Mueller Knee Brace Review and Guide [2022]

Knee issues can bring numerous complementary problems and even refrain you from doing the most basic day-to-day activities. Did you know that knee pain is one of the most prevalent issues across all age groups? 

Yes, you indeed read that right. The issue has affected the lives of millions, and in such a case, the patient almost feels helpless and hopeless because they feel extremely incapable. Nevertheless, every problem has a solution; you just have to conduct some research to find out the solution that befits you.  

If you or a loved one is facing knee joint problems, you have stumbled upon the perfect guide. In this buyer’s guide, you will find a complete rundown on the best knee braces, alongside their pros and cons list and a detailed buyer’s guide. Read until the end to find yourself the best knee brace! 

What is a Knee Brace? 

Before we delve deeper into the reviews and buyer’s guide, let’s first understand what knee braces exactly are. Knee braces are sleeve-like broad bands that you can wear around your knee. They give support, warmth, and compression for better efficiency and effortless operation.

While knee braces are not very definite, it is generally used for joint pain issues. Manufacturers across the globe have released several types of knee braces to meet the demand, which is on a persistent increase. 

Knee braces come in different types and categories, even in materials sometimes. Some materials are- 

  • Metal Braces
  • Foam Braces
  • Elastic Braces 
  • Strappy Braces

Knee braces have different types catering to specific knee problems, although manufacturers have come out with their own versions, the major ones are:

Prophylactic Braces

These braces are specially made for sports purposes. Wearing a prophylactic brace protects you against injuries while playing active games like soccer. Athletes and players across the globe depend on them for all their knee support and joint-related issues.

Functional Braces

Functional Braces are more relevant to support knee issues caused after a knee injury in the past. Again, athletes wear them as support gear after recovering from a severe but healed injury. Functional braces basically prevent an already healed knee from worsening further. 

Rehabilitative braces

Generally worn after a surgery or injury to restrict the joint movements and provide it the required amount of rest for a quick healing process.

Patellofemoral braces

These braces help subdue muscle imbalance and help in smoothening the overall knee joint movements. 

Unloader braces

Ideal for people having arthritis. As the name suggests, Unloader braces split-shift the weight or unload it from the affected stretch to the more substantial one. 

Who Can Benefit From a Knee Brace and How? 

Literally, anyone with any kind of knee problem or someone who needs some extra support can use a knee brace. Nevertheless, people who require any of the following can benefit from knee braces-

Knee Support

Our joints suffer a lot! Be it normal walking, picking up heavy objects, casually sitting, or exercising, be it doing squats, jumping, and everything you ever do that requires you to walk or stand, put some amount of pressure on the knees. People involved in any sport are usually the ones using strap knee braces to gain extra support. The extra support helps them in their craft and smoothens the technique without being too harsh on the joints. 

Knee Compression

Knee braces also provide compression, increasing blood flow around the joints, eventually subduing soreness. Most people wear it to gain comfort and reduce their pain to the minimum. The pain could be due to any underlying disease or an accident or pertaining to age factor. 

Knee Recovery

The third and last benefit is knee recovery. This is crucial. Sometimes, the patients get caught up in some accidents, consequently injuring their knees severely. To relieve their pain, the doctors suggest wearing knee braces to subdue swelling, soreness, and of course, pain. 

Top 4 Picks For Best Mueller Knee Braces at a Glance

  • Best Overall Mueller Knee Brace: Mueller Hg80 Hinged Sports Knee Brace: Our top pick and the best one on the list. This Mueller knee brace provides users with maximum support for both injured and weak injuries. The fact that it is lightweight and comfortable to wear adds value to its already brilliant qualities. 
  • Best Budget-Friendly Mueller Knee Brace: Mueller Sports Medicine Adjustable Hinged Knee Brace: The quality of this knee brace is top-notch, and it is ideal for all the athletes and players who demand that extra support for when their knee indulges in those extreme movements while in gameplay. 
  • Best Mueller Knee Brace for Injuries: Mueller Self-Adjusting Knee Stabilizer: This Mueller knee brace is ideal for injuries, sprains, strains, and arthritis. The high-quality straps provide enough support for smooth and pain-free movements.  
  • Best Knee Brace for Jumper’s Knee: Mueller Jumper Knee Strap: Another high-quality product that is perfect for knee issues caused by running and jumping. Comfortable and easy to wear given its sleek single strap design. 

Top 4 Mueller Knee Braces: Review

Anybody suffering from any sort of knee issues or joint pain from old age, any underlying condition, post-surgery, post-accident, or any other reason will be benefited from knee braces. 

However, purchasing the correct one is vital because, in the end, it all depends on the quality and efficiency of the product. To smoothen your search process, we have listed the detailed reviews of some of our best picks that can really help you with any sort of knee issue.  

To know more about them, read the reviews below, weigh the pros and cons and make an informed decision!

Best Budget: Mueller Sports Medicine Adjustable Hinged Knee Brace

The first one on our list is the most budget-friendly knee brace, the Mueller sports medicine adjustable hinged knee brace. 

Mueller never disappoints you in terms of quality; this brace is extra supportive and ideal for people who suffer from patella alignment issues while engaged in activities because it is entirely self-adjusting. 

Furthermore, the knee brace has straps in a cross pattern, one above and one beneath. Meaning, you can literally do any kind of physical activity, and it still won’t flinch. 

Since the knee brace is made to cater to people who do a lot of physical activity, the material used is antimicrobial fabric, keeping in mind the same thing. So, yes, no foul odors whatsoever. And lastly, the hinges are the best quality of this, providing excellent support. 


  • Self-adjusting
  • Affordable
  • Antimicrobial fabric 
  • Soft feel
  • Durable
  • Side metal hinges


  • Single size options

Best Overall Mueller Knee Brace: Mueller Hg80 Hinged Knee Brace

This one is our best pick, and it is for all the right reasons. The Mueller Hg80, the hinged sports knee brace, is ideal for sensitive skins because it is extremely comfortable and soft. 

The knee brace is easy and lightweight on the skin, providing the users with additional support for weak and injured joints. 

The Mueller Hg80 comes with hinges on either side, so you get ample external support. Furthermore, these hinges equip it with remarkable weight support attributes, making it perfect for everyone. 

The makers have really prioritized flexibility and compression because the material, i.e., HydraCinn fabric, delivers exactly that. HydraCinn makes Mueller Hg80 the most comfortable knee brace ever. 

The only demerit with Hydracinn is that it might cause slight inflammations after prolonged use, thanks to chloroprene present in the material. 

One demerit you should look out for while purchasing knee braces is that they should not hold too much heat because this can result in fungal infection. However, Mueller Hg80 is different because its antimicrobial fabric guards it against it and prevents putrefaction. 

The tri-axial Hinge is one stellar feature in this brace that sides your knee bones with the ligaments and joints. Furthermore, sizing would not be an issue with Mueller Hg80, given the brilliant strap systems, and also, it comes in five sizes. 


  • Lightweight
  • Decent size options
  • Soft feel
  • Durable
  • Side hinges
  • Anti-bacterial properties
  • Easy to use


  • Not the best for the elderly. 

Best Knee Brace for Injuries: Mueller Self-Adjusting Knee Stabilizer

Although all knee braces are supposed to be worn for knee injuries and pain, this is especially best for injuries. The Mueller self-adjusting knee stabilizer is the perfect blend of compression sleeve and patellar strap. 

Be it pain caused as a consequence of sprains, strains, and even arthritis, if you experience soreness in your knee, look no further!

The material used in this Mueller brace is neoprene, which is resistant to both water and oils and is slightly thicker than rubber. The neoprene blend self-adjusting straps retain body heat to improve blood circulation. 

Furthermore, the fit is beyond amazing, and you can rest assured because you will get a strap that fits like a glove providing compression and support in all the right ways.

One significant attribute of this self-adjusting strap is the malleable steel springs, which make this purchase a ten-on-ten if it is lateral support that you are looking for in a knee brace. 

And lastly, the cross pattern straps highlight this Mueller knee brace, adorning it with an exceptional range of motion. 


  • Range of motion
  • Neoprene blend
  • Compression 
  • Self-adjusting straps
  • Retains body heat
  • Lateral support


  • Limited size options

Best Knee Brace for Jumper’s Knee: Mueller Jumper Knee Strap 

The fourth one on our list is the Mueller jumper knee strap, a band-like knee brace capable of helping users recover from the jumper’s knee. 

If you are wondering how it helps recover your jumper’s knee, here you go! The Mueller jumper knee strap works in just the optimum pressure towards the tendon, situated right beneath the patella. 

This application of pressure is further re-deployed to support the patient and to comfort his pain. Other attributes in the jumper’s knee strap include the restful single strap cushy design. The only downside for this Mueller knee brace is the single-size option; however, the size is much pliant and uniform. 


  • Affordable option
  • Comfortable 
  • Visible results
  • Single strap design


  • Single-size option

Some Additional Recommendations

Apart from our top four picks, you can select a suitable knee brace according to your problem’s severity level. Meaning if you have exiguous pain, you should use a knee brace meant for basic pains. This is because using the wrong braces can also cause unnecessary problems.

Here are some recommendations for the knee joint issues, basis their severity levels. 

Basic Braces

These are meant for minor or insignificant knee pains, sprains, and strains. Supportable for patients suffering from-

  • Arthritis
  • Bursitis
  • Patellar tendinitis 

Our Picks for Best Basic Braces

  • Mueller 4-Way Stretch Small Medium BraceA Mueller brace perfect for protection level one. It provides just the right comfort, support, compression, and warmth. That’s not all. It hugs your knee cap in the most snugly way, reducing the pressure on Patella. If you or a loved one is experiencing first-level pains, look no further. 
  • Mueller Omniforce Brace KS-700Another efficient product that keeps the user’s knee extremely warm and fully supported. The best part about the Mueller Omniforce KS-700 is the lightweight knee stabilizer that underpins the joints, proving beneficial in daily activities. 

Advanced Knee Brace

If you observe slightly higher degree pains and the not so bearable ones, it is an advanced level pain, where pain severity can range from mild to moderate. Advanced braces are supportable for-

  • Chondromalacia Patella
  • Osgood Schlatter’s
  • Patella Tendonitis
  • Rheumatics

Our Picks for Best Advanced Braces

  • Mueller Wrap Around Brace SupportMueller never disappoints when it comes to achieving comfort levels. The wrap-around brace is all kinds of good and provides considerable support to the user for weak and injured knees. The rubber material holds the heat to keep the joint warm and speed up the healing process. 
  • Mueller Max Knee StrapFor all the runners out there going through advanced-level knee pains, the max knee strap can improve movements significantly.

Elite Knee Brace

If you or a loved one is going through this, please take medical guidance and find the most suitable knee brace to prevent your knee’s condition from worsening further. Elite knee braces provide an incredible amount of support and protection. The user has to use them if the pain severity reaches the highest degree and causes serious movement issues. Elite knee braces are ideal for –

  • Animal Tissue Injuries
  • Arthritis
  • Chondromalacia Patella
  • Patellar Subluxation
  • Patellar Tendonitis

Our Pick for Best Elite Brace

  • Mueller Hg80 Hinged Knee BraceAs we mentioned above, this is our best pick for a reason. The Mueller Hg80 is heavenly for all sorts of knee joint issues, and if you are looking for some beyond amazing qualities, this is the one!

Buyers Guide: What Should You Look For While Buying A Good Knee Brace? 

From doing simple tasks like running or walking to more complex ones like climbing or dancing, all movements are made possible only because of the vital hinges that lie between the body.  

Therefore, the main reason why people choose to buy knee braces is to help your needs bear the everyday brunt of carrying the body everywhere. 

By using a good knee brace, you can help provide extra support to your knees and can even avoid any long-term damage to your knees.  

Therefore, if you want to purchase a high-quality knee brace, you will need to check each product for a few key factors to make sure you get your moneys worth.  

Listed below are a few of those factors to help you make the best decision! 

Feel free to use this as a checklist while browsing through the products today. 

Stability Of The Knee Brace 

If you want a pair of knee braces to provide more stability, you will first need to take some time to understand the structure of the knee.  

There are four main ligaments present in the knee, and they are as follows: 

  • MCL 
  • LCL 
  • ACL 
  • PCL  

Each of these ligaments is inter-connected to the other, which makes it vulnerable to sprains. This is especially true if you are actively involved in sports, gymnastics, or any other physical activity that requires the knee to shift oddly. 

Yet another problematic issue that can arise in the knees is inflammation. Usually, the patellar tendon that can be found right below the kneecap is that area that is prone to frequent inflammation. 

In addition to this, the cartilage discs which usually exist to support the knees are often prone to tearing off effortlessly.  

With such a wide range of problems that can arise in the knee, you need to be sure that the knee brace you are getting can help you avoid these problems. 

Even in an injury, the knee brace needs to help you recover from it while also keeping it safe from any further damage. 

Even the simplest compression sleeve can indeed help protect the knees from a bad sprain. However, a knee brace does the same while providing more support and stability for the knees while also keeping away any hyperextensions. 

Keep in mind that even though a knee brace will keep you safe from potential injuries, the level of safety provided by the brace depends on the type of physical activity that you practice. 

Type Of Knee Brace 

As more and more people wear knee braces, various manufacturers have started developing their own models to keep up with the surge.  

Therefore, you might come across a wide range of types while browsing through the market. However, what works for one individual might not work the same for your knee. 

For example, if you suffer from the jumpers knee and are experiencing a mild amount of pain, you will benefit from the most basic knee brace, like one with a simple compression sleeve. These types serve to soothe your aching joints and knees. 

On the other hand, if you engage in heavy lifting often, you might need a thicker type of compression sleeve may benefit more from using knee braces with thicker compression sleeves that can help warm the aching joints. 

However, if you are somewhere in the middle, experiencing moderate levels of knee pain, you can opt to try the knee brace with an open patella wrap-around design. These types can be greatly beneficial to stabilize the condition of the kneecap. 

In addition to this, they also come with adjustable features like straps that you can adjust based on the compression that you desire. 

If none of these work and you require a type that offers the maximum level of support needed to ease the kneecaps and knee pain, you can opt for a hinged knee brace to be your best solution. 

Comfort Levels Of The Knee Brace 

Knee pain is a problem that goes away with time and patience. Therefore, the comfort level of a knee brace is an extremely important factor to consider as you will be wearing these for a long time.  

The good news is that most compression-type knee braces are made with breathable yet light materials that are extremely comfortable on the skin. Other complex types of knee braces might be difficult for you to put on and might even make you feel agonizing when you wear them for a long time. 

Therefore, make sure you opt for a knee brace that is easy on the skin, lightweight but also breathable. This will keep away all sweat while providing the best support for your knees without fatigue! 

Price And Budget Of The Knee Brace 

While buying a knee brace, one thing to keep in mind is that the most expensive option might not necessarily mean it is the best option. On the other hand, the cheap knee braces are not always the worst ones either.  

This is especially important if you are shopping for a knee brace while on a budget.  

Most good quality knee braces with simple, basic features are priced around $10 apiece. On the other hand, the wrap-around models can cost anywhere between $12 to $30. The most expensive models are the sturdier hinged braces that can cost between $35 to $60. 

However, these are the prices of knee braces for one knee. If you have to wear a knee brace on both your knees, you should be ready to pay an amount of $75 to $80 for every set. 

FAQs On Knee Braces 

When it comes to good knee braces, there are a few concerns and queries that people share. Thats why, in n this section, we will walk you through some of these questions and help you get a better understanding of how a good set of knee braces can help your knees. 

Question: What Can A Knee Brace Help With? 

Answer: Knee braces are usually prescribed to help take off the pressure from the knees, especially for those with osteoarthritis. They also help reduce pain and inflammation. 
Moreover, if you feel like your knee is on the verge of an injury while putting on weights, knee braces can help give you the support you need to stand around and walk with confidence. 

Question: What Injuries Require A Knee Brace? 

Answer: In most cases, knee braces are given by a doctor to patients who suffer from injuries like severe sprains, ACL tears, and other similar knee injuries.  
Knee braces do an excellent job of healing and supporting the knee when a patient is recovering from an injury. 

Question: Who Can Benefit From Wearing A Knee Brace? 

Answer: If you often engage in contact sports, you can greatly benefit from a set of knee braces as they are used to protect you from injuries.  
In addition to that, knee braces can also be used to reduce inflammation, pain, and other physiotherapeutic purposes. This makes it a suitable accessory for those who have arthritis, as well.  
However, make sure to consult with your doctor first to see if you need knee braces or not. 

Question: What Type Of Knee Brace Should I Buy? 

Answer: The type, model, and style of the knee brace you decide to use depends on your condition. Therefore, it is best to first consult with your doctor before you decide to buy a knee brace.  
Healthcare professionals do a great job of analyzing your condition and suggest a good knee brace model based on your conditions.  
However, if you want a knee brace only for stabilizing and supporting your knee, you can opt for a lightweight model. The heavier knee caps are designed for those who have injuries or are recovering from them. 

Question: How Long Can You Wear A Knee Brace? 

Answer: Knee braces are normally worn all through the day, especially if you suffer from pain or inflammation. However, make sure you have the right set of knee braces to help keep you comfortable for as long as you wear them.

Question: How Tightly Should I Wear A Knee Brace? 

Answer: Undoubtedly, one of the best feelings while wearing a knee brace is the feeling of tightness wrapped around your knee. The right amount of compression will help relieve you of pain and inflammation.  
Wearing a knee brace that is way too tight for you might cut off the blood circulation in the area. This, in turn, might start to pinch the nerves, which leads to numbness, increased swelling, discoloration, or a tingling feeling that goes up and down your leg. 
Therefore, adjust the strap accordingly if you think the knee brace is too loose or too tight. You can also try to measure the sizes to get a perfect fit. This way, you will feel relaxed and comfortable with unmatched levels of support depending on your needs. 

Wrapping Up 

Knee braces are a vital accessory needed to make movements smoother and pain-free for those suffering from knee injuries. By using a good set of knee braces, they will also be able to quickly recover from the injuries, thanks to its ample support.  

That is why our best pick for you is the Mueller Hg80 Hinged Knee Brace. This model, in particular, comes with all the right features needed to get back on your feet again! 

What are your thoughts on knee braces? Have you ever used one before? Let me know in the comments below!

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