MOLENTS Office Desk Chair Review

Does The MOLENTS Office Desk Chair Offer Enough Comfort And Support?

MOLENTS Ergonomic Task ChairThe MOLENTS Office Desk Chair looks really nice and it is easy to see why so many people would want to have it in their home office.

The chair has a nice shape with the ergonomic backrest but isn’t over the top with the design or features. It seems to be a nice mid-way point between a standard chair and something more high-end.

So, how does it perform?

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The Pros and Cons of this MOLENTS Ergonomic Office Chair.


  •  The ergonomics in the backrest, headrest, and 3D armrests
  •  A nice combination of padding and mesh
  •  Comfortable for larger users with the adaptable seat depth


  •  Not quite as good for shorter users
  •  The backrest doesn’t recline as much as other chairs



The MOLENTS Office Desk Chair provides a lot of comfort and support for users with its ergonomic design.

There is a lot of appreciation for the shape of this sleek ergonomic chair. There is a curved backrest with adjustable lumbar support and mesh to help users with their posture during longer sessions at the desk.

The addition of the 3D armrests and headrest add to this support, with enough motion for most users to get comfortable. The comfort continues with the thick padded seat.

MOLENTS Office Desk Chair


There are also some interesting adjustable features on this office chair. The backrest is weight activated with a lock button to hold it in place.

It tilts back to 130 degrees, which is not much compared to something like a gaming chair but is OK for relaxing during a spell of writer’s block or crafting the perfect email.

Another oddity is that there is an adjustable seat depth as well as height. This can help larger users find the best position while working.


It would just be a little better if the MOLENTS Adaptable Office Chair was more adaptable for shorter users.

Unfortunately, this chair is not so good for shorter users with the depth of the seat or the height of the headrest. Some users don’t really get to use the headrest at all and that find that the lock on the seat depth isn’t reliable at their chosen increment.

It should also be noted that while there is a lot of focus on those adjustable elements, less thought went into the base. You just get a very standard base with casters.


Is this MOLENTS Ergonomic Desk Chair still a good addition to your home office with these pros and cons in mind?

Overall, there is enough going on here to provide comfort and support for a lot of users. Those that are on the shorter side may not get all the same benefits because of the depth and the headrest.

But, it seems that everyone can take advantage of the ergonomics in the backrest and the weight-assisted recline.

Other chairs are more relaxing and may offer more features. But, there is still a good balance of comfort and functionality to make this MOLENTS ergonomic desk chair a great choice for a lot of users.

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