La-Z-Boy Miramar Executive Chair

Is The La-Z-Boy Miramar Executive Bonded Leather Office Chair As Comfortable As It Looks?

La-Z-Boy Miramar Executive Bonded Leather Office Chair Well-padded, reclining La-Z-Boy chairs, like the La-Z-Boy Miramar Executive Office Chair, are always going to be appealing to those looking for a more comfortable ergonomic chair.

This good-looking model sounds like a good choice, with all the different layers of comfort and ergonomic adjustment. Is it able to provide the comfort and look that users need?

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The pros and cons of this La-Z-Boy Miramar Executive Chair:


  • there is a great look with the different colours and materials
  • the recline and other ergonomics mean this appeals to different users
  • there is plenty of cushioning for a comfortable experience


  • not always the exact colour that people expect
  • some assembly issues with the arm rests.


This La-Z-Boy Miramar Executive model has the potential to be a stylish, comfortable option in different situations.

This La-Z-Boy chair definitely has the look that many people are after. The blend of bonded leather upholstery and wood give the ergonomic chair a more expensive feel. They also offer something more tactile than plastic and other artificial materials.

The light taupe colour looks good against the darker, mocha coloured wood with its marble finish. Some note that the colour isn’t always the same as the pictures, but most love the style.

Some have brought them into salons as well as office spaces. This is as much to do with the tilt for the recline as the look of the chair.

La-Z-Boy Miramar Executive Bonded Leather Office Chair

Then there is the comfort offered from all the padding and ergonomic elements. There are some mixed responses to the comfort of the La-Z-Boy office chair.

There are some that cant get comfortable at all, some that say it is ideal and others that say that it just takes a little getting used to.

There is definitely plenty of cushioning and padding with all the foam layers in the ComfortCore Plus system. There is also some consideration in the shaping of the padding, with the head rest and cushioning on the arm rest.

Those arm rest are comfortable, but only when users get them to fit onto this La-Z-Boy Miramar Executive Office Chair.

There are comments about the difficulty in assembling the arms of this desk chair. Unfortunately this is not a rare occurrence. Many struggle, and this either leads to a chair with misaligned arms, or no arms at all.

This definitely detracts from the function, comfort and overall enjoyment of this leather office chair. The issue often lies with the placement of the holes. This means a possible lack of care and attention from the manufacturers.

How do these pros and cons affect the final verdict on this La-Z-Boy Miramar Chair?

There is plenty to love with this chair, but only when users are able to put it all together with the right alignment. Those that can’t are left with a misshapen chair lacking some of the benefits.

Those that can have a chair that is attractive and comfortable. This ergonomic chair is at home in the study, office salon and more because of the tilt and look. Therefore, the La-Z-Boy office chair is still recommendable.

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