Large White Board Ideas and Top Brands to Consider

If you’ve worked in a corporate office any time during the past few decades, then there’s a good chance you’ve encountered a whiteboard. Since their inception, the way whiteboards work has changed very little. You write something down, when you’re done, you erase it. That’s all there is to it.

For the most part, using a whiteboard has always been a straightforward experience. However, there are always those who find unique and exciting ways to use something designed for some other purpose. Nowadays, there are innovations that make the functionality of your whiteboard more than just a surface to color on with dry-erase markers.

With that in mind, we scoured the internet for different ways you can use your whiteboard. We’ve listed the best ones below, so read on to find how to put your whiteboard to work!

Magnetize Your Whiteboard to Attract Creativity

Choosing to magnetize your whiteboard gives you the option to use it as a multi-functional tool instead of just as a dry erase board. For example, you can use it to put up samples of your favorite paint samples or as a way to show off your favorite comic or drawing.

Additionally, you can use a magnetized whiteboard to post printouts of your favorite photographs. Some classrooms like to use them to teach children how to understand chronology and how a timeline works. It’s a hands-on way to help them learn what comes first, next, and last in a sequence.

A classroom is an excellent setting for a magnetized whiteboard, as you can quickly and easily switch items out without much hassle. For example, if a holiday is approaching or the seasons are changing, you can just remove the old items and place the magnets over the new ones. It’s really that simple!

Play Time’s Not Over

Another exciting way you can use your whiteboard is by playing games. No matter what age group you fall into, games can be a time of enjoyment and fun. Games like Tic-Tac-Toe, Hangman, or Pictionary are all games you play using your whiteboard. Not only can you draw on the board, but you can keep score off to one side.

Or, if you have younger kids, a whiteboard is an excellent way to let them show off their creativity. Ask them to draw something and watch as they let their imaginations go to work. A whiteboard is essentially a blank canvas for children to use, especially since they can easily erase mistakes and continue on as if nothing happened.

Clearly the Answer is Glass

Whiteboards are relatively lightweight, however, they tend to stain over time. If you discover that your whiteboard isn’t coming as clean as it used to, you might consider replacing the board itself with glass. Some people like to use it on a swivel, while others prefer to hang it on their wall.

Of course, keep in mind that glass is much heavier than a whiteboard, so if you do hang it up, be sure you’re using something strong enough to support its weight. Some people like to use glass tabletops found in furniture stores as opposed to purchasing a custom-ordered piece. This helps save on cost if you’re on a budget.

Regardless of the type of glass you choose, you can easily customize it. For example, some designs are framed out and put on a wall with a contrasting color behind them. Others prefer to put theirs on wheels so they can quickly move it around the room. Again, there are plenty of options available.

Remember, when you use a glass board, you’ll want to use a market with enough contrast. This is because there are some colors that are hard to see when writing on a glass surface. If you do decide to go with glass, have fun with it. Make it your own. It’s an exciting and creative spin on a whiteboard.

Give Paint a Try

Sure, you can mount a whiteboard to your wall and call it good, but what if you didn’t have to mess with the mounting part at all? It’s possible through the magic of dry erase paint. You heard me right. This paint comes in two options: clear and white. With dry erase paint, you can do what you’ve always been told not to do – color on the walls.

Of course, white is the more popular color option since it’s visible and practical. However, if the wall you’re going to use has beige or gray walls, you might want to consider choosing clear. By painting the wall with dry erase paint, you have the freedom to customize your writing surface precisely the way you want it.

You can shape the board a certain way, paint the company logo onto the wall, or customize it to fit your specific needs. There are no limitations when it comes to using dry erase paint. Of course, just remember to use the markers on the painted surface and not anywhere else.

Manage Your Calendar

Some groups work better when they have a visible calendar. For example, you can create a huge calendar that everyone can see with a dry erase board. This helps keep teams aware of what’s going on in the office, what’s coming up, and what tasks need to be accomplished. Additionally, anyone can quickly glance at the calendar and be aware of projects and deadlines.

You can create a whiteboard calendar using markers to make lines of contrasting colors. Or you can use painter’s tape to make the lines. Whatever works best for you. The idea is to create a low-tech calendar everyone can share. Use post-its and move them around to indicate what’s waiting to be done or when due dates are quickly approaching.

Additionally, you can add a corkboard to your whiteboard and pin-up essential items like permits, passes, maps, or other pertinent materials.

Track Those Chores

If you plan to use your whiteboard in your home, a great use is tracking chores. Children will argue endlessly about who did what chore and when they did it. An excellent way to put an end to those arguments is with a chore tracker. Now you’ll know which child is expected to do which chores. No need to fight or bicker, just look at the chore chart. That will answer all your questions.

What’s for Dinner?

One last use for your whiteboard is as a dinner chart/grocery list. Kids are always asking what’s for dinner. With a whiteboard, your kids will know exactly what you’re making without bothering you. Plus, you can add grocery items to the board as you run out, so you don’t have to remember.

Product Recommendations

So we’ve talked about different ways to use a whiteboard, but which one should you use? Here are some of the best large whiteboards on the market:

Offex Mobile Magnetic Whiteboard – Best Double-Sided Whiteboard

The Offex Mobile whiteboard is a 72×40 mobile unit that you can flip over. That means you have twice the surface area for writing or drawing. With a board you can turn over, you’ll have plenty of room for ideas, brainstorming sessions, and comprehensive lessons.  Plus, a brake at the bottom of the board lets you quickly secure the board in place. If you take into account its magnetic strip, this whiteboard has almost everything you need.

With a sleek aluminum edge, the board has a modern design and a sturdy feel. This is nice because it’s a mobile unit you can take with you as you move around the room. With four caster and two locking brakes, the Offex Mobile Whiteboard is a breeze to move.

A few things to keep in mind with the Offex Mobile Whiteboard: first, it weighs nearly 40 pounds, which makes it a little bulkier than other whiteboards. Additionally, since it’s double-sided, you’ll have to spend some time putting it together. Finally, it’s more expensive than our other recommendations, but it is durable and made of high-quality materials.

Viz-Pro Magnetic Dry Erase Board

When it comes to media display products, VIZ-PRO leads the way. This magnetic whiteboard is easy to clean, so you won’t have to worry about black stains or streaks, even if you leave the content on the board for an extended period.

It’s a great option for a variety of uses, and it has ABS corners so that you won’t scratch yourself on any sharp edges. It’s a simple but effective design that’s easy to transport. You can use it sitting, and it won’t take up a lot of space, but it does come with screws if you want to mount it on the wall. It also has a clip-pen pen tray.

AmazonBasics Magnetic Framed Dry Erase Board

AmazonBasics is known for producing simple products with clean looks. This whiteboard offers a great value option. It comes with two magnets and a dry erase marker. The size is perfect for home, office, or school.

Kamello Large Mobile Whiteboard

This is a top pick because it’s one of the most versatile and professional solutions. It might come at a high price, but it’s great for meetings and presentations. In addition, the double-sided design is easy to flip, and the eight is adjustable, so it’s even great for kids in the classroom.

The Kamello Large Mobile Whiteboard particular product comes in four sizes, so you can pick which size works best for you and your space. You can also choose from red, blue, or black. The writing space is huge no matter which size you choose, and it comes with a magnetic eraser, flip chart, flip chart hooks, and stain-resistant finish.

XBoard Double-Sided Magnetic Dry Erase Board

This reasonably priced board is well made and comes with plenty of extras. The XBoard Double-Sided Magnetic Dry Erase Board has a marker tray, an eraser, three markers, and four magnets. It’s also double-side, which gives you double the space for sketching and planning.

It’s magnetic so that you can use it as a bulletin board, too. The aluminum frame is sturdy and can be mounted on the wall either horizontally or vertically. All of the hardware you need is included.

USA Creative Space Double-Sided Whiteboard

This practical and portable double-sided whiteboard is great for teaching at home, in the office, or in the classroom. The whiteboard also comes with casters, which makes it easy to move around. Plus, all the hardware you need to put it together comes with the model.

Additionally, the USA Creative Space whiteboard wheels can lock so it won’t roll away while you’re using it. The board comes with a magnetic calendar, plenty of markers, an eraser, and a wall-mount kit if you don’t want to use the frame. Finally, it’s stain-proof and scratch-resistant, which makes it the ideal whiteboard for any environment.


Question: What is the largest size whiteboard?

Answer: Many people prefer small whiteboards, double-sided popular size is 4×6. Following closely behind are 4×8 whiteboards, but if you really need a large whiteboard for meetings, presentations, collaborations, or the classroom, you can get them as large as 4 feet by 20 feet.

Question: How long does a whiteboard last?

Answer: How long a whiteboard lasts will depend on how well it’s made. The lifespan of a whiteboard will vary widely, with plastic whiteboards only lasting about 1-5 years and durable whiteboards with better framing lasting up to 20.

Question: What should you not put on a whiteboard?

Answer: You should never clean your whiteboard with bathroom or kitchen cleaner, isopropanol alcohol, or industrial-strength cleaners. You also shouldn’t use a granular or coarse cloth like toilet paper or paper towels.

Question: What is whiteboard ghosting?

Answer: Ghosting happens when your marker penetrates the surface of the board and leaves a stain that you can’t erase. This happens because you have dirty erasers, you’re using the wrong kind of marker, you use the board frequently, or you erase marker that’s still wet.


As you can see, there are plenty of ways to put your large whiteboard to use. Whether it’s turning an old dry erase board into a glass board or painting your own whiteboard on the wall, there is a wide variety of methods you can use. But you don’t have to be limited to our suggestions. So what fun and innovative ways can you come up with for using your large whiteboard?

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