mfavour Ergonomic Office Chair

Can the mfavour Ergonomic Office Chair Offer Enough Support?

There isn’t much about the mfavour Ergonomic Office Chair that stands out in photographs on the product listing, but that might be the point.

There is a lot going on in the movement and adjustments of the chair rather than in the design.

This suggests that the manufacturers may have their priorities right. But, are users impressed when using the chair in their home office?

The Pros and Cons of this mfavour Ergonomic Office Chair


  •  The range of movement in the armrests and headrest for better support
  •  The lockable tilt on the backrest that goes as far as 130 degrees
  •  The sturdy aluminium frame with the caster wheels
  •  The seat swivels for even great practicality
  •  The design isn’t as over-the-top as some other models


  •  The lumbar support isn’t as extreme as in some other chairs
  •  There isn’t a lot of cushioning in the chair
  •  The instructions aren’t the easiest to read

The mfavour Ergonomic Office Chair has some interesting adjustable features to make it a highly practical choice for a lot of users.

mfavour Ergonomic Office Chair Back Support Desk Chair Adjustable Executive Mesh Chair Armrest Headrest Swivel Home Office Chair with Wheels for Work (Black)

What stands out the most about this ergonomic chair when looking at the product listing is how much range of motion there is in some of the adjustable parts. First of all, there is the tilt in the backrest. There are three different positions that lock into place.

The 90-degree angle should provide a strong support while working at the desk. Then you can take it back to 120 degrees or 130 depending on how you want to relax on your break. Then there is the movement in the headrest.

This is height adjustable with a 12cm range to accommodate users of different heights. However, there is also a tilt to help you get the best possible cushioning.

Finally, there is the movement on the 3D armrests. You can raise these up by 7cm for a better fit at the desk. But, they also move forward 6cm and have a 25-degree twist for improved comfort.

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The practical side of these adjustable features continues with the design of the base and general function of the seat. The aluminium base is nice and wide for a better centre of gravity and has caster wheels for mobility.

The seat has the usual 360-swivel to help you switch between areas of your desk or different monitors.

While there is nothing special about the look of this chair compared to some extreme models, that actually gives this model wider appeal.

You have a nice segmented look that doesn’t go over-the-top and allows this to work nicely in a standard home office. The uniform black of the mesh, seat, and frame help too.

There is still a little room for improvement with the support and comfort of this mfavour Black Home Office Chair.

The range of motion in the supportive features of this ergnomic chair does then raise some questions over the ergonomics and full back support. The idea here is that the spring-loaded system in the chair moves with your body and provides adequate support in the lumbar areas.

However, there is no specialist lumbar system or any significant padding here. On that note, there isn’t a great deal of padding in the seat and the backrest relies more on the use of that breathable mesh.

mfavour Ergonomic Office Chair Back Support Desk Chair Adjustable Executive Mesh Chair Armrest Headrest Swivel Home Office Chair with Wheels for Work (Black)

With that said, the majority of buyers seem to be able to get comfortable here with no back pain. There is a comment about the inability to change the depth of the seat.

This could have made the office chair a little more suitable for larger users. There is also a warning that the instructions aren’t that easy to read, although most buyers have this up and ready for use in 15 mins with no complaints.

Does this lack of major complaints mean that this mfavour Adjustable Office Chair is a highly recommendable option?

There will be some people that struggle with the seat depth, lack of full lumbar support, and the assembly instructions. However, these users appear to be in a small minority as most people enjoy using the chair in their home office.

The various adjustments across the different features of this computer mesh chair do make a difference on the comfort and the practicality provided – all without the designer making the curves and pieces too extreme.

Therefore, there is enough mass appeal here to make this mfavour chair worthy of consideration for your home.

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