Modway Charge Drafting Chair

Does The Modway Charge Drafting Chair Work As A Multi-purpose Chair?

Modway EEI-2286-BLK Charge Drafting ChairMulti-purpose chairs, such as the Modway Charge Drafting Chair, can be a great help in homes and office spaces with shared equipment and various roles.

This one looks great with the combination of the curved mesh backrest, the black seat, and the shiny steel base.

There are also some great features and adjustments mentioned in the specification. But, does it work in multiple situations? Or, are there limitations to this model that hold it back?

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The Pros and Cons of this Modway Charge Drafting Chair.


  •  The tall base with a footrest for work at a reception
  •  The adaptations that make it suitable as a drafting stool
  •  The comfortable mesh backrest and waterfall seat


  •  The ergonomic features could be a little more supportive
  •  The armrests flip-up but aren’t height-adjustable


The appeal of this Modway Charge model lies in the idea of a multi-purpose chair.

First, you have the reception desk chair. The tall, elegant design of the Modway chair lends itself to this environment with the steel base and ergonomic backrest. It sits nicely at a higher desk, where workers can use a computer and greet guests with ease.

The strong footrest on the base helps with posture and the 29.5 inch maximum height should e more than enough. The 360 degree swivel also makes it easy to rotate between areas of the desk.

Modway Charge Drafting Chair

Then there are the additional features that add comfort and great practical benefits for other tasks. This is also meant to be a drafting stool and studio chair.

You can bring the seat down to a more comfortable height with the simple lever, use the casters to roll between stations, and also flip up the armrests so that they don’t get in the way. Add in the lumbar support and waterfall seat and you should be able to get comfortable pretty easily.


There are little touches here and there that could improve this Modway Charge Drafting Chair for a wider market.

There are some users that are less impressed with the feel of the backrest. The breathable mesh helps but some felt that it doesn’t have the ergonomic support they need for their shoulders.

Those with back issues might be better off with something more substantial. Others would have preferred a little more depth to the footrest and the opportunity to raise and lower the armrest.


Is this Modway Charge Multi-purpose Ergonomic Chair still recommendable with all this in mind?

The biggest issues mentioned about this desk chair seem to revolve around personal preferences and expectations rather than major flaws. This isn’t the most adjustable chair around and this could lead to problems in certain situations.

It also doesn’t have as many comfort features as it focuses on that idea of the elegant reception chair. However, this could still provide a lot of benefits for the right user, especially those with multiple users in the home and various applications in mind.

Therefore, the Modway chair is still recommendable to those that need something on the taller side.

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