LuxFit Ball Chair Review

Is The LuxFit Ball Chair Designed For The Office, Gym Or Both?

LuxFit Ball ChairThe LuxFit Ball Chair looks like a strange device, but promise great potential for improve fitness and posture at the desk.

There are lots of people that turn to exercise machines that they can use from their office chair –such as desk cycles and ellipticals. the alternative is to turn the ergonomic office chair into a piece of exercise equipment.

That is the aim with this contraption. It doesn’t look like the most comfortable or functional chair around, but does it work?

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The Pros and Cons of this LuxFit Ergonomic Ball Chair Chair.


  • a strong yoga ball that aids with back and posture problems
  • a sturdy, mobile chair
  • the chair and ball are separate for increased options in exercise and use
  • room for adaptions as needed


  • not as comfortable as some had hoped
  • often requires additional extenders to improve the height


There are two elements to this LuxFit Yoga Ball and Chair combo, and both have the potential to aid office workers with back issues and other problems.

LuxFit Fitness Ergonomic Ball Chair

The most important aspect here is the yoga ball in the middle of the chair. This big, tough ball has the strength and feel that users comes to expect from a yoga ball.

It is possible to change the height of the ergonomic chair based on the inflation of the ball, between 22-25 inches. This build and adjustable nature means great stability to help users with their problems.

The aim here is to help with balance and posture, eventually correctly back problems, rehabbing injuries and lessening pain. There are some great reports of the relief that it can bring to people with back and hip problems.

Then there is the chair part of the package. There is a simple back rest, wheels on the bottom for mobility and a low, sturdy base. This should mean fewer issues with balance, as there is enough to contend with when balancing on the ball.

The chair and ball are separate for ease of assembly and transportation. This also means that the yoga ball can be used in that separate purpose as an exercise ball. This gives greater diversity to a product that many always see as offering value for money and long-term worth.

There is great potential with this LuxFit Ball Chair, but some users have had to make some adaptions for the best results. 

It is also interesting to note the “frequently bought together” section of the Amazon listing for this LuxFit chair. This mentions an air pump. The ball comes deflated and is clearly not that easy to pump up without a little help. The specification states that there is a pump in the box, but perhaps it isn’t really up to the job.

This sections also mentions a pack of four leg extenders. This makes sense as there are some people that mention taking the wheels off and stabilizing the ball chair further while increasing the height. The seat is lower to the ground than on many office chairs.

LuxFit Fitness Exercise Ball Chairs

The first place to start with the negative side of this LuxFit chair is with the comfort. There are some mixed reviews here. Some have no problem at all, while others dislike the approach in a workplace setting.

For example, there are some complaints from women that can’t use this in an office setting because it requires a posture with open legs.

This suggests that this is for a more casual setting, perhaps better for home offices than communal spaces? There are others that struggle with the placement of the wheels against their feet, and with the low back rest. It is all a matter of preference.

What does this all mean for a final recommendation on this LuxFit Yoga Ball Chair?

This type of chair won’t suit everyone. There are clear issues with the posture and height that mean that some users won’t be able to get comfortable at all. However, those that adjust the chair to their needs, adapt the ball and work with it for a while can see some great results.

There is great potential here to aid back problems, posture issues and other problems. The sturdy chair and removable ball have a lot of potential in the home office, as well as other applications for health and exercise. Therefore the LuxFit Ball Chair is recommendable as an exercise tool, yoga equipment, rehab seat and alternative office chair.

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