Metal Desk Ideas and Picks: Which is Right for You?

Are you considering getting a metal desk but are out of ideas and inspiration?

You are in the right place! We understand how crucial it is to have a desk at your home office. If anything, an office without a desk cannot be considered complete. We are here to advise you about metal desks so that you have them easily. There are so many metal desk options which is a plus because you have options to choose from. Also, you can always have it customized if you want something different. Isn’t that great? Read on to discover metal desk ideas and picks.

Reasons to Buy a Metal Desk

They Take Up Less Space

Consider your style- are you a minimalist or a maximalist? Metal desks tend to have a minimalist vibe; therefore, keep this in mind. The chances that a maximalist will go for this desk are not promising. If you have minimal space but feel the need to get a desk, you could never go wrong with a metal desk. Their design is sleek, and they have a compact desk size, which explains why they consume little space.

Contrary to wooden desks, some of them can be adjusted. This translates to the fact that they are flexible and can fit in small spaces. However, note that despite being compact metal desks, they provide enough space to sustain your things.

Their Parts Can Be Replaced

Earlier on, we pointed out that metal desks are adjustable, and as a result, their legs and tabletop can be detached. Thus, making it easy for you to repair or replace any parts. It will only be a matter of removing bolts and having the destroyed parts or wobbly desk parts replaced.

The fact that they can also be detangled ensures that you can move their parts from one room to the next without a hassle. On the other hand, wooden desks cannot have their parts moved or replaced. You will have to be strategical about moving it to different rooms or buying a new desk.

They Are Affordable

One thing about you should know about metal desks is the fact that they are not costly. There is nothing more amazing than buying an affordable desk that is long-lasting and appealing to look at.

But first, there is the need to consider your budget. That way, you will figure out whether you want to set up your office or work desk on a low or high budget. Note that metal desks do not have frequent replacements and are durable, which means that you will save so much money in the long run. Isn’t this reason enough?

They Have Design Benefits

If you look around stores, the internet, and the like, you will realize that metal desks come in several designs, finishes, and shapes. Therefore the chances that you will miss your dream design is low. If you wish to match your room’s color feel free to do so because you can choose a metal desk that goes hand in hand with your décor and room layout.

In addition that, you can always incorporate wooden, laminate, and glass tops into metal desk designs. We love that you can have both of two worlds. Also, most metal desks come with additional features like drawers, cabinets, and monitor stands, among others.

They Aren’t Easily Scratched

Have you ever had a wooden desk or worked in a space where they are being used? If that is the case, you are conversant with how easily they get dents and scratches, which may not be the case for metal desks. The latter rarely get scratches because metal is tough and not an element that occurs naturally.

As a result, it is hard for it to get scratched when contacted with hard objects. As much as scratches may show, you will be required only to coat it with paint. Easy, right?

Disadvantages of Buying Metal Desks

Metal desks have their disadvantages, too, like a coin has two sides. There is no need for us to address advantages without acknowledging their downside. After all, it is only fair that you know what you are getting yourself into, or would you have it any other way?

They Are Heavy to Carry or Move Around

This is the main disadvantage, and everyone should know about it. Unlike wooden decks, these will take a toll on you when you want to shift their position. It is not one that you will move alone; you will need a hand. However, the fact that some of them can be detangled makes moving easier. Therefore, you should think this through. Can you compromise that fact?

They Have Sharp Points and Edges

You are susceptible to injuries if you go for metal desks, especially the ones that have not been appropriately sanded. You cannot afford to put yourself through such. Can you imagine healing these wounds every other day? This is absolute torture! Ascertain that it comes properly sanded; after all, your safety is crucial.

How to Make Old Metal Desks Look Appealing

You do not need to use any money to get a new desk, and we have ways to make the old or ugly metal desks look as good as new.

Use Cloths As A Cover-up

If you want a low-budget improvement, consider using the clothes at home or even buy fabrics to cover your desk’s top. This is a temporary change, but it will bring about a different outlook. If you opt to buy, you can choose a fabric with patterns and colors. Also, ensure that you hem the edges. Ensure to consider the size of your desk; this is because large desks and quality sheets go hand in hand.

Make Do of Decorations

Spice up your desk with decorations if you feel like they are too plain. Consider substituting drawer pulls with more attractive options. You can also glue decorative wooden trims on the desk’s edges.

In addition to that, you could use magnets to decorate the metal desk if you are yearning for that whimsical look. Besides that, you have the option of purchasing magnetic material sheets and make your own. However, there is the need to keep these magnets away from any electronics whatsoever.

You Can Coat It with Paint

You should know that certain paints work well with metals; therefore, do not use regular paint on your desk. You will be signing yourself up to fail. Spray paints are a good example, and they can be used to cover the whole desk. Other examples include metal primers and metal paint. The latter can be used with a free hand or with a stencil for embellishing purposes, while the previous hinders rusting.

Note that metal primers should be used before using ordinary latex paints. Also, if you want your metal desk to seem wooden, give the faux-finishing technique paint a try. Paint is a savior since it can help revamp a metal desk if its original color fades or is unappealing. However, note that it cannot be used to tend to severe damage, and you will have to remove rusting before painting your desk.

Get A New Desktop

If the surface of your metal desk looks hideous, buying a countertop or large board is an excellent strategy to maneuver the situation. Wood won’t stress you out because it is more workable than metal. You can paint the new desktop to complement your décor or stain it to have an excellent finished look. However, before buying the countertop, ascertain that the metal desk can sustain its weight. Otherwise, it may be a waste of time and money.

The Metal Desks We Recommend

Monarch Specialties White Hollow-Core Metal Desk

Are you looking for a sleek metal desk? This is it.


  • It has accents that are colored silver and are contemporary.
  • It has a beautiful smooth finish on every side.
  • It is durable and sturdy.
  • It has two drawers for storing your things.
  • It has a modern design.
  • It has a segment for storing files or documents.
  • Its desktop is very spacious.
  • It is odor-free.
  • It has some color options.


  • Assembling it may consume a lot of time.
  • It is costly.

Nathan James Penny Writing Metal Desk

If you are a minimalist, this metal desk will make you fall in love with it.


  • It is suitable for any home décor.
  • It is easy to assemble- in under 1 hour if you follow the instructions.
  • It is excellent for showcasing office supplies and décor.
  • It has a stunning finishing.
  • It cannot scratch your floors because it comes with floor foot protectors.
  • It is made of quality materials.
  • It is ideal for small spaces.
  • It is sturdy.
  • It can sustain large monitors and computer essentials.
  • It is affordable.


  • It is only available in white.

Flash Furniture Metal Computer Desk

Do you want a metal desk that serves as a decorative piece even when not in use? Flash furniture metal computer desk is the one for you.


  • It is an excellent choice for small spaces.
  • It is spacious.
  • It has a scratch-resistant laminate.
  • It is fit for many rooms, including the living and dorm rooms.
  • It has size and color options.
  • It has a modern touch.
  • It has protective floor glides that will protect your floors.


  • You may underestimate its size; that is, it may be smaller than anticipated in person.

Flash Furniture Black Metal Computer

Opt for this desk if you want something with a simple yet attractive design.


  • It provides space for your papers, writing essentials, and laptop.
  • It has crisscross legs that make it stable.
  • It has a raised border which hinders papers from falling.
  • It is affordable.
  • It is very stylish.
  • It is sturdy; thus, no wobbling.
  • It has a black laminate finish.
  • It is easy to assemble.
  • It is of high quality; hence, you get value for your money.


  • It would be best if you had a power drill to make assembling it an easy task.

Monarch Specialties Contemporary Metal Desk

If you consider legroom when buying desks, this one will give you plenty of it.


  • It is durable.
  • It is eco-friendly.
  • It has enough workspace as it can even sustain a printer.
  • It has a few color options.
  • It has a contemporary design.
  • Its size is perfect for people with small-sized homes.
  • It is easy to assemble.
  • It is easy maintenance.
  • It is ideal for either light or dark furniture.
  • It has a shiny finish and beautiful hardware.
  • It looks more expensive than its price.


  • It may be wobbly and squeaky.

Frequently Asked Questions About Metal Desks

Question: What Are Metal Desks Made of?

Answer: High-quality steel chassis. On top of that, they have laminated tops on their surface. These steel desks stand close to wood veneer and laminate desks. The visual characteristics, different desk pieces, and material compounds differ most between the latter two. Laminate desking may either be as simple as a straight desk or as complex as a U-shaped desk. Note that metal desks are usually straight, single, or L-shaped; they are not complicated. Both laminate and metal desks are similar in terms of durability and quality.

Question: What Are the Different Metals Used in Furniture?

Answer: They include carbon steel, aluminum, iron, and stainless steel. However, steel and iron products are usually used in numerous applications, both indoor and outdoor settings. Stainless steel is mainly used for modern interior furnishings. Most of the supports, hinges, and body pieces tend to compose of stainless steel.

Cast iron is used for outdoor settings and furnishings. It is usually hard and heavy, not forgetting its tough composition. On the other hand, aluminum is a metal with corrosion-resistant properties, and for this reason, it is used for cast and stamped furniture.

Question: Why Not Go for Wooden or Any Other Type of Furniture?

Answer: Metal desks are easy maintenance. Who wants to own something that requires a lot of work to clean? We thought so too. These desks will not stress you out.

On top of that, they cannot be damaged by termites and insects like wood. They are also detachable; hence, when you are moving out, you can always detangle them. Besides that, metal desks are sturdy and durable and, as a result, have a long lifespan. Note that they take so much effort before they succumb to wear and tear or break. Buying metal desks is undoubtedly worth it.


The above shows metal ideas and picks. If you need a guide, this will help you get the best metal desk yet. We are confident that you now have a better understanding of metal desks. In a nutshell, they are an excellent choice for someone looking to make their space more modern or have minimalist vibes.

Ensure you consider your space when making that purchase; otherwise, maybe it won’t fit. These are things you would undoubtedly want to evade at all costs. Also, remember you can always choose the color you love. It doesn’t matter whether it matches the room or not but ensure that It complements everything in the room. Also, ensure you also consider the pros and cons while making a decision.

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