Merax Technical Deluxe Recliner Office Chair

Does The Merax Technical Deluxe Recliner Office Chair Really Have A Dual Function?

The Merax Technical Deluxe Recliner Office Chair is a black leather chair with a “glossy, urban look” that is designed as a stylish, inviting place to get comfortable in the office.

There are two ways of looking at this ergonomic chair: the full name refers to it as an executive’s chair recliner, an office rest chair and a napping chair all in one sentence.

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This suggests that it is a great chair to sit in in order to work from a desk all day, but also a great chair for a siesta in the middle of the afternoon. Are users impressed with what they receive?

What benefits have buyers appreciated with this Merax Technical Napping Chair?

One of the most commonly mentioned benefits of this ergonomic chair is that it is very supportive and comfortable for long-term use and long working hours. A standout features seems to be the movable lumbar support as it puts the lumbar in jut the right place for the back for long shifts. There are also well-padded arms to help prevent against fatigue and a slide-out footrest.

The important important element of this 2-in-1 chair is functionality – it has to work as a place to sit and work in an office and as a place to nap in comfort. There are some great office chair features here, like the swivel mechanism on those heavy duty nylon casters.

Merax Technical Managers Executive Recliner

The chair feels sturdy and moves reasonably well. There are also height adjustments and the ability to tilt from the full 90 degree upright position to the flat recline to switch from working to napping. This mechanism locks in various positions along the way for user preferences.

What flaws have been reported by less impressed buyers of this Merax Technical Executive Reclining Office Chair?

The problem with products that try to be too functional is that they often overlook important features. One of the most annoying aspects of this chair for a lot of users is the height.

It is possible that the height was reduced in order to make it more stable – or less top-heavy – when it was being used as a napping chair.

Whatever the reason, the highest height of this adjustable chair isn’t quite enough for a lot of users that are doing desk work. Another potential problem is the user weight capacity of 265 lbs. This just isn’t enough for some of the workers and gamers that want to use this chair long term for late night sessions.

Summary does this negative feedback limit a recommendation for this Merax Technical Office Rest Chair?

There are some small flaws in the function of this chair that limit its worth as a true hybrid of a napping chair and executive chair. With some thought to the height and greater support, it could work just as well as an office chair as it does a place to rest. At the moment, this Merax ergonomic chair is still an interesting option for gamers that may fall asleep in front of the computer and home office workers on big assignments.

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