Lorell High-Back Multi-Task Chair Review

Does The Lorell High-Back Multi-Task Chair Have A Wide Enough Appeal To Be “Multi-Task”?

Lorell High-Back Multi-Task ChairThe Lorell High-Back Multi-Task Chair is an interesting looking ergonomic chair. It doesn’t immediately look like your average office chair because of the shape and the amount of padding in the seat. Here it is more like a comfortable chair for the home.

Yet, it has many of the other features expected from an office model like the 5 point star base with casters and adjustable elements. The product description promises such benefits as “posture control” and “asynchronous control”, but does it provide the experience that buyers are after?

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How beneficial has this Lorell High-Back Burgundy Multi-Task Chair been to those in need of on-going comfort and support?

As this is sold as a multi-task chair, there are sure to be those that question its additional purposes. There is no doubt that this is an office ergonomic chair as there is that adjustable hight and tilt that is important for desk work. The use of the 360 swivel and the sense of additional padding means that it may be a more casual option for some homes and those that work on crafts.

These comfort features include the lumbar support and deep moulding. Many buyers are impressed with the amount of padding in the foam seat and the use of cushioning in the armrests. The latter wasn’t clear from the initial sales photos but it is definitely a nice touch.

Lorell High-Back Multi-Task Office Chair
There is also the sense that this is a durable chair for long term use, enhancing its appeal as both an office chair and one for the home. This is due to its 225lb capacity and the highly abrasion-resistant acrylic on the seat. Many like the quality of the materials and seem to believe these sales claims of longevity.

There are limited colour choices here, however, and a black option may have been a good idea. This means that the burgundy needs to suit the room for it to look good especially as some say it looks a little pink.

Are there any other issues with the Lorell High-Back Multi-Task Chair aside from the colour?

At the time of writing, about 80% of users had awarded this Lorell office chair with the full five stars for its comfort, performance and ease of use. Even the assembly process seems to be pretty simple with few issues, although there are some complaints of the chairs squeaking a little under pressure or with movement.

It is unclear is this is a design fault or assembly issue. There will also always be those that don’t quite get along with the shape and style, and some find it a little big.

Summary: is this Lorell High-Back Office/Crafters Chair still highly recommendable with this feedback in mind?

It is hard not to recommend this ergonomic chair based on the balance of positive and negative feedback here. The noise problems don’t seem to be strong or consistent enough to damage the overall appeal and all other comments on shape and style come down to personal opinion.

This Lorell chair wont suit all homes and offices because of its looks. Yet, there is no doubt that it is a comfortable option with a surprising amount of padding and potential longevity.

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