Merax Inno Reclining Office Chair

Is The Merax Inno Reclining Office Chair Really Designed For Napping?

Merax Inno Series Executive High Back Napping ChairExecutive chairs come in different styles and niche functions, and the Merax Inno Reclining Office Chair is out to appeal to a lot of different users.

There are elements to the design and features that are familiar and would be seen on “typical” chairs.

But, there are also some nice quirks in the style and the napping function that take this product to a different level. Does this do enough to impress users?

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The Pros and Cons of this Merax Office Chair :


  • The 180 angle on the recline for napping
  • The quality of the PU leather and stitching right across the product
  • The different colours that are available
  • The adjustable lumbar support in the backrest
  • The strong 5-star base


  • The lack of height on the gas lift mechanism
  • The manual control on the tilt of the backrest
  • The slippery material while napping


This Merax Inno Reclining Office Chair has some great features and materials that highlight its potential as a napping and office chair.

Merax Inno Series Executive High Back Napping ChairAs this is primarily sold as a napping chair, there are sure to be high hopes about the comfort of the product and the incline on that backrest. This Merax office chair can recline as far as 180 degrees, with a safeguard locking system in place.

This should prevent against any bumps and nasty surprises while users doze. The comfort continues with the amount of cushioning across the chair. There is an adjustable lumbar support system in place, as well as padding around the headrest and armrests.

There is a lazier feel to this napping chair because of that angle. Yet, there is also a professional look. When this is upright it looks like any other executive chair.

There is a smooth PU leather material that looks high end and the tapered look of the backrest adds to the sense of style. This leather also comes in an interesting choice of colours. The black is more typical of an office environment.

The white can look stylish for those that are careful with their ink and coffee. The fir green is a strange but attractive choice for home offices.

Then there is the build of this ergonomic chair. The brand claim to have put a lot of thought into the construction and use of materials. In addition to the leather, there is a heavy duty, wide base with a strong weight capacity of 225lb, there is also dual stitching on the leather for added durability. Few users would disagree with these claims and this seems like it will last for a long time.


Not all users are perfectly comfortable in this Merax Inno Napping Chair, however, and it could use a few more adjustment settings.

There are some comments from smaller, shorter users that say that this is better suited to people that are taller and larger. The wider seat and slippery material don’t always work for those that have to sit closer to the edge. The lack of height adjustments on the gas lift also means that it doesn’t always go close enough to the ground.

Merax Inno Series Executive High Back Napping Chair
Then there are those that would like to see a few more adjustments and increments elsewhere on the chair. The tilt on the backrest isn’t as fluid as some had expected.

It will tilt back with a manual adjustment, but not with the momentum of the user in the chair. This may sound picky, but some buyers expect this at this price point.

Others would like to see more freedom of movement on the lumbar support and other areas of cushioning to suit different people.


What does this all mean for the final verdict on this Merax reclining desk chair?

The shape and material of this office chair will cause some problems for some users. Yet, there is no doubt that there is plenty of thought that has gone into the placement of the cushioning, the quality of the materials and the weight allowance of the chair.

There could be improvements with the adjustment settings, but there is enough here for most users that want a reliable napping chair for the office.

The Merax ergonomic chair is attractive, functional and comfortable enough for the majority of users, which is why it is so easily recommended.

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