Lorell Executive High-Back Chair Review

Can The Lorell Executive High-Back Chair Offer Great Value For Money?

Lorell Executive High-Back ChairThe Lorell Executive High-Back Chair is an ordinary-looking ergonomic chair yet apparently quite feature-rich. According to the specifications, which include its ergonomic back for “the natural curvature” of your spine, a pneumatic seat-height adjustment, 360-degree swivel and user-friendly controls. Can it deliver the experience desired?

Is this Lorell Executive Black Mesh Ergonomic Chair as comfortable as people hope and what other advantages have been noted in user reviews?

Let’s begin with the beneficial aspects. The first is the comfort because it ticks the boxes in a number of areas. It has a mesh backrest for support and ventilation, great support on the back, adjustable height and tilt options and a “decent” cushion. It seems it may not the best around for comfort but it is adequate for the job.

The more interesting benefit is that it is a surprisingly long-lasting chair. Some buyers with lower-scoring reviews talk about the cheap plastic and the lack of quality in the parts and there is one complaint of it breaking after 3 years. But 3 years is pretty good for a product of this nature and most others are happy with the fact that they have had it for over a year with little to no complaint about wear and tear.

Furthermore, this Lorell ergonomic chair is also pretty easy to put together and has been assembled in just 20 minutes because most of work is done in advance.

Lorell Executive High-Back

What problems have buyers mentioned in their reviews of this Lorell Executive High-Back Chair?

The chair’s looks are not the biggest issue to be talking about but there are so many comments in one form or another that it is worth mentioning. There is the comment that it is “attractive enough” which is a good way of summing the product up.

It is not pretty to look at but it is not so ugly that buyers are put off by it either and most are most concerned with the function over the aesthetics. As a side note, however, it may be of interest to prospective buyers that it only seems to come in black.

Moving on to the bigger flaws, there are some little disadvantages that come with this chair being the cheaper option: the armrests are comfortable and adjustable for using a keyboard but a bit wobbly, as is the back rest; the castors offer a little too much movement for the chair to be completely secure.

There are a few squeaks and noises that are the result of the low-cost parts; and it also seems to have some height restrictions because users suggest that it has maximum height of 5’10” but the lumbar support does not line up for people 5’1” and below.

To be honest, there are some low rating reviews for some very minor problems, suggesting that buyers are expecting a bit too much from this chair: some mentioned for an “extra comfortable” seat that isn’t quite as adjustable as they’d hoped seems a bit harsh.

Summary, do these flaws mean that the Lorell Executive Chair is not recommendable to users in comparison to these more expensive brands?

It is understandable that the first thing that buyers focus on with this chair is the apparent value for money because it does seem to offer everything they would expect from a more expensive brand for a much cheaper price and has great worth because of its balance of cost, quality and longevity.

It is not the most attractive of chairs and the word wobbly is seen in user reviews a few more times than buyers would like. However, its is a small price to pay for the comfort and adjustability that is offered and it is somehow still a well-designed chair with great durability. Essentially, despite its cut corners and low-cost pieces, the Lorell ergonomic chair still makes buyers happy and is still highly recommendable for those that want support and comfort at a fair price.

You can check out more reviews about the Lorell Executive High-Back Chair on Amazon here.

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