Merax Ergonomic Gaming Chair Review

Is The Merax Ergonomic Gaming Chair Adapted For Avid Players?

The Merax Ergonomic Gaming Chair is a typical racing chair for gamers in many ways. The curved shape of the backrest, the padding around the neck and back, and the choice of colours in the contrasting panels against the black padding are all common.

It definitely looks the part, but can it offer the comfort and security that gamers really need?

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The Pros and Cons of this Merax Ergonomic Gaming Chair.


  •  The number of adjustable elements
  •  The tilt on the backrest
  •  The quality of the materials across the seat and backrest


  •  The lack of a locking mechanism on the tilt
  •  Some complaints about the padding.


The Merax Ergonomic Racing Gaming Chair is an ergonomic chair designed to offer the best position for gamers.

This high back adjustable reclining ergonomic chair has lots of features in place to help users find the perfect angle while gaming. There is an adjustment on the seat hight between 17.5 and 21.4 inches. The armrests can be adapted into different positions as needed while using a keyboard or console controllers.

There is also a tilt on the backrest of up to 150 degrees. This is great for those that need a quick break from their gaming session, or that have wall mounted TV screens across the room.

Bonus features here come from the strength of the five-point bases and the movement of the casters.

Then there is the comfort on offer from the shape of the Merax ergonomic chair and its materials. There is a nice shape in the padding and the chair has a decent width to it.

The high-density sponge is a one-piece element with a wear-resistant mesh. This should mean that this computer chair Is a little more durable than some cheaper alternatives.

There is also a decent lumbar support system in place for those that suffer from backache while sitting for long periods.


There are still some aspects of this Merax Adjustable Gaming Chair that could be improved.

The downsides to this chair come in some of the smaller details and short cuts that the designers used to create this chair on budget. The reclining backrest has a good range of movement, but the mechanism can be felt beneath the padding and doesn’t lock in place.

The lumbar cushion is comfortable, but is strapped on and moves around too easily. The armrests down raise up as much as some people would like. Other found some elements to be a little stiff at first.


What does this all mean for a final verdict on this Merax Ergonomic Gamer’s Chair?

There are some small flaws in the design and build of this chair that might not be so evident in a more expensive chair. Some users may find that these issues detract from their comfort and enjoyment a little too much.

Others may not notice them at all. The bottom line here is that this is still an attractive chair with lots of adjustable elements and comfort features.

Many gamers can still find a great position and relax here. That is why the Merax gaming chair is still highly recommendable.

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