Modway Edge Drafting Chair Review

Can The Modway Edge Drafting Chair Offer Comfort And Practicality?

Modway Edge Drafting ChairTask chairs like the Modway Edge Drafting Chair need to be adaptable, comfortable and easy to use whatever your hobby or craft.

This chair looks as though it has a lot going on to appeal to lots of different buyers. There are adjustable features and enough padding around the chair.

But, is it able to function well enough in different situations for ongoing appeal?

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The Pros and Cons of this Modway Edge Drafting Chair.


  •  Lots of adaptable features
  •  Comfortable with the mesh and padding
  •  Practical enough for various tasks


  •  Some durability issues with the construction and materials
  •  Some assembly problems


The Modway Edge Drafting Chair has a lot of features that are of use to many buyers.

The first benefit with this Modway drafting chair is the way that it tries to keep users comfortable no matter their position or activity. Different features and adjustments across the product mean it doesn’t just act like an office chair. For example, the armrests flip up when they become inconvenient but have padding for when they are needed.

The base has a chrome foot ring that allows users to rest their feet and change position while typing, drawing or enjoying any other craft. There are also fairly standard features like the adjustable seat height and the 360-degree swivel.

Modway Edge Drafting Ergonomic Chair

There are also some great comments about the comfort offered with the breathable mesh on the backrest and the padding of the chair.

There are some mixed comments about the density of the padding and its suitability over long periods. However, many like the ergonomics and find they are comfortable for long sessions.

There are also higher rated comments from larger users that appreciate the extra weight capacity compared to similar desk chairs and the size of the seat.


The major downside here is that this Modway Edge Task Chair isn’t built to last for very long.

Unfortunately, this drafting chair does raise a few questions when it comes to the durability and long-term appeal. One group of users has noticed issues with the chair creaking and cracked a little with time.

They wonder if the construction wasn’t built to last. It doesn’t help that some had issues with the assembly process. Others note that the chair’s upholstery on the backrest and the seat can teat and fade with time.


How does this all affect the final recommendation on this Modway Edge Adjustable Drafting Chair?

It does seem as though this desk chair wasn’t made to be a long-term investment. But, the price tag never suggested it would be. This is a budget chair for those that want a short term solution while working on different projects in their study or spare room.

In the short-term, it is comfortable, supportive and has enough features to let users work on different tasks with ease. That is why it is so easy to recommend this Modway ergonomic chair to anyone that wants a chair that does a little more than a typical office chair.

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