Stunning Industrial Desk Lamp Ideas and Inspiration

Working at home is all about creating a place where you can work in an atmosphere you like. You can make any design decision you want and make your desk or home office a place where you can enjoy your work to the fullest, or at least make it a bit less painful. Getting the industrial desk is a great way to stay productive if you are working at night or when the days got shorter due to the winter. 

However, there are hundreds of models of industrial desk lamps that you can choose from. To avoid that you are spending hours filtering through hundreds of mediocre lamps or get faced with analysis paralysis, I have handpicked the best of the best when it comes to industrial lamps. 

This way, I can recommend and compare some lamps and make sure that no matter which one you get, you get a great one that is worth your money. Of course, I do not pick these at random I think about the budget you might have for the lamp and the quality of materials. 

This Industrial Desk Lamp ideas article will start off with a deep delve into my criteria for picking a great lamp. I look at the quality, the aesthetics, the price, and any extra features the lamp might have. After this, I am going to discuss the best lamps I could find working with those criteria. 

My criteria when picking an Industrial Desk Lamp 

If you are going to look at hundreds of industrial desk lamps for hours and try to find the best, you are going to need some kind of system to rank them. While definitely not 100% perfect, I have four criteria that I use to make sure I am finding the best lamp for you. These all count for about the same amount of marks. 

Just keep in mind, these are the best amongst the best. So, if I say that e.g. the materials are not good, that is really nitpicking it. It will probably still be in the top 10% of lamps material-wise, even if I fail the lamp on that point. 

Quality of the materials of the Industrial Desk Lamp 

If you buy something, you want it to last. I want to see a lamp that is made out of quality materials, that doesn’t fall apart after taking it out of the box. This is a vital point for me because it says a lot about the durability of the lamp. If the lamp is a bit more expensive but lasts many years longer due to the materials than a cheaper one, I am going to recommend the former. 

Aesthetics of the Industrial Desk Lamp 

Working at home means you get to choose what your office looks like. I want to see a good-looking lamp that doesn’t grab the attention or distracts you but does give a nice addition to the desk. Design matters to me. However, I know that this is very subjective so I will explain why I hate or love it from a personal point of view. If you disagree with me that is fine.

The price of the Industrial Desk Lamp 

You need to get your money’s worth when buying office supplies. I want to see a lamp that is made out of good materials without costing you an arm and a leg.

I do understand that people are on different budgets and that to some 50 dollars is a lot and for others, it is not. That is why I am not looking at the “value” a brand name adds to the lamp, I am looking at the item itself you get, no fluff. 

Reviews and complaints others have about the product

Just because I had a great or a horrible experience, that doesn’t mean someone else is going to have one too. So I am going to ask around and read reviews of other customers too, to get an objective view.

This is going to help me not only find out what people like about the lamp but if I can see a trend. If a couple of reviews mention how the lamp flickers, I am going to assume that this is a persistent issue.

I will be more hesitant to recommend the lamp, even If mine is working like a charm. 

Extra features of the Industrial Desk Lamp 

When you pick just a few lamps out of hundreds, they are going to be pretty close in quality. That is why I also look at what extra features you get. If two lamps are identical and one has a rotation of 360 degrees and the other has 180 degrees rotation, the 360-degree rotation one is going to take the cake.

Zitrades Industrial Desk Lamp


  • Reviews of other people – People absolutely love this lamp. There is nothing negative that stands out, which makes me really confident in recommending this lamp. You are going to get exactly what you think you are going to get when you open the door and unbox your package. People especially praise the light it gives off and the quality of the materials. 
  • Price – While on the more expensive side for desk lamps in general, this still is a very fair price point for what you are going to get. This lamp is not going to break the bank, and if you look at how much enjoyment – and the time it will last you – the price is excellent. So, I think that despite the lamp is a bit more expensive, is on the cheap side for the actual quality you are getting. 
  • Quality of materials – The Zitrades desk lamp is made out of very good materials. The solid steel feels heavy, and I have the feeling that I can drop it without doing some real damage to the structure of the lamp. The cables are secured very well. This lamp is clearly made to last a long time. 
  • Extra features – The lamp has all the features you want from a good industrial desk lamp. You have 3 illumination modes that you can use to adjust the brightness. What I like most is that it illuminates a 2700k, light. For those that aren’t that much into lights, this basically means the light is very soft on the eyes.


  • Aesthetics – This is very subjective, but I am not really a fan of the look. It just tries a bit too hard in my opinion. I am sure a couple of people are just going to love this design, I am not one of those people. There is just too much going. Despite being made out of high quality, the more extras you add, the higher the odds are something is going to break. That is why the aesthetics of this lamp are a big con for me, personally, 

HAITRAL Industrial Desk Lamp


  • Price – This is by far the cheapest lamp you are going to find that is still of excellent quality. For this price, you are going to get a very good deal, and you will definitely get the worth of your money. It is also a great inexpensive gift if you want to give someone a cool industrial desk lamp.
  • Aesthetics – This industrial desk lamp is very minimalistic. I am a big fan of the look, and I think a lot of people are also going to want a lamp that doesn’t distract you. The good thing about simple 


  • Reviews of other people – A lot of people have mention two things that they do not like about this lamp. The first one is going to be brightness. The lamp is not dimmable. So that means no matter the light outside or in your room, you can only use a single setting of brightness. The second big con this lamp has is sturdiness. The lamp is flimsy by any means, however, I wouldn’t feel comfortable dropping this one. It is not going to survive a fall from let’s say 3 feet or so. 
  • Extra features – If you want just a desk lamp, this is exactly what you are getting. There are no bells and whistles. You can’t dim the lamp, so you are stuck with one setting forever. If you want a cool lamp that you can adjust and can be rotated and all that good stuff, this is not the lamp for you. 
  • Quality of materials – Out of all the lamps on this list, this is the one I think is made out of the “worst” materials. While it is definitely not bad, the lamp feels a lot lighter and less solid than the others. The black wooden base feels sturdy, but I would have had a lot more confidence in the durability if the was made out of solid metal. 
  • Just a small extra note: Yes, this lamp has 3 cons but that does not mean it is a bad lamp! Remember, I have looked at hundreds of lamps, so those cons are very minor if you compare them to what you can get on the market on average. 

Savage Metal Rustic Industrial Edison Steampunk Lamp


  • Quality of materials – The lamp feels really heavy, which is a great sign when looking for quality products. This Edison Steampunk Lamp is made out of solid steel, weighs about 9 pounds, and can definitely handle some rough handling. If you take care of this lamp, it is going to last you a very long time. I think your floor will be more damaged than the lamp if you drop it on accident. 
  • Aesthetics – I love how this lamp looks. It has this vintage industrial look that could be the dictionary picture next to the word industrial. I love the way how the lamp is welded on recycled transmission gears and has this water pipe look. It absolutely fits in my home office. However, I do understand people who do not like this look. It looks very mechanical and not smooth and slick. 
  • Reviews of other people – Nobody hates on this lamp. I simply can’t find negative reviews! You are going to get exactly what you are looking for in a lamp. When you decide to buy this lamp it is pretty much guaranteed that you are going to get exactly what you are looking for. 


  • Price – The price is on the high side for a lamp. While the materials are very high quality, and there is definitely a lot of craftsmanship involved, the price can be a bit off-putting if you are just looking for a desk lamp. However, I do think that this lamp is more than worth it. It is definitely going to last you years. If you drop the lamp, it is very likely to survive, which is a major plus if you are a clumsy person like me. 
  • Extra features – Despite the price, the lamp comes with no extra features. The lamp is not dimmable. So if you think the lamp is too bright, bad luck. This is something that I think is quite annoying and a shame at this price point. 

Industrial Pipe Table Lamp by Pipe DÉCOR


  • Price – This is a great lamp if you want quality materials and a durable design for a great price. The price of this lamp is probably within anyone’s budget looking for a good desk lamp for your home office. At this price point, it is a very good deal from a getting your money’s worth point of view. 
  • Quality of materials – The lamp is made out of an authentic industrial pipe. So it is going to last you a very long time. You do need to take care of the lamp, as it can rust over time. If you are someone who doesn’t want to bother with cleaning your lamp once a month or so, you might be better off getting yourself a lamp that is low maintenance. 
  • Aesthetics – This lamp looks great in my opinion. It has a very minimalistic feel to it and it doesn’t distract or grab your attention. Due to the minimalist design, it is going to fit in most home offices and will add to the interior. Personally, I think such a simple design works very soothing. Which is a major plus in my book. 
  • Extra features – Despite the low price, this lamp comes with a high to low dimmer! You will have to do a little DIY to make it work, but everything you need is included for that. What I do not like is that the lamp can not be rotated and is in kind of an awkward position. 


  • Reviews of other people – This is where this lamp loses a lot of marks and the reason why it doesn’t walk away with the best overall award. A lot of people have major problems with assembling the lamp. So if you are not a fan of DIY, you are not going to like this lamp. However, that is not the major issue people have with the lamp. The brightness is really just too much, and I tend to agree. During the day and evening, it is okay, but at night it is just too bright, even when fully dimmed.  

How they compare

Best industrial desk lamp overall – Savage Metal Rustic Industrial Edison Steampunk Lamp

From all the lamps I have seen, this is by far the best one. The stunning thing about this lamp was, despite thousands of orders and hundreds of reviews, there wasn’t a single real negative review.

There are just two things I do not like about this lamp. The first issue I have is that you can not dim the lamp, and second it is in the upper price tier when it comes to desk lamps in general. Don’t get me wrong, you will definitely get your money’s worth and this lamp is going to last you years, but if you just need a regular lamp and you are on a budget, this is going to cost you quite a bit of money. 

Best industrial desk lamp on a budget – Industrial Pipe Table Lamp by Pipe DÉCOR

If you are on a budget and you still want a lamp that is going to last you for years, then the Pipe Decor lamp is going to be a great pick. You do need to be a bit of a DIY’er to make this lamp. The other thing that I do not like about this lamp is that it takes a bit of effort to maintain it and keep it rust-free. If you do so, you will enjoy this lamp for many years. 

Frequently asked questions

Question: Do industrial desk lamps produce more heat?

Answer: This really depends on the kind of lamp you are going to get. If the lamp is not dimmable, it will get pretty warm after a while and you can’t really cool the lamp without turning it off. So, if you think that is going to be an issue, you should pick a dimmable desk lamp. 

Question: Are industrial desk lamps durable?

Answer: Absolutely, on average these desk lamps are going to be way more survivable than your other (desk) lamps. Some lamps on this list are made out of solid steel and weigh over 5 pounds. An industrial desk lamp can survive a fall much better and will last much longer due to the simple design, compared to more high-tech modern lamps. 

Question: Can you rotate an industrial lamp 180 degrees? 

Answer: This will depend on the kind of lamp you are going to buy. However, most industrial lamps on the list are not rotatable. If you want a lamp that you can rotate and other interesting features, you might be better off getting a more modern lamp with a more functional design. There are industrial lamps you can rotate, but these look quite different from your standard vintage industrial desk lamp. 

Summary and final thoughts

There is an awesome industrial desk lamp for just about any budget. No matter the lamp you get from these 4, you will get what you paid for. The lamps here are all going to last for years since they are made out of steel, and most of them will survive falling from petty high up.

The big con about most of these lamps is the lack of being dimmable and other features. This is understandable, as adding a control panel and extra electronics is going to harm the overall look of the lamp. Of course, that is purely a subjective criterion. You might love the lamps I think look ugly and the other way around. 

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