Modern Desk Lamp Ideas and Inspiration

So you want to give your home office an upgrade or are you just starting to decorate it?

Getting a desk lamp that is going to help you through your workday is going to be pretty vital for that. Working at home has a big advantage that you can do whatever you want and decorate it the way you like it.

In this guide, I am going to discuss some modern desk lamps that are sure to make your day a lot more productive. I think there are three vital parts to a great home office from a furniture point of view. First, you need to have a great desk, you need a comfortable chair and third, you need to have a desk lamp that is easy on the eyes.

I have been gone through way too many modern desk lamps to count. From these, I have selected the best that I feel comfortable recommending. These lamps have been checked thoroughly, so no matter the lamp you pick from my recommendations, it will be a good product. 

The most important aspects of modern desk lamps are, at least for me, is getting a high-quality product at the best price and service level possible. I am going to start this article out by explaining what my criteria are when picking a product. Then I am going to reveal my selection of modern desk lamps that were clearly a tier above the rest of the pack.

I am going to discuss the good and the bad points following my criteria list, and I am then going to pick 2 ‘winners’ in 2 categories. Finally, I’ll answer some frequently asked questions about modern desk lamps and give you modern desk lamp ideas.

My Criteria When Picking a Modern Desk Lamp

Just going head-on into the wide online selections for a modern desk lamp isn’t going to work. That is why I always use 4 critical criteria to compare products. This helps me to pick a desk lamp that I am 100% confident in recommending. If it fails one of these, it is automatically out of the running. 

Quality of the Materials of the Modern Desk Lamp

I like buying things that last. Buying cheap items can be pretty expensive in the long run. I am also quite clumsy. So if I drop a lamp, I don’t want it to be broken right away. It needs to be somewhat survival. A good rule of thumb for items like a desk lamp is how heavy they are. The heavier they are, the better materials they are made out of in general. 

Aesthetics of the Desk Lamp

A good modern desk lamp that is part of my home office adds something to the interior. This me concentrate and soothes me. I don’t want something that sticks out like a sore thumb that works distracting. I like my working environment nice and orderly. This is of course a very subjective criterion, and what I like and think is amazing, might be hideous to you. 

The Price of the Product

A desk lamp can be amongst the best in the world, but if it is overpriced for what I am getting, I am not going to buy it. I like to get a good deal and a fair price for the products that I am buying. This is going to be a very important aspect for me when recommending a modern desk lamp.

Extra Features 

A modern desk lamp needs to have features that make your life and work easier. At the very least the light needs to be dimmable. A modern lamp needs modern features, so if it has wireless charging it is going to get good marks from me! This is somewhat subjective, because some features are more important to me than others, while others might be deal-breakers right away for you. 

Phive Dimmable LED Desk Lamp

Pros of the Phive LED Desk Lamp

Aesthetics – This desk lamp looks great! It is just how you imagine a modern desk lamp should be. The lamp looks very slick and is a great addition to almost any interior. The lamp simply looks amazing in my opinion. It doesn’t take the attention away from the rest of your interior and won’t be distracting while working. 

Price – This lamp is available at a very sharp price point. It is hard to find a better deal for your money if you are looking for a reliable desk lamp. If you have a small budget, or if you need a spare lamp for another desk in your home, this is going to be a great pick. 

Reviews from others – Despite being so cheap – something that for some reason tends to attract bad reviews from my experience – the Phive desk lamp is very loved by customers. Judging from what others have to say about this lamp, you aren’t going to buying it and you will get exactly what you expect to get. 

Cons of the Phive LED Desk Lamp

Quality of materials – At this price point, there are going to be cost savings on the materials. The lamp is in no way made out of bad materials, but if you compare it to other lamps on the list, it is clearly the odd one out. I would not want to drop this lamp.

It is probably going to break right away. While I do think the lamp will last a good couple of years, I do see it break quite easily if you have an accident. 

Extra features – The lamp is pretty basic. Don’t get me wrong, you get everything you expect from a modern lamp for this price. It has a useful USB port that functions as a charger, you can dim the light to protect your eyes, and the lamp does not use a lot of electricity. However, it is still the most basic lamp out of the bunch. 

Continue reading a full guide on how to find the best led desk lamps.

BenQ e-Reading Desk Lamp

Pros of the BenQ e-Reading Desk Lamp

Aesthetics – This lamp looks amazing. It has a unique design that makes it a great piece to have in your home office or an office at work. If you are looking for the textbook definition modern desk lamp, the BenQ is probably the one it is referring to from an aesthetics point of view. 

Reviews from others – People who have bought this lamp seem to be extremely happy with their purchase. Reviews often mention how good the colors are, how easy it is to use, and the fact that you don’t need to assemble anything yourself.

This lamp is exactly what you want to get when you buy it. You won’t be disappointed, if anything you are going to be pleasantly surprised. 

Quality of materials – The BenQ is made out of great materials. This is a lamp that is built to last long and will give you a ton of enjoyment. The Led Panels of this desk lamp are going to last you over 50 000 hours, which is about 17 years if you work 8 hours a day, every day.

The lamp also feels quite heavy, which is a great sign regarding material quality. In short, this is the best lamp from quality of material standpoint by far on this list. The light is also very soft and illuminates more surfaces than the average desk lamp. This is going to help your productivity quite a bit. 

Cons of the BenQ e-Reading Desk Lamp

Price – This one is the exact opposite of the previous one. The lamp is great, but wow is it expensive. I am not sure what makes it this expensive (except for a very healthy profit margin), so I am deducting a massive amount of points from this modern desk lamp. For me personally, it is too much to spend on a desk lamp.

However, when you have the budget or you think of it as a part of your interior or an investment to be more productive, it might actually be worth its price if you are a home worker. 

Features – For a brief moment, I thought about putting this in a separate neutral category. I do think it belongs in the con list. For a modern desk lamp of this price point, the features are kind of overwhelming. It is clearly focused on distraction-free productivity. The desk lamp does not have e.g. wireless charging. Nevertheless, some interesting features are worth mentioning. I like the zero flicker technology that saves eyes and the wide range of dimmable light. 

Flynn LED Desk Lamp

Pros of the Flynn LED Desk Lamp

Features – I love using this desk lamp. It has very a convenient placement of the charger ports, which makes recharging your phone effortless. The frame is very flexible and allows me to shine the light wherever I want, so that is a massive plus for me. 

Price – The Flynn desk lamp comes at a very competitive price point. While it is not the cheapest on the list, it definitely is a good deal and you will get your money’s worth when you buy this desk lamp. 

Aesthetics – I know, it is subjective, but I love this lamp. You might not, but this one is completely my style for a home office. The Flynn Led Desk lamp isn’t going to distract you while working. 

Cons of the Flynn LED Desk Lamp

Reviews from others – The reviews are kind of mixed about this lamp. Before I go on, I do need to remind you that I am looking at the best of the best. This means over 90% of the reviews are overwhelmingly positive. There are a few reviews that do seem unhappy about the quality of the materials of the Flynn-led desk lamp. 

Quality of materials – While the Flynn is not made out of bad materials, it does feel a bit too cheap and light for the price point. I am sure that if the desk lamp drops fall of my desk, it is going to be a 50/50 if it is broken or not. So do keep that in mind if you are clumsy like I am. 

Newhouse LED Desk Lamp

Pros of the Newhouse LED Desk Lamp

Quality of the materials – This is a sturdy lamp that is going to last you a long time if you take care of it. It feels really heavy in your hands, which is a great indicator of how much materials are used to make it.

The arm of the lamp feels great and doesn’t bend too easily. Judging from other reviews online, the quality of the material is something a lot of other people have noticed too. 

Aesthetic – I like the look of the lamp a lot. It is somewhere between an industrial look and a modern look. It is not going to grab your attention when working but is still going to add a nice element of design to your home office. The soft colors of the paint are nice, soothing, and neutral, so it easily fits in any office without being an eyesore.

Price – The desk lamp is quite cheap for what you are getting. I think the price in this case is more than fair. It is not going to break the bank. Yes, it still costs quite some money, and there are cheaper lamps on the market. Nevertheless, I think the quality you are getting is good. 

Reviews of others – People love this lamp. There are barely any negative reviews and a lot of people heap on the praise for this lamp. The only thing that people seem to be annoyed with is the lack of technical features like a USB port. People are pleasantly surprised by the quality of this lamp. In short, you will get exactly what was promised to you when you order. 

Cons of the Newhouse LED Desk Lamp

Features – Despite being just as modern as the BenQ in the light technology department it lacks any real modern features. Yes, the arm is adjustable and the LED saves a ton of energy in the long term and is great for the environment, but I expect more from a modern desk lamp. 

Final Verdict: How They Compare

Best Modern Desk Lamp Overall – Newhouse LED Desk Lamp

Despite not having the most modern features, I do think this is the best lamp you can get. The BenQ is just too expensive for me to put it at the top spot. While the Newhouse is slightly worse than BenQ in most aspects, the price difference just makes me give the win to the Newhouse LED desk lamp. 

Best Modern Desk Lamp on a Budget – Phive Dimmable LED Desk Lamp

The Phive is very cheap and does exactly what you want a modern desk lamp to do. It has all the features you need. I think this is absolutely the best lamp if you are on a tight budget or you just need a spare lamp for another desk at home or a dorm. Yes, the materials are not that great but if you break them, they will be very cheap to replace. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Modern Desk Lamps

Question: Are Desk Lamps Worth Buying? 

Answer: Yes, if you are working until late, or in the winter, you are not going to get enough light from the lightbulb on the ceiling. Getting a desk lamp that provides some extra light is going to help you to work more productive and make your eyes hurt less when you are hard at work.

Question: How Important Is the Material of a Desk Lamp is Made Out Of?

Answer: I think it is very important, but I would like to split this into two parts. You have the material that is essential for the lamp. These are the lamp and the electronics that are going to be tested the entire time you are using the desk lamp. So these are the most vital of all. 

You also have the material that protects the lamp when it falls. If you have never dropped a desk lamp in your life, and you are always fully focussed on your surroundings, then this is not going to matter so much as it will never be tested. For me it is important, but it might not be for you. 

Question: Should I Get a Modern Desk Lamp With a Light Bulb or a LED Light? 

Answer: While I think light bulbs look better, I think the LED lamps are going to be the best pick. They last longer, and they are a lot better for the environment. This means you will likely save more money on them than regular light bulbs in the long term, even if LED lamps are a bit more expensive than regular ones to buy.  

Summary and Final Thoughts About Modern Desk Lamps

Getting a good modern desk lamp can be a huge boost to your productivity and the quality of your working life. Try to find one that has good materials, is dimmable, and has the features you need to do your work effectively. Don’t just look at how long your light is going to last, but also take into account the energy consumption of your desk lamp.

I have made a list of my 4 favorite lamps amongst hundreds. While some lamps had 2 cons, that does not mean they are bad lamps. I have judged them very strictly so don’t let me make you think that the modern desk lamps I did not recommend are subpar. 

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