LANGRIA Swivel Office Chair Review

Does The LANGRIA Adjustable Ergonomic Swivel Office Chair Do Enough To Interest Buyers?

LANGRIA Mid-Back Mesh Adjustable Office ChairThere is an appealing shape to the LANGRIA Adjustable Ergonomic Swivel Office/Computer Chair that is a little different to some traditional office chairs, although it doesn’t stand out as being unusual either.

The specification suggests that it does everything and buyers would hope for from a standard office chair – with the tilt, swivel, caster wheel and basic ergonomics. Still, it seems accommodating and unassuming. Is this a great option for a middle of the road office chair?

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What benefits have users noted in their online testimonials for this LANGRIA Black Mesh Executive Office Chair ?

Comfort levels are always going to be subjective with a chair like this, and there are positive and negative comments to keep in mind here. There are some that struggle with the shape, especially the form of the seat. Some deal with circulation issues while others point out there there are limitations on height and weight.

One suggests that anything above 5ft8 and 170lbs might be too much, despite the specification. Still, many that are the “right” size for this ergonomic chair find that it is comfortable enough for a long day of work. The cotton padding on the seat and the mesh of the back play their part here.

LANGRIA Adjustable Executive Office Chair

There is also the added benefit here of the adjustable nature of the chair, in terms of height, tilt and the moving armrests. Some say the adaptations of the arms are great because it offers great freedom of movement and a more natural position.

Others like this factor because you can move them completely out the way and forget about them.

Are there any clear disadvantages to this LANGRIA Adjustable Ergonomic Computer Chair that new buyers need to know about?

This issue with the armrest raises an interesting point about the quality of some of the components. Some dislike the armrests because they feel a little flimsy and poorly made. The same is true for optional headrest that comes with some of the variations of this LANGRIA swivel chair.

This headrest should provide additional support, especially or taller users. However, others find it is far too wobbly and weak to be of much use. Therefore, many would advise sticking with the normal version of the chair. Even with all these flimsy parts and this slightly cheaper feel, it should be noted that this computer chair was pretty easy to put together and there are few reports of major damage.

Summary: is this LANGRIA Adjustable Office Chair still recommendable with all of these comments in mind?

There is nothing special about this chair that ensures that users are enthusiastically recommending it to others. There are no special features or strange comfort elements to make this stand out over other models. Still, there is enough to this chair to please a wide range of users because it isn’t trying to hard with weird ergonomics and features.

There is a comfortable seat, a strong backrest, some nice adjustments, a pleasing design and little else. In this end, this LANGRIA chair does the job it sets out to achieve and is a great inoffensive option that can be used in bulk around an office.

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