Kore Wobble Chair Review

Does The Wobbly Kore Wobble Chair Actually Appeal To Office Workers?

Kore Wobble ChairA wobbly stool doesn’t sound like the sort of thing that many consumers would actually want, but this Kore Wobble Chair has plenty of fans.

The idea here is that this stool has greater freedom of movement to encourage greater balance and posture. This should, in turn, lead to some great health benefits. Does it actually work as intended, or is it just an irritatingly wobbly stool?

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The Pros and Cons of this Ergonomic Kore Wobble Chair:


  • enough freedom of movement to aid activity levels
  • a good rounded seat to encourage better posture
  • height adjustments to suit different users
  • a nice design that doesn’t look like a piece of exercise equipment


  • some padding issues with older models
  • no swivel on the seat


This Kore Office/Standing Desk Chair has a great look and some surprising details in its design. 

The main purpose of this ergonomic wobble chair is help users with their fitness in the workplace. The rounded shape of the stool and the movement of the seat encourage users to improve their balance, and in turn their posture. Regular use should then lead to greater health benefits and improved core strength.

Some people find themselves absentmindedly moving with the wobble stool. This helps them to work on their circulation and generally stay a little more active. Some people will benefit just by maintaining a strong stationary position in the office while working.

Others can use this as a tool for other exercises. There is just enough of a lean to use this as a perching stool and enough fluidity to work with it in different motions. The non-slip grip on the bottom keeps it in place.

This is also a pretty good looking stool regardless of the function. There is the rounded seat, with a choice of either black faux leather or fabric on the sea. This contrasts with the white stand and ends with a simple, sturdy round base.

What isn’t immediately clear from the photos is that there is an adjustable height. Some models go from 21 to 32’’, so there are plenty of increments to help users find the ideal fit. It is also worth noting that it comes in different heights, so users can choose the most comfortable option. Many users are impressed by what this simple stool actually offer in terms of comfort and fitness. Others, however, can see some disadvantages.

This Kore Office Chair has great potential as workout tool, but some users can see the disadvantages when using it as an office chair.

The functionality of this chair is mostly focused on that idea of movement and exercise. The perching position and the posture achieved are ideal for working environments. Yet, the design and tilt on the chair does have its disadvantages. There are some users that point out the lack of any swivel on the seat.

The freedom of movement lies entirely with that forward motion. This is also a stationary stool for increased security. Therefore, this model doesn’t have the features and abilities that many come to expect with an office chair.

There are also some users that give out warning about the different versions of this seat that are available. They say to avoid the old models of this standing desk chairs, as they have far less padding in them.

This means that the older ones are less comfortable for long term use in the office. This shows that perhaps Kore are taking the time to make this seat more office friendly. Maybe further adaptations will appear in future designs.

What does this all mean for the final verdict on this Kore Wobble Office Chair?

The appeal of this wobble stool largely comes down to the desired purpose and effect. There are many people that will love this ergonomic chair because of the shape and the movement in the stool.

There is no doubt that there is the potential for improved posture, activity levels and other health benefits. Some would argue that it works better as an exercise aid than an office chair because of its shortcomings. Even so, there are sure to be many people that will benefit from this chair and its design. The Kore wobble stool may be simple in style, but it could transform the way that some people work.

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