How to Find The Best Replacement Walker Wheels

If your walker wheels have worn out, are no longer smooth, or you want to convert a standard walker to one with wheels, then our guide will help you to find the best replacement walker wheels that are available to buy today.

Replacement walker wheels can help to make life run more smoothly. In theory, you will be able to move more easily over irregular terrain, you’ll make less noise on the go, and you should be able to walk more quickly.

However, this only applies if you buy the best replacement walker wheels for you and your walker model. And, here’s where this guide should help.

I have researched many different replacement walker wheels to condense them into my chosen four best to recommend to you. If you’re in a hurry to get going, you can see my top recommendations just below.

At a Glance: 4 Best Replacement Walker Wheels

Why You May Need Replacement Walker Wheels

Why You May Need Replacement Walker Wheels

If you have a walker with wheels currently but are finding them to be loud, shaky, hard to push, or generally a nuisance, then you may well be due for replacement walker wheels.

Much like many products, wheels for walkers will wear out over time. You may notice them become sloppy or shaky, or they could become very loud, especially over certain floor types like wood. These signs of wear and tear can affect the sturdiness and safety of your walker, as well as your mobility confidence level.

One of the most common issues I have found with worn walker wheels is how easily they mark the floor. This can be such a problem for those with limited mobility, who are unable to clean their floors as well as – or as often as – they’d like to. This is especially true for those who are using knee walkers and have limited use of just one leg!

Before you commit to the idea of buying a new platform walker, consider the economic sense of just replacing the faulty parts. Replacement walker wheels are low-cost and often FSA eligible.

Therefore, they make great financial sense over replacing the entire walker – however, if you do decide it is time for a new walker, check out our guide on how to find the best platform walker.

Changing a Walker to a Rolling Walker with Walker Wheels

Suppose you’re advancing in your recovery and starting to become more mobile, or it may be that your physical therapist has suggested a move from a standard walker to a rolling walker. In these cases, a medical walker can be changed into a rolling walker with the installation of walker wheels.

A rolling walker offers more freedom and maneuverability. Still, they’re not suitable for everyone, and you should certainly not look into using a rolling walker without the go-ahead from your physician.

Things to Look for When Purchasing Replacement Walker Wheels

Things to Look for When Purchasing Replacement Walker Wheels

When looking to buy replacement walker wheels, there are a few things to look for to ensure you make the right choice.


You want to ensure that replacement walker wheels will handle the same or more weight than your existing wheels and that they size closely in diameter to the wheels you currently have. Looking at 10-in diameter wheels for a walker that originally came with 4-in wheels is not going to work out.

Ease of Installation

Most replacement walker wheels these days are super-easy to install and require no tools. However, there are still those around that are more challenging to attach to a walker.

Although this shouldn’t necessarily be a reason to avoid a product, it is something worth being aware of, especially if you have trouble with fine motor skills and need someone else’s help.


The most important aspect of walker wheels is that they can be relied upon to provide support and stability. For this, we need to look at the materials used and consider how durable they are. Rubber is often the top choice for walker wheels, and once which has excellent longevity.

Rubber is hardy, difficult to damage, and won’t be popped or bust if you’re to roll over something sharp on the sidewalk. However, rubber can mark some floor surfaces, especially if it is lower in quality or fairly thin.

Plastic is a solid choice, as this is a pretty diverse material that stands up to most potential hazards and is usually straightforward to roll. Plastic wheels are multi-terrain compatible and tend to be lower in price than rubber. Some people find plastic wheels have an irritating tapping sound and can feel flimsy compared to heavier rubber.


Replacement walker wheels are not an expensive item. However, nobody wants to feel ripped off, so it is still important to consider the price of these items and how justifiable it is.

Generally, replacement walker wheels will be between $20 to $60, with the odd exception on either side. If the wheels you’re looking at are close to either extreme, question why and ensure that you feel comfortable with your findings.


No brand is going to tell you the drawbacks of their product, but verified consumers will! When buying anything online, always look at how other people have experienced it. This will give you a greater understanding of what you could expect with a set of replacement walker wheels.

4 Best Replacement Walker Wheels

Best Replacement Walker Wheels
UrgeMedical Universal Replacement Walker Wheels – Our #1 Top Pick


  • Height Adjustable
  • 350 lb Weight Capacity
  • Easy Installation
DriveMedical Universal Replacement Walker Wheels – Our #1 Budget Pick


  • 8 Height Adjustments
  • Includes 2 Sets of Rear Glides
  • Free Delivery
Find Here
Vive Universal Replacement Walker Wheels


  • 60-day Unconditional Guarantee
  • Fits any Standard Walker
  • Rubber, Easy Glide Wheels
Find Here
TopGlides Universal Replacement Walker Wheels 


  • Easy Installation
  • 3 Color Options
  • Fits any Standard Walker
Find Here

UrgeMedical Universal Replacement Walker Wheels – Our #1 Top Pick

UrgeMedical Universal Replacement Walker Wheels

I always feel a little guilty giving one product the #1 spot over the others. Still, with the UrgeMedical Universal Replacement Walker Wheels, it is so justifiable, and I genuinely feel this product deserves some recognition.

Firstly, it’s great value for money at just under $20, which may lead you to think maybe something is lacking here – absolutely not the case.

These walker wheels have seven height adjustments and can support up to 350 lb in weight, they come with a pair of universal ski glides, and they can all be attached to an existing walker in just a few minutes; no tools are needed.

The wheels are 5-in in diameter and made of high-quality rubber for great endurance. I found them easy to glide over a multitude of different surfaces and read that one consumer found no difficulty using them on the beach!

The wheels are non-swivel, providing more stability, and are non-marking on interior floors of hardwood or tile.

Reading through many consumer reviews, I was astounded at the level of positivity surrounding this product. Terms such as ‘exceptional quality service‘ and ‘changed my quality of life‘ were not uncommon.

The UrgeMedical Universal Replacement Walker Wheels are an online bestseller with hundreds of good-to-excellent reviews. The delivery service is excellent, with free options and next-day delivery available.

These wheels are also eligible for free returns.

Note: These replacement walker wheels have only been on the market for 12-months, making them a relative newcomer, and not a great deal of time to receive a balanced amount of criticism comparable to older products. 


  • Great Value for Money
  • Free and Next Day Delivery Options
  • Excellent Feedback
  • No-Tool Installation
  • Height Adjustable
  • High-Quality Rubber
  • Suitable for Multi-Terrain
  • Non-Marking for Internal Floors


  • Relatively New Product

DriveMedical Universal Replacement Walker Wheels – Our #1 Budget Pick

DriveMedical Universal Replacement Walker Wheels

At under $15, the DriveMedical Universal Replacement Walker Wheels are the essence of budget picks. We regularly recommend this brand in our articles and believe it to be one of the better ones out there for mobility aids. But, how do their universal replacement wheels fare?

Well, it’s a kind of mixed bag – with more positive feedback than poor, yet there is some criticism there. I have found this is primarily due to the replacement wheels not fitting the brand of the walker.

Ensuring the wheels are compatible with your walker really couldn’t be more straightforward due to the live chat function on the brands’ website, which you can access here.

The brand is quick to respond to any queries via live chat, email, or phone.

It is the case that the DriveMedical Universal Replacement Walker Wheels fit most walkers, certainly those by the brand and that they should fit front-wheeled walkers with standard 1-in tubes.

Delivery of these wheels takes a few days, but it is free if buying from Amazon. It is simple to install the wheels, with no tools, and takes around a few minutes.

I found the balance of the rubber wheels to be perfect for interior floors – not too soft that they glide too fast, nor too hard that they mark. The wheels glide easily over challenging outdoor terrain, including gravel and grass.

There are eight height adjustment settings, making them perfect for walkers used by multiple people of different heights. They’re 5-in diameter and support up to 350 lbs.


  • Excellent Value for Money
  • Free Delivery
  • Multiple Height Adjustments
  • Durable Rubber Wheels
  • 350 lb Weight Support
  • Easy to Install
  • Non-Marking


  • May Not Fit Every Walker; Check Before Purchasing.

Vive Universal Replacement Walker Wheels

Vive Universal Replacement Walker Wheels

The Vive Universal Replacement Walker Wheels is a great product for a wide number of people, but especially for those who lack the strength to lift and carry a walker.

This is due to the nifty little fabric slippers for the glide caps – included – which fit over the back stands of a walker to enable smooth gliding on all interior floors – no more lifting needed!

The brand claims them to fit any walker and repeats this claim almost consistently throughout their online adverts. However, I have found this not to be the case after reading a number of reviews, so I would advise contacting the brand or asking the question online to ensure your specific model of walker is compatible.

Another drawback is that currently, there is a 5-week wait for delivery if buying from Amazon. However, this delivery is free, and the wheels are under $20, so it is a budget-friendly purchase that could very well be worth the wait.

I found the actual wheels to be superb. They have a 5-in diameter and are made from highly durable rubber – testing on sidewalks, gravel, uneven stones left no marks or scratches. The wheels are excellent for indoor use and leave no marks on wooden or tiled floors.

The assembly is completely hassle-free, and no tools are required; simply slot and place until you find a customizable height that is the most suitable.

There is a 60-day unconditional guarantee on these replacement wheels, making the purchase risk-free.


  • Highly Durable Rubber
  • Customizable Height Adjustments
  • Fabric Covers for Easy Gliding
  • Hassle-Free Assembly
  • Fantastic Value for Money
  • Non-Marking
  • Scratch-Resistant


  • 5-Week Delivery Wait
  • May not Fit All Walkers.

TopGlides Universal Replacement Walker Wheels

TopGlides Universal Replacement Walker Wheels

The TopGlides Universal Replacement Walker Wheels are a hassle-free upgrade for most standard walkers. They’re great value for money, and delivery is free – although this does take a few days. There was limited stock available at the time of writing, so I urge you to act fast if these are the replacement wheels for you!

The wheels are made from rubber and are 5-in in diameter. I found them easy to glide over indoor and outdoor surfaces and found no issues on any floor type. The curved ski glides are made from strong plastic and enable smoother walking without the need to drag or lift your walker.

There are eight height adjustments, which means these replacement wheels should be suitable for users of all heights and perfect for homes where more than one person uses a single walker. It is super easy to attach the wheels, and no tools are needed.

I like the option of choosing different colors, although a small aspect this does make these replacement walker wheels unique over the others I am recommending. The color options are blue, gray, and purple – with purple being especially bright for those who wish to stand out and really rock it with their walker!

Most people have had hugely positive buying experiences and find the wheels a good addition to their walker. A few consumers mention incompatibility with their models, but this can be avoided by checking with the brand before purchasing.

Overall I feel these wheels are a great buy and could enrich the lives of those needed new wheels at an affordable price.


  • Budget-Friendly
  • Different Color Options
  • Ski Glides Included
  • Excellent Consumer Feedback
  • Easy to Install


  • Limited Stock at Time of Writing
  • No Next Day Delivery Option
  • Not Compatible with All Walkers

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Is Universal Really Universal?

Answer: Many brands claim their products to be universal, when in fact, this isn’t the case. Universal should be across the board, but often consumers will find that their walker isn’t compatible with their chosen replacement walker wheels. Some brand websites will list compatible walkers, but others don’t.
I would advise you to contact the brand or manufacturer directly and pose the question, stating the brand of your walker and its model number. Alternatively, you could ask other consumers on platforms such as Amazon and await a response.

Question: How Do I Fit The Wheels?

Answer: It is super-easy to fit replacement walker wheels; here are some straightforward steps I found to be helpful:
-Lay the walker down, so the front of it faces upwards. On the two front legs, you’ll note buttons or knobs used to adjust your walker’s height. Push these in to remove your old wheels.
-Now, with your replacement walker wheels, simply slip them into the front leg of your walker until it reaches a desirable height. Once this has happened, ensure the button snaps into place before repeating the action with the second wheel.
-Replace the old caps on the back two legs with the new ski glides. Usually, these will come with the replacement wheels, but an additional purchase will be required with some products.
-Stand your walker up and check that everything feels sturdy and secure while you’re in a seated position and not resting your body weight on the walker, just in case. Once you’re happy with the safety of the walker and its replacement walker wheels, you’re good to go!

Question: Am I Best Buying the Same Brand Wheels for my Walker?

Answer: While a specific brand will have compatible wheels for their walkers, they may still retail a universal set that doesn’t actually match your walker. Unless you can perfectly match the model numbers, this isn’t a sure-fire way of ensuring compatibility.

Best Replacement Walker Wheels – My Verdict

Overall, what makes a product the best is down to different things for different people; I found something impressive with each set of replacement walker wheels I reviewed. Each product has its own list of advantages and drawbacks, with some receiving more cons than others.

The only con I could find for our #1 top pick, the UrgeMedical Universal Replacement Walker Wheels, was its age! Due to it being a relatively new product, I don’t feel it has been around long enough to have its share of online criticism. It may be that there still won’t be negative feedback in a year, but we’re yet to find this out.

I liked the feel of the wheels and how well they rolled over different surface types. I feel they will be durable and have excellent longevity.

The budget pick, DriveMedical Universal Replacement Walker Wheels, is a steal at under $15 and has a free delivery option.

We regularly feature products from this brand and find their products to be reliable, durable, and long-lasting. Some consumers did find that these replacement wheels didn’t find their walker, so check with the brand first.

The Vive Universal Replacement Walker Wheels come with glide caps and fabric covers, which are perfect for indoor use and for those who are unable to drag and lift a walker.

As mentioned above, some consumers did find them incompatible with their walkers. But, the general consensus is that they’re an all-around good product for those who found them to fit.

Currently, there is a 5-week wait for the Vive Replacement Walker Wheels if buying from Amazon.

At the time of writing this article, there was limited stock availability for the TopGlides Universal Replacement Walker Wheels. I liked many things about these wheels, including the curved ski glides and different color options. If you want to brighten up your walker, then this is certainly the way to do it!

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