KILLABEE Big and Tall Gaming Chair

Can The KILLABEE Big and Tall Gaming Chair Appeal To This Demographic?

Black Killabee Big And Tall Gaming ChairThe KILLABEE Big and Tall Memory Foam Gaming Chair provides many typical racing gamer’s chair features in a big and tall model.

This ergonomic chair is sold as being extra large for extra comfort. There is a wide seat of 21.7 by 20.5 inches and the backrest is 33.5 inches.

This larger seat sits on a metal frame and heavy-duty base with a high weight capacity of 400lbs.

In addition to this, there are plenty of adjustable parts for ease of use. But, is there enough to keep users happy?

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The Pros and Cons of this KILLABEE Big and Tall Gaming Chair


  •  The option of cooling fans
  •  The width and strength of the seat
  •  The different modes in the tilt on the backrest
  •  The cushioning
  •  The adjustable armrests


  •  Some wobbles in the moving parts
  •  Some issues with the adjustments for those below 5ft10
  •  Compromised comfort in the seat with the cooling fans


There are some interesting features in this KILLABEE Big and Tall Gaming Chair to appeal to the larger gamer. 

Features Killabee Big And Tall Gaming Chair
The focus may be on the big and tall element of the chair, but there are also plenty of features that make this a true racing chair.

There is the same approach to the shape in regard to the curved seat, the larger padded heat rest, the lumbar support and the general ergonomics.

Users can tilt the KILLABEE chair back in different “modes” between 90 and 155 degrees and lock it into place. There is also the use of the adjustable 3D armrests.

The designers have put a lot of thought into the mechanics and comfort features of this model to provide a high-end ergonomic gaming chair with the racing chair spec for the larger user.

There are some elements that are more successful than others. The chair is pretty functional in those different modes – working, reading, watching a movie, taking a nap – and many can get comfortable enough.

At this point, it is important to note that there are two different versions of this big and tall chair. There is a more “normal” model with all the necessary adjustable parts and comfort features. Then there is a second model with the addition of 4 cooling fans.

Many consumers online tend to buy the standard version – and it isn’t clear whether this has anything to do with price or the use of the fans.

It does seem like an odd addition. Some people will benefit from this motorised element as the fans could help users planning long gaming sessions.

However, there are questions about the safety of this sort of concealed feature. Four cooling fans may also reduce the amount of padding, which leads to one of the main concerns with this product.


There are some downsides in the design of this KILLABEE Air Cooling Big and Tall Gaming Chair as a high-end big and tall model.

There are some users that feel as though the seat is far too hard and firm for long-term use. This actually isn’t a rare complaint with these bucket-seat racing chairs. But, the problem could be worse with those fans.

Ideally, users want to be able to recline and relax in any position possible. Sadly, there are some that struggle to do so with some of the chair height adjustments and tilts. This is a big and tall chair, but even those at 5ft 10 say that the chair is too tall for the perfect posture.

Killabee Big and Tall Gaming Chair Measurements
Then there are those that criticise the build. There are some complaints about wobbles and creaks in the tilt and other parts over time.

In a standard-sized chair, these noises and movement may be more easily overlooked.

Finally, be aware that while some sales listings advertise a range of colours – as you would expect with a racing chair – not all models have the same features.

Some colours are standard chairs or have a footrest rather than the fans.


What does this all mean for a final recommendation on this KILLABEE Big and Tall Memory Foam Gaming Chair?

There are some clear issues here for certain users. If you are certain about getting those fans, you may have to sacrifice some of the comfort in the seat and the bolder designs. If you are a larger user, but not necessarily taller, you may struggle with some of the adjustment and the posture.

It pays to check the fine print on the model you choose. Other than that, there are lots of great features in the design, cushioning and adjustable elements.

Many users can get comfortable for work, rest and play and feel secure at the same time. That is why this KILLABEE gaming chair is still recommendable to the right user.

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