LexMod Jive Executive Office Chair

Is The LexMod Jive Ribbed High Back Executive Office Chair Too Minimalistic To Be Functional?

LexMod Jive Ribbed High Back Executive Office Chair BrownThe LexMod Jive Ribbed High Back Executive Office Chair is an ergonomic chair that immediately stands out from some of the other executive chairs around because it seems to be going for a less is more approach to the design and features.

The product description for this LexMod chair talks about it being a welcome embodiment of the spirit of progress and determination. What this actually mean? It this a progressive, modern chair with some interesting design features, or is it just your standard office chair?

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What benefits have buyers appreciated with this LexMod Jive Ergonomic Office Chair?

The main appeal with this chair is the look. There is an elegant, minimalist style in the shape of the high back rest with the ribbed vinyl, the matching seat and the use of chrome plating on the aluminium frame.

It is clean and sharp enough to suit most office spaces. Furthermore, there is the choice of colours that allows buyers to add a little personality to the office space. In addition to the black and dark brown, there are bright reds, oranges and greens.

LexMod Jive Ribbed Executive Office Chair
The LexMod office chair is also adjustable, with the seat height adjustment and the tilt on the back. This tilt locks into place with a tension control. There are no adjustments on the armrests, but they have been shaped to provide the ideal 90 degree angle for the wrists when typing.

There are also those praising the construction in terms of the frame and assembly process. Most find that it is pretty easy to put together and there are few wobbles.

Are there any clear issues with this LexMod Jive Ribbed Executive Chair that lower the appeal at all?

The problem with having the style and look as the main selling point of the chair, and the main focus in specifications, is that the comfort features clearly take a back seat. The shape of the desk chair is designed for great posture, but there isn’t much going on in the way of cushioning and support.

There are those that say that it is surprisingly comfortable considering that it is much harder and rigid than other office chairs. It will all depends on personal preference. Those that like a lot of padding and lumbar support will struggle to work long hours in this thing.

Also, there are some complaints regarding the quality of the vinyl. As this is part of that look that sells the chair so well, it is disappointing for users to find that it scuffs and wears down so easily. Many advise against opting for the white version because it doesn’t stay pure and clean for long.

Summary: what does this all mean for the final verdict on this LexMod Ribbed Office Chair?

There are areas where the makers of this ergonomic chair could make some improvements without sacrificing the look of the chair, a little more padding wouldn’t hurt and there could be a better quality vinyl. With these additions, this could be a 5 star product that any office worker can enjoy. As it is, the LexMod chair is still a great option for all those looking for a more stylish approach to office furniture, with that ergonomic frame and easy assembly adding to the appeal.

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