Modway Assert Office Chair Review

Is The Modway Assert Office Chair Too Restrictive?

Modway Assert Mesh Adjustable Swivel Computer Desk Office ChairThe Modway Assert Office Chair has some immediate appeal to those that don’t like the modern trend for large segmented office chairs or gaming chairs.

This looks like a simple alternative with little more than a mesh backrest, padded seat, and adjustments where it counts. The question is whether it does too little to be worthwhile.

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The Pros and Cons of this Modway Assert Mesh Adjustable Office Chair.


  •  The simple design compared to more over-the-top options
  •  The basic functionality for everyday use within the seat and base
  •  The padded flip-up armrests


  •  A lack of cushioning and padding for long-term comfort
  •  The backrest doesn’t tilt – despite the suggestion in the product description.


The Modway Assert Office Chair has some nice design features and practical elements for general use.

The standout feature of this ergonomic chair is the use of flip-up padded armrests. If this was another chair with a more high-end specification, this would seem pretty normal. But, the design and movement here stand out here.

The padding looks more substantial compared to the standard padded seat and the uniform black mesh across the back. You can lean on these armrests as needed or get them out the way for other tasks.

Modway Assert Office Chair

In addition to this, the Modway office chair has a strong, reliable base where you can roll across the floor on the casters and alter the seat height.

This should make it easy to move between stations and find the best height for the desk. Also, while there are some comments about creaks and crackles, the base seems to be strong enough.

Unfortunately, the biggest issue with this Modway Assert model seems to be a lack of comfort.

There are plenty of users that get along fine with the task hair in short periods. However, there is a lack of features and a rigid shape to the chair that could be an issue.

For example, there is a strong ergonomic curve to the backrest and this alone is meant to allow for “passive lumbar support”.

There is no additional cushion or adjustment, which could be why users of different sizes struggle here.

On the subject of adaptability, it is also frustrating for users to see the term “tilt control” in the specification but to then find no way of changing the angle of the backrest to relax between tasks.


Is this Modway Ergonomic Office Chair still a recommendable choice with these issues in mind?

Overall, there are some clear limitations here that make this a questionable choice for those working from home.

It is a shame that the thought that went into the padding and motion of the armrests didn’t continue with the comfort and function of other features.

Still, the simplistic design of the seat and mesh backrest will prove to be appealing and effective for short-term use in a lot of homes.

The Modway ergonomic chair is still a good casual chair when you just need a place to sit and answer emails, browse the internet or do some quick tasks.

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