MagnetTrainer DeskCycle Review and Guide

There’s one thing about my work-from-home career that many people don’t take seriously – it’s my career. A lot of people think working from home is “easy” and isn’t a “real job.” 

Now that a lot of people are working from home because of the COVID-19 pandemic, I don’t have as many people who share that opinion with me. However, I do still get a few people who think that way when I tell them I work from home. But, there are a lot more people who understand how difficult it can be to work from home.

For me, there’s one part about working from home that I struggle with the most. I don’t prioritize my health. As someone who is self-employed, I think about how many projects I could be accomplishing to make money while I’m working out. So, I don’t make a lot of time for myself to focus on my health.

I mean, I’m a busy professional with a career that’s always demanding. I don’t have time to go to the gym to get a quick workout in. Heck, I don’t even have time to make myself a proper meal most days. This isn’t just because I’m self-employed, but also a mom and a wife. How can I be expected to make time to exercise and focus on weight loss when I don’t even have time to shower some days? 

That’s why I’m so excited about the opportunity to try out the MagenTrainer DeskCycle. This under the desk cycle gave me the opportunity to exercise while I was working. It’s like I’m being twice as productive!

What is the MagneTrainer DeskCycle? 

The MagneTrainer DeskCycle is different than other types of under-the-desk bikes because of the motion you need to make to pedal the pedals and because of its size. I found a lot of “desk cycles” didn’t require a biking motion to pedal the desk exercise bike. But, I really liked that this desk cycle required the biking motion because I found it a lot easier to accomplish this motion while sitting down.

The MagneTrainer DeskCycle is a type of desk exercise bike. With a desk bike, you use your legs to pedal bike pedals while you’re sitting down. While this isn’t as intense as a regular workout at the gym or even a walk would be, it does make you move your legs around. The MagneTrainer DeskCycle desk bike encourages you to be active while you’re still working, so you can almost be twice as productive. 

What are the features of the MagneTrainer DeskCycle? 

There are a lot of unique features of the MagneTrainer DeskCycle that aren’t featured on other types of desk exercise bikes. One of my favorite features about this desk cycle is that it offers easy pedaling that’s super smooth, and I don’t really have to think about it too much. Also, while I pedal the pedals on this desk cycle, the bike is super quiet.

I would highly recommend this specific model to somebody who has a call center job or spends a lot of time on the phone. I’ve used this desk cycle while I’m in Zoom meetings a few times, and I haven’t had anybody complain about the noise from my under desk cycle. But I would say they wouldn’t even know that I was peddling while on the Zoom call because you can’t hear the bike at all.

 Apparently, the MagneTrainer DeskCycle uses magnetic resistance to make the peddling of motion of the bike super smooth. The company claims that this magnetic resistance makes pedaling easier on your joints and is the reason why the under-the-desk cycle is so quiet.

 In addition, I really liked how this cycle would be a great universal option for people of all desk sizes. You can fit this desk cycle under desks that are as low as 27 inches. So, if you’re not somebody that’s super tall, you can still make this desk cycle work for you. I am 5ft 8in, and I found it super comfortable to use while sitting at my desk. But I’m not even going to lie to you. I didn’t just use this at my desk. I also used it while I was sitting on my couch, watching TV.

Despite all of these amazing features, there is One feature that I really feel is the biggest selling point for this desk cycle. The resistance options that are provided on the MagneTrainer DeskCycle are what set this under the desk cycle apart from all of the other options available on the market. What I was going through and doing my own personal research, I found that not a lot of bikes offered a huge variety of resistance options. Yet, there are eight different settings offered on the MagneTrainer DeskCycle!

Plus, this bike comes with an LCD display screen that shows off how fast you’re going and how much distance you traveled. I really liked watching the distance a number go up, as I found it really encouraging throughout the day. But, I really liked it.

I was able to move the LCD display around, as I was able to put it up on my desk so I could keep watching it while I was working. I like this better than other options that I’ve tried out from different prices, which have the LCD display permanently attached to the bike. I would have to peak my head under my desk to look at the distance of travel, so I do like the option that MagneTrainer DeskCycle offers a lot better than other bikes on the market. 

What’s it like to use the MagneTrainer DeskCycle? 

It’s a wonderful experience! You can pedal both forwards and backward with this under-the-desk cycle. If you’re like me and you’re a little clumsy, you may be concerned about your feet slipping in and out of the pedals. However, the pedals come with a velcro tether, so you can just strap your feet in and start to pedal!

Unlike another desk cycle I previously reviewed, the MagneTrainer DeskCycle has small pedals. There are some cycles I would recommend not using shoes for; however, this isn’t one of those times. I found pedaling with this cycle while I was barefoot wasn’t comfortable because I placed the pedals right in the arches of my feet. However, with shoes on, the pedals were super comfortable to use. I didn’t even wear sneakers all of the time! Sometimes, I would just throw on my house slippers or a pair of flip-flops, and I would be good to go. 

Should you buy the MagneTrainer DeskCycle? 

Yes, the MagneTrainer DeskCycle is something you should invest in if you’re in the market for an under-the-desk cycle. You don’t even need to have a desk job to use the MagneTrainer DeskCycle. If you spend a lot of time on the couch, this would be a great way to keep yourself active while binge-watching your favorite Netflix shows. 

Plus, it’s super-duper to set up, even if you aren’t a patient person. I HATE installing things/setting things up because I have zero patience, but this wasn’t frustrating. The pedal height is adjustable, too, so multiple people in your house can use this cycle. 

Pros & Cons of the MagneTrainer DeskCycle

Now, let’s break down the pros and cons of the MagneTrainer DeskCycle: 


  • Comes with a one year warranty
  • Has velcro foot straps and tether
  • The LCD display shows distance, time, speed, scan, and calories
  • You can pedal both forwards and backward
  • Quietly pedals
  • Has magnetic resistance
  • You can use to exercise both your arms and your feet
  • You have the ability to purchase separate accessories, so you can truly customize your experience with this cycle


  • Pedals are small, maybe uncomfortable if you have larger feet
  • Not suitable for people of all heights

Other alternatives to consider

Stamina Inmotion Elliptical

Stamina Inmotion Elliptical

This is one of the best-selling under-the-desk cycles available on Amazon. It’s a lightweight machine that’s also super quiet, so you won’t be disturbed while you’re working at your desk or while you’re watching TV. You can also pedal forwards and backward, meaning you’ll be able to work out several sections of your body at once. 

DeskCycle Ellipse Under-Desk Elliptical Machine

DeskCycle Ellipse Under-Desk Elliptical Machine

I love this cycle! There are eight resistance settings on this machine that you can set your machine to. So, the higher the resistance, the more calories you’re going to burn. I personally love the pedals on this machine. It makes it easy to use with shoes and while I’m barefoot. Plus, the LCD display screen is large enough for my terrible eyesight to view, so that’s a huge bonus too. 

Vive Desk Bike Cycle

Vive Desk Bike Cycle

Are you looking for a super affordable desk cycle to try out to see if you even like desk cycles to begin with? This is a super affordable option, and it’s even easier to set up! It’s a great option to consider, too, if you don’t want to take up too much room underneath your desk, either. Just as a heads up, though: you will likely need shoes to use this desk cycle. 


Question: Can you use the MagneTrainer DeskCycle for your arms? 

Answer: Yes, you can use the MagneTrainer DeskCycle for your arms! You’ll have to get an additional tool for your MagneTrainer DeskCycle, a crank arm puller, for you to use the device on your arms. But, you can use this machine to help you Strengthen your arm. 

Question: Can you lose weight with the MagneTrainer DeskCycle? 

Answer: Yes, you can work on losing weight with the MagneTrainer DeskCycle. The longer you pedal for, the more calories you’re going to burn. And as long as you’re burning more calories than you’re eating, you’ll begin to lose weight!

Question: Do desk cycles do anything? 

Answer: Yes, desk cycles help to improve your help. If you’re someone who sits at a desk all day, you may notice you have problems with circulation in your legs. However, pedaling throughout the day will help to improve the circulation in the lower part of your body since you’re moving your legs around. 

Question: How many calories do under desk bikes burn? 

Answer: The number of calories you burn with an under-the-desk exercise bike depends on how long you use it and how much your resistance is turned up. However, if you use the MagneTrainer DeskCycle for 20 minutes, you can burn up to 180 calories. If you use the machine for up to one hour a day, you burn up to an extra 500 calories!

Is the MagneTrainer DeskCycle worth it? 

Yes, it’s definitely worth it! I really liked this under-the-desk cycle because it made it easier to bring more activity into my life. Plus, it was easy to set up and easy to use. There wasn’t anything frustrating about using this under-the-desk cycle or anything that discouraged me from putting my feet back on the machine again. I would highly recommend it to people who spend long hours at their desks and are too busy to try to fit exercise into their lives.

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