers of this chair are very proud of the work that has gone into the construction and materials used. To be honest, most companies say this but it seems to be justified here.

Starting with the seat itself, there is thick cushioning with high-density foam that doesn’t seem to sag or degrade over time.

This sits on a strong metal frame with a 300lb weight capacity. As with so many of these racing-style chairs, there is segmented padding with quality stitching. Again, this seems as though it will last well enough.


Musso Ergonomic Esports Gamer Chair


As this Musso chair tries so hard to emulate other gaming chairs with those segmented panels, there is also an attempt to bring some color to the product. There are two nice choices here that buyers can appreciate.

The first is the way that the bright colour in the contrasting two-tone designs continues into the footrests on the base.

This means that base looks like it is meant to part of the chair, rather than some standard model stuck on the bottom. Then you have the camouflage ones, which are interesting as an alternative to the norm and not as in-your-face in terms of brightness.

Finally, this wouldn’t be a true gaming chair with some adaptability in the features. There are issues with some aspects, but the backrest is particularly good with the rocking function, the maximum reclining angle of 170 degrees, and the cushion for the lumbar area.

There are also additional levels for reading, gaming and working. This makes it more practical for long-term use in your home office.


However, the Musso Adjustable Racing Gaming Chair could be a little more adjustable in places and there are issues with breakages.

When it comes to the negative side of this adaptable ergonomic chair, the armrests and headrest could be better. The armrests are wide enough to offer comfort but there isn’t the 3D motion that is so popular right now.

The headrest matches in with the design of the lumbar cushion, but it is not that adaptable either.


Musso Ergonomic Adjustable Gaming Chair


Aside from these points, there are some issues with breakages in the hydraulics. The seat height adjustment isn’t the most reliable after a while.

You should be able to raise this by as much as 3.2’’ but it has failed after just a few months. This raises some concerns at how long other moving parts will hold up, such as the rocker.


Is this Musso Camo Ergonomic Gamer’s Chair still recommendable with these pros and cons in mind?

While there isn’t much here to make this a unique gamer chair in any way, it is pretty good for the price paid. There isn’t any sort of focus on the exterior features and visual appeal beyond that extra camouflage option.

Instead, it is all about the strength, padding, and functionality of that backrest.

If the company was able to put that effort into the whole chair and tweak the adaptable features further, this could be a 5-star choice. As it is, this Musso chair is still a good choice for those that want a budget version of slightly better models.

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