Modway Articulate Office Chair

Is The Modway Articulate Office Chair To Simplistic For Long Term Comfort?

Modway Articulate Office ChairThe Modway Articulate Office Chair is designed to offer all the basic features that office workers expect from a comfortable ergonomic chair in order to improve the ability to work on tasks.

Many of these features are to be expected, such as the hight and tilt levers on the bottom of the chair, the strong backrest and the large base with caster wheels.

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Other features are a nice additional touch, like the mesh and lumbar support. Does this product offer the right balance of new features and the basics for a good experience in a communal office?

What benefits have been reported in testimonials for the Modway Articulate?

There is a simple look to this ergonomic chair that means it won’t stand out quite so much as some of the more substantial models with their large backrest and oversized padding. There is an impressive array of colour choices here other than the typical black. This includes a bright red and neon green as well as some softer, rare colours. Also, the shape is simple with the slim armrest, sponge seat and mesh back rest.

Modway Articulate Chair
The use of both sponge and mesh suggest that the designers have thought about the comfort offered pretty carefully. There is also the use of the passive lumbar support, height adjustments on the armrest and back and a pneumatic height adjustment for the best seating position to the desk.

Many users are happy to sit in this seat for long periods at a time with no discomfort. There is also the suggestion that it is strong enough for heavier users of 200 plus pounds, but others would question this due to the issue below.

What downsides have users seen when testing the Modway Articulate Office Chair?

There are some very mixed reviews online between those that love the comfort features of this chair and wouldn’t trade it, and those that can see plenty of flaws. For many, it is the low quality of the parts and materials that is the main issue here.

There are many suggestions that the makers have cut corners with plastic parts, poor fixtures and a rough material on the seat. This makes some elements a little flimsy and there are concerns about how long this will last. On the other hand, this cheaper parts brig the cost down to make this comfortable, ergonomic chair more affordable.

Summary: what does this flaw mean for the final verdict on this Modway Office Chair?

It could be too easy to criticise a chair like this for being minimalistic in its features, but there are situations where you don’t want to go over the top with the look and function of an office chair. As long as it can do the basics right, the lumbar and colour options are just a bonus.

This ergonomic chair comes so close to achieving this because the tilt, padding, shape and look live up to many buyers’ expectations. The problem is that the materials and fixtures can let this down. There is the suggestion that better upholstery and stronger parts would turn this Modway chair into a 5 star product. For now, it just falls a little short.

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