KOVALENTHOR Ergonomic Kneeling Chair

Is The KOVALENTHOR Ergonomic Kneeling Chair Comfortable For All?

KOVALENTHOR Ergonomic Kneeling ChairThe KOVALENTHOR Ergonomic Kneeling Chair is out to prove that we don’t all have to get an ergonomic chair if we are struggling with our posture while working at our desks.

Some office chairs can feel a little too restrictive and uncomfortable at times. That is why it a great idea to offer something with the relaxed look and freedom of a stool.

The aim here is to offer a better position for the spine, hips and knees in perfect comfort. But, does it deliver?

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The Pros and Cons of this KOVALENTHOR Kneeling Chair.


  •  The angles of the seat and knee-rest
  •  The padding for long-term use
  •  The lightweight frame


  •  The frame isn’t strong enough for larger users
  •  The height adjustments could go a little further for some users


The frame and angles of this KOVALENTHOR Ergonomic Kneeling Chair can offer a different position and help with posture problems.

The secret to the success of this ergonomic stool lies in the angles created and the ergonomics for user health. There is just the right distance and angle from the kneeling pad to the seat so that users can rest their legs and create the right posture in their back.

The seat is also height adjustable between 20 and 28 inches so users can get the right position when working at their desk. The comfort is enhanced by the padding and the material covering both elements of the stool.

KOVALENTHOR Ergonomic Kneeling Chair for Home and Office

The practical nature of this stool continues with the strength of the construction and the portability. The frame is made to last and should be able to hold up to repeated use for quite a while.

Yet, it is only 12 lbs in weight so the user can pick it up easily to carry it around. There are also caster wheels on the bottom so you can move the stool from one desk to another in an office space.

Those wheels also look into place for added security while working. It seems like this product can provide the right sort of support needed for long-term use at a desk during the day.


The style of this KOVALENTHOR Office Kneeler isn’t going to suit everyone.

Most users are impressed with the design and the comfort. However, some dislike the stool because they are on the larger side and need something a little wider and more secure.

There have been reports of the stool creaking and bending a little under too much force. There are also sure to be users that struggle with the height if they are a little taller.


Is this KOVALENTHOR Ergonomic Stool still recommendable with all this in mind?

There are potential issues here depending on your own size and height. Those that are a little lighter and the right height can find that the angles and padding help to correct posture issues and offer comfort while working.

It is a great idea for at-home workers too that feel they are slouching too much or want an alternative to the typical office chair. Therefore, the KOVALENTHOR kneeling chair is still recommendable to the right user.

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