La-Z-Boy Edmonton Leather Office Chair

Is The Look Of The La Z Boy Edmonton Bonded Leather Office Chair Deceiving?

La Z Boy Edmonton Bonded Leather Office ChairThere is a definite old fashioned look to the La Z Boy Edmonton Bonded Leather Office Chair. It evokes memories of old, comfortable ergonomic chairs in the studies and reading rooms of grandfathers. The sort that people would sink into for long time comfort.

This is great for the chair’s visual appeal, but the best office chairs for modern work spaces also need a little bit more than that these days. So, does this bonded leather office chair have the support and features that users are after?

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The pros and cons of this La Z Boy Edmonton Bonded Leather Office Chair:


  • # the inviting look and colour of the materials
  • # the great use of padding and foam within for greater ergonomics
  • # the amount of support offered by the large seat.


  • # some problems with the durability of the materials.
  • # some assembly issues with poor alignments.


This La-Z-Boy Edmonton Coffee Bonded Leather Chair starts off well with a nice blend of the old and new.

The main selling point here is obviously the look of this product. The leather has a worn quality to it, with creases and sags in all the right places. It looks as though it has been in the office for a long time.

This also comes through in the colour. Instead of a typical black or any bold colour, there is that rich coffee brown. This is accentuated with the use of matching wood finish to the armrests and base.

La-Z-Boy Edmonton Leather Office Chair

Underneath all of this, there are more modern components to ensure the comfort and support that users need.

There is a large seat that can hold 400lbs, memory foam in the ComfortCore technology and plenty of ergonomic controls for better posture.

This means options in the seat height and the tilt, despite the rigid look of that broad backrest. There is also great padding and support in all the right places, including the padding on the armrests.

Unfortunately, this La-Z-Boy Edmonton Leather Office Chair doesn’t have the quality and finish that some users are after.

The biggest problem here is some lack of quality control in the parts and finishes, which lessens the lifespan of this La-Z-Boy chair. There are some that point out that the leather flakes and peels too quickly – this adds to the weathered look in some ways, but actually highlights poor quality.

There are also some issue with the durability of the height mechanism, which seems to get weaker with time, and some of the alignments of the holes for assembly.

Is this La-Z-Boy Edmonton Ergonomic Chair still recommendable with this in mind?

There is a clear drawback in the manufacture of this desk chair. This is a chair that looks like a more antique model, with old-fashioned charm, but the built and parts mean that it wont last long enough to earn that claim. A little more money spent on the materials would go a long way.

As it is, this is still a good-looking comfortable ergonomic chair. The La-Z-Boy chair provides an interesting marriage of old and new approaches to office comfort and design.

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