Merax Racing Style Executive Swivel Chair

Is The Reclining Merax Racing Style Executive PU Leather Swivel Chair As Comfortable As It Looks?

Merax Racing Style Executive PU Leather Swivel Chair

The Merax Racing Style Executive PU Leather Swivel Chair is an eye-catching chair that seems as though it will really make a difference for those looking for a bit more padding than the average office chair. The sales description for this model talks about the way that it will “revolutionise the way that you spend time on your computer”.

While this may seem a little hyperbolic to many new buyers, there is the sense that this model will provide a great place to sit and work, or even play, with the adjustable elements such as the reclining back and seat height. Are buyers impressed with what they receive here, or could this model do more?

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What benefits have been noted about this Merax Racing Style Office/Gaming Chair in user reviews?

There is no doubt that this ergonomic chair certainly looks like a comfortable option. It has all the right padding in all the right places, and then some. The headrest juts out from the top for a comfortable support system, there is plenty more around the back and seat and there is even that adjustable footrest at the end.

The later may look a little out of place, but is a nice addition for those that want to recline. On that note, this model is designed to reclined in multiple positions with a locking system to keep it securely in place. These adjustments are great and there is a sense of security here, and with the weight allowance.

Merax Racing Style Executive Swivel Chair
Even with this odd footrest in place, there is no doubt that this is also a highly attractive piece for a home office or gaming room. The mostly black chair is accented by stripes that run down either side along the seat and headrest ad even over the footrest.

These accents come in either grey, blue, red, yellow or green to match in with different decors. The material is a fade resistant leather than also happens to be made for easy cleaning. In fact, there is the sense for buyers that this is a well-made ergonomic desk chair that should last a while.

Are there any clear downsides to this Merax Racing Style Executive Swivel Office Chair?

While the tilt mechanism for this Merax office chair is fine, there are some repeated comments across the user reviews about the quality of the seat height mechanism and the retraction on the footrest. The former just doesn’t go as far as most would like. The latter is a bit too slow and awkward and some are worried that they will eventually break it. Then there are those that are unsure about the price paid, but that goes with the territory.

Summary: what does this mean for a final recommendation on this Merax Executive Swivel Chair?

The problem with this office/gaming chair is that it doesn’t quite do enough for the price paid. This is a high-end model with the look and feel to match. This is clear in the quality of the padding, the material and the general user experience. Yet, these adjustment issues stop this ergonomic Merax chair from being a 5 star product. They are halfway there with the design of that footrest and the reclining elements. They just need to go a little further.

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