Modway Escape Ergonomic Chair

Is The Modway Escape Ergonomic Office Chair All Looks No Functionality

Modway Escape Ergonomic Chair The Modway Escape Ergonomic Office Chair is one that stands out because of its design and presence in an office.

Most office chairs are made to fade into the background but this one doesn’t – despite the minimalist approach.

Consumers can look at the sales photos and see themselves sitting into this chair and feeling all the different materials.

But, is there enough in the specification to keep workers happy the whole day?

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The Pros and Cons of this Modway Escape Ergonomic Chair.


  •  The elegant design with the upholstery and curved chrome
  •  The support and comfort in the padding
  •  The choice of colours in the faux leather


  •  There isn’t much freedom of movement or adjustability
  •  Some noises and squeaks here and there


There is a great sense of style to this Modway Escape Ergonomic Office Chair that will appeal to many work-from-home users. 

What stands out the most with this Modway chair is the elegance of the shape. There is attention to detail with the curves of the chrome metal frame that is quite tactile.

It is nice to see this begin in the curves of the armrests and continue with the shape of the base and the waterfall edge.

Modway Escape Ergonomic Office Chair
Of course, that waterfall edge has the added benefit of aiding with comfort and circulation. The look is enhanced by the ribbing and shapes of the three segments of the computer chair.

Those three segments are also well padded with support in the right places – including lumbar support on the backrest.

The vinyl is a nice alternative to leather for those that have environmental considerations and still looks high-end. That materials also come in some chic colour choices with shades of grey and pale tan.


Unfortunately, this does all lead to a case of style over substance with this Modway Escape Home Office Chair.

A potential issue here is that this desk chair seems to favour style rather than functionality. There aren’t the same adjustments here as in other office chairs. For example, you can increase the seat height but there is no tilt on the backrest.

There is also no movement in the armrests. There have also been some comments about the chair being a little too noisy because of the chair mechanism and the caster wheels. This is rare, but it does suggest some possible longevity issues that buyers need to be aware of.


How does this all feedback affect a final recommendation for this Modway Escape Ribbed Vinyl Computer Desk Chair?

Most users seem to be happy with this purchase. They understood the limitations going into this and can still enjoy the comfort of the seat, the apparent durability of the construction and way it looks in the office.

The style really is the main reason to get this chair. It looks great in a home office and some users will sacrifice the adjustable features for that ribbed seat and sleek frame.

The Modway office chair isn’t the most functional desk chair but it is one you will want to show off to guests.

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