La-Z-Boy Hyland Executive Office Chair

Does The La-Z-Boy Hyland Executive Bonded Leather Office Chair Offer A High End Comfort Experience?

Brown La-Z-Boy Hyland Executive Bonded Leather Office ChairThe La-Z-Boy Hyland Executive Bonded Leather Office Chair is a chair where the designers clearly went out of their way to ensure that it looked like a high end chair.

There is a classic look in the use of the brown leather and marble effect wood. It is the soft of ergonomic chair that all manager and home office users would happily sink into for a days work because it appears to be inviting and comfortable. Is this the case, or are there flaws to the design and construction?

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What benefits have users appreciated when testing out this La-Z-Boy Hyland Office Chair ?

The comfort of this La-Z-Boy ergonomic chair should come from the amount of padding in place across the seat, back, head rest and even the arms. It looks like there is a thickness to these elements, thanks to the use of ComfortCore Plus Memory Foam and the layered pillows are designed to relieve pressure for long-term use. There is also additional lumbar support. There are some users that notice some compression to the five layers with time, but most are impressed with the balance of firmness and cushioning.

La-Z-Boy Hyland Executive Bonded Leather Office Chair Brown
There is also praise for the assembly process and general quality of the materials. Many say that it was easy to put together, although there are warnings to read the instructions carefully, and that it doesn’t take too long.

Most appreciate the quality of the bonded leather and the final look, but there are questions over the long-term durability of the material. Also, the La-Z-Boy office chair is built to hold up to 250lbs, so larger users should be able to get comfortable too with few fears over their security.

What problems have users noted in their testimonials for this La-Z-Boy Hyland Executive Office Chair ?

There will always be users that struggle to get along with this chair because of the way that it forces the body into the correct posture. This is a benefit in the long-term, but may seem weird and uncomfortable for a little while.

The other problem comes with the adjustment options on this seat. There is a tilt to the back rest, but it doesn’t recline quite far enough for all users. Others would like to see a great range to the height adjustment and more options on the position of the armrests.

Summary: how does this feedback affect the final verdict on this La-Z-Boy Hyland Coffee Brown Ergonomic Chair?

There are areas where La-Z-Boy can improve with this model, mostly in the adjustments and general adaptability of the chair. They have made a good start with all the comfort features in the right places and the basics of the tilt and height, but they can go further in order to accommodate more users.

Still, there are enough positive reviews on the look, construction and comfort of the La-Z-Boy chair to ensure a strong recommendation. The clever use of padding, the strong, attractive leather and that “man-tique” look all ensure that this will look great in many offices.

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