Mid Century Modern Desk Ideas and Picks

If you are in search of a mid century desk, you’re in the right place. We’ll be taking a look at some of the best Mid Century modern desk ideas including our picks for a that will fit it perfectly.

In a world where we are mostly working from home, we usually want a nice cozy set up to marvel at. Not to mention, it’s also a place where we can work whenever it needs to be done. There are plenty of different desk designs to choose from.

However, if you want something with a bit of a modern touch, a mid century desk certainly can be a good addition. You can find a desk that will fit your personal needs, preferences, and budget. All you have to do is make a decision.

If you are struggling to make a decision, do not worry. We’ll have a buyer’s guide to look at here shortly. With that said, let’s keep reading.

Bottom Line Up Front

If you don’t have the time to read through the entire thing, our recommendation to go with is the Calico Designs Nook Modern Desk. This is a desk that provides you with ample workspace while giving you plenty of storage and more space to manage and organize the wires of your computer and electronic devices.

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Top Factors When Choosing a Mid Century Modern Desk


The first thing you’ll want to consider is the size of the desk. Needless to say, no mid century modern desk is created equal. Some of them will be larger than others.

If you are looking for a more minimalistic design, a smaller desk may be good enough. However, a larger size may be better if you need more working space. The size will also depend on how much you plan on putting on the desk itself.

It could be a desktop computer, a penholder with a few pens, and some other office supplies. Or if you are just using a laptop, you can get away with something smaller in terms of desk space. Either way, the size may come down to your ideal work set up as well as some other personal preferences.

The size and measurements are in length, width, depth, and height. Be sure to measure your desired workspace before choosing a desk that would be fitting for the area.



If there is one thing you should not compromise on, it’s the durability of a desk. You want your desk to be solid and be able to handle the extra weight of any additional supplies. Not only that, more durability means it will last longer.

Also, durability can play an important role whenever you need to disassemble and reassemble it. You could be moving to a new house, have a new office space, or something else. You can easily tear it down and rebuild it quickly if it came to that.

You want a desk that can handle as much of that as possible. Otherwise, find a mid century modern desk made from durable woods and materials.


Of course, the price may play a role in the purchasing process. Especially if you are doing it on a budget. It’s clear that the more you pay, the better quality you get.

Likewise, the cheaper the desk, the lower the quality. For this reason, you don’t want to go too cheap as you may risk disappointment. So, it’s best to find the best desk you can afford in terms of quality.

Even if it means paying a little bit extra, better quality will always trump price. The last thing you want to do is use a desk that won’t last you a long time before shelling out more money for another one.

Additional Features

No purchasing decision is made without considering any additional features. What exactly might you look for in a desk? Let’s take a look at the following:

  • Drawers: Of course, most desks will have drawers that give you a good amount of storage space. They can be located on one side of the desk or close by (i.e – below the computer keyboard
  • Shelves: If you are looking for storage space for books, documents, and other items, you may use shelves. Some mid century modern desks will have them and others may not.
  • Type of wood: The type of wood you choose will be key. Because it’s all about durability and lasting a long time. Would you go for a natural wood look? Or something that may seem a bit artificial?

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The Best Mid Century Modern Desk Ideas and Picks

Now that you have a good idea of what to look for in a mid century modern desk, here is a list of our ideas and picks. These are ideas that we have come up with and have chosen the right desk that will fit perfectly with it.

If these ideas are in line with what you are looking for, you can choose the desk that fits and build on it using your own ideas. Let’s dive right in and take a look at the following desk ideas you can use:

Ameriwood Home Haven Retro Desk with Riser: Best For Small Spaces

Ameriwood Home Haven Retro Desk with Riser

If you have a small space, the Ameriwood Home Haven Retro Desk with Riser just might be the best option. It’s a dual level desk with the upper level serving the best purpose for a computer monitor.

At the lower level, you can set up a keyboard. Even with a tight workspace, you still have plenty of desk space to work with. You can include a computer and even a few small supplies to get you through the day.

You can choose from different finishes as well. The entire design gives off that retro, but modern look. If you want the best of both worlds while keeping it minimal, this desk might just be the best option.


  • Great for small spaces
  • Easy assembly
  • Excellent design
  • Durable


  • Has some minor flaws, but nothing too serious

JJS L-Shaped Home Office Corner Writing Computer Desk – For Those With More Space

JJS L-Shaped Home Office Corner Writing Computer Desk with Build-in Bookcase

If you have slightly more space and want more desk space to work with, we suggest the JJS L-Shaped Home Office Corner Writing Computer Desk. It may be smaller compared to most L-shaped desks on the market, but rest assured you’ll still have plenty of desk space to work with when you need it.

This desk has two bookshelves, which are perfect for storing books, notebooks, or whatever else you need to put away. When you have the items in a moment’s notice, you’ll be within an arm’s reach. Even with plenty of desk space, you’ll have enough to place a computer, pens, and a few other things.

So long as you don’t clutter your desk with needless things, you should have plenty of space to work with. The L-shape isn’t anything new. But it’s considered one of the more preferred designs these days.


  • Very sturdy
  • Affordable for those on a budget
  • Provides plenty of space
  • Great for those with ample amounts of work space


  • Pre-holed drills may be a bit off, making assembly slightly challenging

Versanora Creativo White Work Study Table Desk – For More Storage Space

Versanora Creativo White Work Study Table Desk with Storage Drawer Shelf Natural Finish for Living Room Home and Office

If you want shelves and drawers, we might just have the desk you want. The Versanora Creativo White Work Study Table Desk is small in size, but worth the money if you need a desk that comes with nice and neat storage spaces.

This has about two drawers and two shelves. So you’ll always have a place to put things away when you don’t need them. This may not be the perfect desk for a desktop computer to be on.

But it certainly can accommodate a laptop. So if you are looking for a simple desk that will be great for almost any small work space, then this desk could be what you need.

We also see this as a great desk for those looking for something ergonomically friendly. If you are working a lengthy day and want to keep comfortable, this desk might be beneficial in terms of giving you the best in ergonomics.


  • Plenty of storage space
  • Easy to set up
  • Excellent ergonomics
  • Stylish design


  • May be a tad bit expensive

Teraves Reversible Computer Desk for Small Spaces with Shelves – For a More Modern Look

Teraves Reversible Computer Desk for Small Spaces with Shelves

If you want a more modern design, the Teraves Reversible Computer Desk for Small Spaces with Shelves. This comes with two large shelves. If you want your office space to look modern or perhaps slightly ‘futuristic’, then you’ll love this desk.

At 47 inches in width, it could afford you a good amount of desk space. Even with a computer monitor in place, you might just be able to use the additional space to keep things organized. It has a white surface with a gold frame (although it comes in different colors and finishes).

You can choose the color based on your personal preferences. The colors may not matter, unless you have a bit of interior decorating intuition to work with.

This durable desk is made from particle board and proves its worth as one of the sturdiest desks on the market. If that’s what you are looking for in a mid century modern desk, you’d be hard-pressed to find something quite like this.


  • Easy to assemble
  • The design looks more modern
  • Has plenty of work space
  • Affordable for those on a budget


  • Pre-drilled holes may be a little off

Calico Designs Nook Modern DeskFor Better Cord Management

Calico Designs Nook Modern Desk with Multi Soft-Close Storage Compartments

If you are running a computer and some other electronics, one of the biggest challenges is wire management. Some desks have a feature that will allow you to organize your wires so they stay all in one place without making a mess. This Calico Designs Nook Modern Desk allows that.

This has a large drawer that runs the entire length of the desk. It gives you excellent storage space for pens, notebooks, and other small items. It also gives you an opportunity to organize and manage your power cords for all your electronic devices.

If you have a computer, external hard drive, or any type of electronics, you can gather them all in one place and keep it organized.

It’s built to last and can handle quite a bit of stuff. If you are looking for a solid desk that will keep things organized, you’ll want to get a desk like this so you can keep your work space nice and clean.


  • Great for wire management
  • Excellent durability
  • Available in different finishes
  • Ample storage space


  • Disassembling can be a challenge

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How do you style a mid-century modern office?

Answer: One of the best ways to style a mid-century modern office is taking a look at specific color tones. For example, earth tones are among one of the most popular choices for colors in terms of paint. If you are planning on putting together a mid-century modern office at home, consider colors like that.
Alternatively, you can consider different tones like jewel and pastel. These colors will usually blend in with the wood colors and upholstery of certain modern style desks and furniture.

Question: Can you mix modern with mid-century modern?

Answer: While they are not the same, mid-century modern and regular modern can be put together if you are creative. You can find awesome ideas to mix the two styles together online.

Question: Is mid-century modern furniture going out of style?

Answer: The short answer: no. The long answer is that mid-century modern furniture is still going strong. It’s a style that won’t be phased out in the long run no matter what people say.


These five mid century modern desks are the best we can find on the market. You can find one that will fit your budget and personal preferences. It’s clear that there are plenty of designs to choose from.

But choosing one may be difficult. For us to choose our recommendation, it was very tough considering they are all great selections. At the end of the day, we recommend purchasing the Calico Designs Nook Modern Desk.

You’ll be able to keep your wires organized while maintaining an excellent work space. Meanwhile, it’s sturdy and provides you with plenty of storage space in the process. What’s not to love about this modern looking desk?

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