Merax PP033082CAA Gaming Chair

Is The Merax PP033082CAA Gaming Chair A Good, Affordable Option?

Merax PP033082CAA Gaming High Back Computer Ergonomic Design Racing Chair
The Merax PP033082CAA Gaming Chair is a striking looking chair with the combination of bold coloured panels against the black.

This is especially appealing with the strong curves and lines in the shaped backrest, the cushioning around the back and seat and the accents on the foot rests and caster wheels.

The design and shape suggests that a lot of thought has gone into this chair. However, we should never judge a book entirely by its cover.

Is there enough else going on with the comfort and additional features to keep people interested in this product?

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The Pros and Cons of this Merax PP033082CAA Ergonomic Gaming Chair.


  • many find this comfortable enough with the right amount of padding
  • there is a nice amount of tilt in the backrest
  • the base is sturdy for additional peace of mind.
  • there are nice footrests
  • the design is striking enough to fool others into thinking this is a bigger name


  • the arm rests need a little more padding.
  • those arm rests also have a minimal range of movement.
  • some find the seat to be a little stiff


Reports are mixed with this Merax PP033082CAA Gaming Chair, but many love the build quality and comfort provided.

The first benefit to mention here is the general level of comfort across the Merax ergonomic chair. Few would say that it is the most comfortable chair that they have ever sat in. However, there is no doubt that this can offer the padding and support that many people need. Some will highlight the use of the lumbar support cushion at the back.

Merax PP033082LAA Gaming High Back Chair

This is something that other brands at this price point might have given up on. Yet, there are plenty of users that can play games for long periods without dealing with too much discomfort.

Then there is the added bonus here that this high back computer chair can tilt back at a decent angle to provide the best posture for the long session.

It might not be the best posture for long term health – but many users are still happy with it.

Elsewhere, there is also praise for the quality of some of the parts and the build. There will be some occasions where the screws don’t align or some bolts stick out.

However, the majority of buyers would say that the build is great. This is especially true with the strength of the caster base. Users like the sturdy feel and the addition of those foot rests. This isn’t a vital feature, but it is still a nice touch.


Others would say that there is work to do with the cushioning of this Merax PP033082CAA Chair – especially on the armrests.

The first downside here is that was a lot more attention given to the seat and back rest than the arms. A good gaming chair needs the right arm rests to add to the comfortable experience. Here they don’t seem to have the padding or the range of movement that most people come to expect.

Merax PP033082CAA Gaming Chair

It is also important to note that the comments about the overall comfort of this ergonomic racing chair can be pretty varied. There are some that sit in this Merax chair and are impressed by the comfort received in the padding for the price paid.

There are others that weren’t too surprised to find that the chair was a little stiff in places. This isn’t the big, plush leather chair of some of the more well-known brands.


What does this all mean for the final verdict on this Merax Gamer’s Ergonomic Chair?

There may be some mixed comments about the comfort levels offered with this chair, but there is no doubt that this product does a lot for the cost. This is essentially a mid-range version of a more expensive gaming chair.

It is a chance for those that can’t afford the massive, costly racing chairs to get a lower-grade product that looks similar enough on first impressions. There is no faulting the design or the quality of some of the parts.

The issue with the armrests is a shame, but there had to be a compromise somewhere in order to keep costs down. Overall, there is a lot to like about this chair and the Merax gaming chair is still recommendable to those on a budget.

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