Komene Ergonomic Office Chair Review

Is The Komene Ergonomic Office Chair The Ultimate Budget Chair?

The Komene Ergonomic Office Chair is a good looking chair that clearly wants to provide comfort and support from as many angles as possible. There are lots of elements and moving parts in this segmented chair, yet it doesn’t look over the top.

The design, function and low cost mean that there are buyers looking at this as an option for a teenagers bedroom. But, could this chair also work in other office situations?

The Pros and Cons of this Komene Ergonomic Chair:


  • A great design that works brilliantly in different settings
  • Lots of adjustable elements across the chair that add to the freedom of movement
  • Enough padding and support to provide comfort for back conditions


  • The potential for some small issues with the assembly instructions
  • People fighting over the chair because they like it so much

This Komene Ergonomic Office Chair seems to tick all the right boxes for the design, comfort and freedom of movement. 

Komene Ergonomic Office Chair Mesh Computer Desk Chair Adjustable High Back Chair with 3D Armrests Lumbar Support - Swivel Drafting Chair (Black)

This is a stylish computer chair for the low-end price point. The curves used for the ergonomic shape give the chair a nice look. The use of mesh means that it isn’t too big and heavy, and therefore doesn’t dominate the space too much.

There are five main components to this Komene office chair, all of which have their benefits for comfort and support. Many also offer great freedom of movement to suit users of different sizes.

This means that shorter women can get just as comfortable as 6ft men. Those five parts are the seat, backrest, arm rests, head rest and base.

The mesh back is perhaps the most important part of the chair because of the shape and features within. This back is taut and breathable, but still has great support in all the right place.

There are users with back conditions that have no problem using this ergonomic computer chair for long periods. That back also has plenty of tilt where users can lock it into place. However, many users are actually more impressed with the arms.

These arms have lots of cushioning and are on a 70 degree rotatable curved handrail. This freedom of movement is great when working on different projects in the office.

We can’t overlook the comfort of the seat and headrest either. The seat has just enough padding and the adjustable head rest offers further support where needed. Some taller users have been able to adjust this enough for their needs. The strong, quiet 5-point base finishes the chair off nicely with the 360 degree rotation.

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Criticism is thin on the ground with this Komene Adjustable Office Chair.

This is normally the part where we delve into the different flaws in the design, the build quality or the comfort of this Komene chair. Yet, there is – at the time of writing at least – a great rating on this model. People love it because it ticks all of those boxes above and there are no obvious flaws.

Komene Ergonomic Office Chair Mesh Computer Desk Chair Adjustable High Back Chair with 3D Armrests Lumbar Support - Swivel Drafting Chair (Black)

In fact, the biggest problem seems to be that some buyers have had to purchase a second chair for the home to stop people fighting over the first one. This does put an extra dent in the wallets of families, but this ergonomic chair offers such value for money at its price point that buyers don’t really mind.

Digging deeper into the reviews, there are the odd comments about some very small details in the instructions or assembly process. One was confused by a picture, while others may feel that the 30 minute process is a little long-winded. Yet, no-one seems to offer any outright complaints about this assembly process at all.

Does this lack of complaints mean that this Komene Ergonomic Mesh Computer Chair is highly recommendable to buyers?

Komene Ergonomic Office Chair Mesh Computer Desk Chair Adjustable High Back Chair with 3D Armrests Lumbar Support - Swivel Drafting Chair (Black)

The comprehensive nature of the comments for this swivel desk chair means that it very difficult to say anything against it. There is a lot going in within this chair for what is essentially a budget price.

The range of movement and different comfort features offer enough benefits to suit different users. At the same time, there is a nice simplicity to the design and assembly process to provide mass appeal. This task chair is comfortable in all the right places, with room for fairly precise adjustments.

It is supportive for back conditions, without getting too over the top with the shape or padding. It is also attractive enough for teenage bedrooms and home offices. Therefore, this Komene ergonomic chair is indeed highly recommendable to a large number of people.

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