Amazing Live Edge Desk Ideas and Picks

If you are looking for an amazing live edge desk, you’ve come to the right place. Needless to say, not all of them are created equal. But they are made to satisfy one unique idea or another. What if you want something that will be enough for a small space? Or better yet, what if you need to multitask and need a desk that can support more than one computer display?

We’ll be taking a look at a few of the live edge desks that are currently on the market. We’ll also talk about why they are the best pick for a certain idea. Any kind of desk would do in terms of having your own workspace. However, some choose a different style than others (i.e — live edge desks).

What are you looking for in a live edge desk? Are you looking for something that will look great in a home office? Or do you have a commercial office space that needs a little bit of personality? Either way, one of the desks listed below might just be the ticket. Let’s get started and find out which desk may be the best for you.

AZL1 Life Concept Simple Style Rolling Home Office Desk — Best for the minimalist

As a minimalist, you believe in simplicity. This desk was designed for the minimalist in mind. This desk has wheels on each leg, so portability and moving it from one place to the next won’t be a problem. This has a rustic brown design, which is one of many colors that are currently available. But if you are looking for a live edge desk (or something that looks remotely close to it), this is the desk you want.

You can assemble this very quickly, which is a good idea considering you don’t want to spend time with something too complicated. You can put it together in less than an hour and call it good. This is perfect for not just the home office, but it can serve as a good desk for kids to do their homework on.

If you are looking for a desk that is simple to use, then look no further than this one. It might not be as large compared to the others, but as someone who wants simplicity, you wouldn’t care about size at all.

The product measurements are as follows: 47.5” (H) x 23.6” (W) x 29.75” (D)


  • Excellent portability
  • Minimalist
  • Easy to move around from one place to the next


  • Assembly can be a challenge

CubiCubi Study Computer Desk — Best For Those Who Like To Multi-Task

Not everyone multi-tasks. But for those that do, this is the desk that will be perfect for them. This is something you want if you have a computer that has dual displays (or even triple displays if you want that. One of the things about this is that you can also upgrade to a 63-inch desk (if you so choose). In fact, this desk is available in the following lengths: 32, 40, 47, 55, and 63 inches. The longer the desk, the better. The rustic brown gives off that live edge look and you might want something like that to give it that rough, but professional look.

This is a desk for those that don’t fancy…well, you know…the fancy designs. And who is to say that we can blame them? Aside from that, you get excellent storage space such as the cubby holders located off to the side. Perfect when you have documents and other things you need to access at the snap of a finger.

The desk is fused together by wood and metal framing, thus giving you excellent durability like nothing else. If you are looking for something that will last you a long time, this could hold up just fine. Furthermore, this is a desk that will also be able to handle multiple displays and another decor. Just don’t leave yourself a little workspace if you can help it.

While the length may vary, the measurements are as follows for the 55-inch desk: 55 (L) x 24 (D) x 29.5 (H)


  • Does not take up too much space
  • Great for dual displays
  • Easy to assemble


  • Design may be uneven in some areas

Nathan James Parker Modern Home Office Desk — Best For A Modern Live Edge Design

Is it possible to fuse modern and live edge together? The answer is yes. And this desk proves exactly that. With this desk, you have an open storage cubby and a drawer. This will work great if you are just looking for storage space and want to keep the workspace simple. Unlike the first desk we’ve looked at, this one has no wheels. So portability will be out of the question. But don’t let that discourage you. However, the good news is that assembly isn’t so challenging. Just put it together and you’re good to go.

This desk is made from solid wood and is available in a light walnut or Acacia finish. Either way, it’s as close as you’re going to get to something that is considered a live edge look. Minimalism and a rustic design never looked so good together. Again, this is a good option if you have a home office and want to keep the workspace nice and neat. If you have kids, this could also fit in their room so they have a space to do homework on.

Either way, this desk will serve a purpose for anyone that needs to get stuff done and move on with the rest of the day. Aside from its modern look, at least you have some space to work with when you want to store something away for later use.


  • Excellent storage space
  • Modern design
  • Super easy to put together


  • Surface may easily get scratched

SIMPLIHOME Solid Wood Home Office Desk — Best For Those Who Want Something Natural Looking

Do you want a natural look? You’ve got it with this desk. This desk is made from solid wood and has a natural aged brown finish. If anything, it’s as close to natural as you’re going to get. This is available in different lengths: 48, 54, 60, and 72 inches. Once again, the longer you go, the more space you have. So this will make sense if you want more space for multiple displays.

The natural rustic look might be something that is right up your alley. You want something that looks distinguished but rough. Or maybe you are thinking of ideas of designing your office to the point where it reflects your personality or love for the outdoors. You can be able to tell something about a person by the way their office looks. Maybe not always, but some like to express themselves in the most subtle way. And it could be the desk they use.

This desk features a pull-down keyboard tray, two metal sliding drawers for storage space, and metal legs to provide you with the best stability possible. Aside from its natural look, it serves its purpose as a desk fit for the executive or working guy or girl that is on a mission to make their mark on the world. Overall, this desk is pretty nice to have for either the home office or the office space at work.


  • Natural-looking design
  • Excellent storage space
  • Durable


  • Keyboard drawer may be too low

The Features Of Live Edge Desks You Should Look For

Of course, if you are going to choose a live edge desk, it’s going to come down to a feature or two that you may like. Not to mention, the budget you may have to spend money on a desk. So what are the features that you need to look for? Let’s go over them right now.

First and foremost, we take a look at the length of a desk. As many times as we hammered this point home, longer will mean better in terms of workspace. Think about your current setup at the moment compared to what you want it to look like. You may want to consider upgrading to a double display so you can be more productive or even try your hand at multitasking. But if you are looking for something that will be minimalist at best, the workspace may not be as big as you want. Once again, it all comes down to personal preferences.

Next up, the design and look. The point of finding something that is live edge is you want to make it look as natural as possible. You may look for something that will be made from solid wood. You may not want to settle for something that is artificial in the slightest. You want a look that is natural, beautiful, and distinguished. It may also come down to finding a desk that may be close enough to color or finish. It can be something that can blend in with your office decor if you have an eye for design.

Don’t forget, you may also need storage space as well. You may want a couple of drawers or even cubby holders to keep your important documents, notebooks, and everything else all in one place. You can be within an arm’s reach of whatever you need if and when you have the drawers or cubby holders in front of you. It may not be a filing cabinet by any stretch, but at least you’ll have something to rely on when you want to keep something important close by.

Last but not least, we take a look at the assembly. While not really a feature per se, something that is easy to assemble may be enough for someone to decide whether or not it’s a good desk to have. Nobody wants to spend all day putting together a desk. Thankfully, we were able to handpick live edge desks that were easy to assemble. As mentioned before, most of them come with easy-to-understand instructions.

These are some of the top features to look out for. Although not every live edge desk is created equal, you can definitely find one that fits your needs and budget. The need for a workspace might just be something worth considering if you are a minimalist or a multi-tasker.

Amazing Live Edge Desk Ideas and Picks FAQ

Question: Why is live edge wood so expensive?

Answer: Live edge products are more expensive due to a few factors. These include but are not limited to the uniqueness and how labor-intensive it is to be made. Live edge pieces are made to be distinctive and aesthetically pleasing. Live edges cannot be made in bulk because they need to be at the same length of the log of wood it originates from.

Question: What is a live edge desk?

Answer: A live edge desk includes one side or both sides that are usually untouched. This allows the natural lines of the tree to stay in place so the appearance looks natural.

Question: Is Live Edge rustic?

Answer: Live edge is considered to be a hybrid of rustic and ‘Western’ styles of furniture. At the outset, it was considered rustic, but over the years there have been a lot of differences between the two. Live edge has been used since the times of the settlers, where unfinished wood furniture was commonly used.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a live edge desk idea, one of the four listed above may be a good fit for you. It will depend on factors such as the space you need. A good reliable desk may be what you need for a hard day’s work at your home office. But at the same time, you appreciate a design that is natural, beautiful, and rough. These desks are tough for the most part. And the larger they are, the more they can handle. For a well-built desk, a live edge one just might be what you need.

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