LexMod Pillow Office Chair Review

Is There More To The LexMod Pillow Office Chair Than Its Looks And TV Appearance?

LexMod Pillow Office ChairThe LexMod Pillow Office Chair is an odd looking chair that has become something of a fashion item thanks to its appearance on a top DC show.

This ergonomic chair needs more than a television appearance to make it appealing and worthwhile. Does it offer enough to keep buyers happy in the long term?

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How beneficial has this LexMod Pillow Rolls Chair been for new buyers?

The first benefit with this ergonomic chair has to be the initial aesthetic appeal because that it lead to so many purchases. This is an unusually-shaped chair with those rollers on the back, but it is modern and stylish and many buyers enjoy showing it off.

The lines are simple and many feel that it fits in with many office decors. The chair is finished with leather on the seat and padded cushions and this comes in a choice of black, white and dark brown.

LexMod Pillow Ergonomic Office Chair
This padding, along with the addition of the height adjustments for the seat and arms, add to the comfort provided. The makers say “like a day-long massage, the vinyl cushion rolls take care of your back at all positions”. While this may be a bit of an exaggeration, there are still plenty of positive comments.

The vast majority of users find that this chair offers a lot of support in all the right places, unless users are especially tall. Then there are those that say that the padding providing provides that nice balance between soft cushioning and a firm supportive hold. There is also the added bonus that this chair tilts back far enough for an afternoon nap.

What downsides have been reported in reviews for the LexMod Pillow Office Chair?

The biggest problem with this chair seems to be quality of the materials used. There are reports of marks being left on the leather fabric and the padding losing its shape after a while. The makers of this chair claim that it has been built to be tough and strong, with the addition that powder coated steel frame.

Reports of damage and the arms snapping off suggest otherwise. There are some buyers that expected more for the price that they paid and there are concerns of diminishing returns on the style and comfort levels.

Summary: how does this feedback affect the final verdict on this LexMod Leather Ergonomic Chair?

There are some buyers that were heavily influenced by this chair’s television credentials and looks more than any potential comfort options. This approach can result in one of two reactions. Some buyers will be impressed with the shape and style as they unbox the chair and pleasantly surprised by the comfort of the seat.

Others will find that the appeal fades with time and they are left with a slightly bumpy chair that they perhaps paid too much for. It all depends whether you are going for style over substance. The style may be overrated and the materials a little questionable, but the vast majority of users still recommend the LexMod chair for its shape, support and long time comfort.

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