How to Find The Best Neck Brace Guide

Some incidents can just flip your life over, and to have your life back the way it used to be, you have to depend on certain devices. Neck braces are one such device that can make your healing process a lot smoother, thanks to medical science. 

Neck pains and injuries can be really throbbing, and it is pretty common now that people have to sit in the same positions for prolonged hours. Another reason for neck pains is accidents and some traumatic incidents that can scathe your neck. 

This article will run you down the best selection of neck braces with detailed reviews, comparisons, and how you can select the ideal brace yourself. Having said that, let’s dive right into this comprehensive guide. 

What is a Neck Brace?

A neck brace, cervical collar, or neck collar is used to restrict neck movement to a minimum. Doing this helps in healing neck pain or injury in a lesser time. 

Neck braces give a cushioned support to the neck to ease the healing process. Braces are of different types, and what your doctor recommends depends on the severity of your pain. In general, there are four types of collars, namely.

  • Soft Collars: Soft collars subtly restrict the movements, allowing the patient to engage in the backward and forward movements while restricting the left/right movements. As the name suggests, soft collars are pretty squishy and fit like a glove, entirely covering your neck. Soft collars are secured with velcro. 
  • Rigid Collars or Halo Collars: Rigid/Halo collars provide fuller protection from the jaw to the collar bone. They are used for more critical injuries that demand extra care and absolutely zero movements. Rigid neck braces are only used in severe cases, particularly in traumatic accidents or surgeries where the healing process is comparatively longer.
  • Philadelphia Collars: This is more restrictive than a soft collar but less restrictive than a rigid one. Majorly used after cervical spinal fractures and strains, the Philadelphia collar is also secured with velcro. 
  • Sport Collars: Sports collars are specially created for racers and riders because their profession makes them prone to accidents and collisions. Thus, racers and riders wear sport collars to eliminate or minimize the risk of any fatal neck injuries. Sports collars have literally proved to be a godsend, as several racers died or became bedridden due to such neck injuries in the past. 

Who Can Benefit from a Neck Brace? 

The delicacy of necks has been a secret to none, and the problem is pretty common too. It can happen to anyone anytime, regardless of age or gender. The profession could sometimes be a contributing factor, given it directly affects our sitting postures. 

So, yes, anyone having neck pain, sprain or strains can benefit from neck/collar braces. Here are three main reasons why people require neck braces. 

  • Relieve Pain: Braces are nothing but a device that supports your head while your injured neck heals back its tissues/muscles. Thus, the main reason is to relieve pain and giving the neck some chance to heal quicker.
  • Neck Surgery: After surgery, it is medically advised to rest the operated part to provide it with some healing time. That’s why, when someone has had neck surgery, the doctors suggest they wear a brace for few days to restrict the movement and speed the recovery process.
  • Accidents and Mishaps: It could be a car accident or falling from a height, or just tripping over. The neck is delicate, so yes, even the littlest incident could injure you. 

Now that you know what neck braces are and who can benefit from them let’s look at our top picks for the best neck braces out there. 

Top 4 Picks for Best Neck Braces at a Glance

Top 4 Neck Braces: Reviews

Anybody suffering from any sort of neck issues will be benefited from knee braces. Purchasing the correct one is vital because, in the end, it all depends on the quality and efficiency of the product. 

To smoothen your search process, we have listed the detailed reviews of some of our best picks that can help you with any sort of neck pains and injuries. To know more about them, read the reviews below and weigh the pros and cons, so you can make an informed decision!

Remedy For Life Adjustable Neck Brace 

The first one on our list is the very comfortable and quality-designed Remedy for Life Adjustable Neck Brace. Neck traction devices are created to cater to patients who have severe issues and have to restrict their movements to an absolute zero. 

This Remedy for Life Neck brace provides stability to your head. Additionally, it gives extra support to the muscles and helps in the healing and relaxation process. 

The fact that it is a rigid neck brace and yet so comfortable to wear makes it the number one product on this list. It is beyond perfect and balanced in terms of cushioning. Meaning, it provides just the right of support without suffocating or blocking your neck completely. 

Since a rigid brace is meant for severe neck problems, it must be comfortable and perfectly fitting to ensure decent support. 

The Remedy for Life Neck brace covers all the right places and hugs your neck in the most snugly way, providing tremendous support and pain relief. 

If you’re thinking about how here it is. This neck brace comes equipped with three advanced EZ dials that are beneficent in granting just the perfect shape. 

And lastly, such traction devices are usually heavy and can cause the patient to sweat, given the extra cushioning. However, with the Remedy for Life Adjustable neck brace, the patient can rest assured that the brace is lightweight and convenient for prolonged usability and the opening in the front lets the air pass through, hence no sweat. 


  • EZ Dials
  • Adjustability
  • Cushioned
  • Stability


  • Hard to sleep while wearing this

Caldera Releaf Adjustable Contour Fit

Next up, the Caldera Releaf is the perfect one for you if you experience neck and shoulder pain due to prolonged sittings and workload. It is the comfiest neck brace in the market with a beautiful, durable design. 

Wearing it does not come as a burden, given its soft squishy feel, making it the most comfortable option ever. You can literally work, walk around or sleep in it and it still won’t feel discomforting. Thus, it helps in improving postures. 

However, this is for normal pains that we all experience, and it is not medically recommended to wear this brace for severe pains since it can only help in healing the mild ones. 

So, what is so special about this? The cleaning process! Yes, you read that right. Just drop it in the washer, and voila! Furthermore, its snuggly support and lightweight can make it your best travel partner (quite literally). It doesn’t matter if the seat is uncomfortable. This neck brace will reduce spine tension and provide you the perfect naps. The compact design makes it easier and convenient to travel with. 


  • Easy to clean
  • Comfortable
  • Durable
  • Easy to travel with


  • Tricky fastening

OTC Cervical Collar Neck Support Brace

This one is on the list for so many reasons. The OTC cervical collar is best for racers and riders. It is also the most budget-friendly option and offers various remarkable attributes at a decent cost. 

The foam material provides the patient with all the comfort, and the fact that it is lightweight makes it an even better choice. The foam layer of the brace is covered in an extremely soft net which allows good air circulation and helps you avoid sweat. 

Coming to the fit of the OTC cervical brace, you can choose what fits you best because the brace comes in six size options. The circumference for five sizes is adjustable, and the sixth one has a universal fit. 

You can measure and see for yourself to find the best fit. Remember, your comfort depends on how well the brace fits. Thus, it is vital to own the perfect-sized brace. 

The best part about this brace is that it falls under the rigid category even after being so lightweight and soft. It is also used by riders and racers and as a sports neck brace for extra safety. 


  • Hypoallergenic
  • Prevents perspiration
  • Ideal for racers and riders
  • Value for money
  • Soft and comfortable


  • Finding the perfect size is tricky

EverRelief – Inflatable & Adjustable Neck Stretcher Collar – at Home Traction for Neck Pain Relief

Inflatable cervical collars have garnered recent popularity for providing decent support and extra comfort in the same price range. 

This is for all the times when your neck feels harsh sprains and intolerable pain rounds. In today’s world, where we are always confined to cubicles and office chairs, we must increase our physical activities. 

This is the main cause behind sprains and mild neck pain cases increasing amongst the millennials. However, the EverRelief inflatable cervical collar could be an amazing addition to your medical support, for it can ease out all sorts of neck issues. 

The EverRelief neck brace helps provides you the perfect upright postures and helps you comfort and snuggle those dead neck muscles and tissues. 

The best part about the EverRelief neck brace is the convenient accessibility. The design is super durable, and you can inflate it as much or as little as you like; that’s the beauty! 

Some people like their braces to be extra high. On the other hand, some like them shorter and more compact. If that is you, take the gears and customize them as you please. The design is elite and rich in appeal as the velvet provides it a beautiful look, not to mention the super cozy feel that comes along! 


  • Customizable
  • Comfortable for frequent usage
  • Cozy design


  • Velvet demand extra care

Things To Consider Before Buying A Neck Brace: A Buyer’s Guide 

Okay, so all the reviews are done. Some of you might have already made up your mind about which neck brace you want to buy. However, we’d recommend making a checklist of all the factors that might influence your decision.

A neck brace can be perfect for you only based on your needs and requirements. To help you, we have provided all the factors you need to consider before purchasing a neck brace:


When shopping for a neck brace, the very first thing to think about is the fit. A neck brace would only be effective if it is properly fitted. It would be best to have as much contact as possible between the body and the neck protector and even between the body and the helmet.

The helmet should not protrude too far above the neck guard. The reason is that in the event of an impact or a collision, the helmet can still have a lot of space to manoeuvre before the brace begins to assist it.

Type of Motorcycle Neck Braces

There are two types of neck braces. You should choose the one that serves your purpose the best:

Stand-Alone Brace   

As the name implies, stand-alone neck braces are distinct from chest protection and can be used without them. Since not everybody believes in the level of safety provided by a chest protector, not everybody uses it.

A stand-alone neck brace is a good option if you don’t want to wear a chest rig yet safeguard your neck.

Integrated Brace

Suppose you choose to use neck protection when dirt biking; make sure to pair it with a chest protector. When used in tandem with a chest protector, pressures are dispersed over the body even more effectively than with just a brace.

Chest protectors featuring integrated neck protection and braces are commercially available. These protectors reduce the quantity of extra boost you’d need to transport and dress in.


Do check to see if the brace has any ‘s designs. This feature is related to the previous point about fitting. You must be capable of adjusting the brace to your body structure to attain the best fit. Certain neck coverings come with lumbar support that moves with your body.

If there is a large hit, this back support would typically be able to break off. This process would minimize a substantial degree of force from being transferred to your spine and upper back. 

You should also check for adjustable elements on your brace’s front, where it sits behind your roost guard or chest protection. The neck protector will fall out from below the chest protector if this location is too slack.   

You should also seek adjustable shoulder pads that let you alter the neck guard to fit appropriately below the helmet and across your shoulders.

Chest Protector Compatibility

As previously stated, motorcyclists should use their neck braces in tandem with a chest protector. If you decide to use a chest protector with the neck brace, make sure it is compatible with your neck brace.

Numerous braces feature straps that connect it to the chest kit, combining two independent elements.


If you’re torn among a few neck braces and can’t decide, consider going with the one that’s the lightest. You’ll choose a light brace that you can ignore you’re using if all the braces fit similarly and are comfy.

Materials such as Koroyd are currently being used to reduce weight while yet providing excellent protection.

Ease of Removal and Fitting 

You want easy-to-take-off gear after a full day of riding through filth and mud. Pick a good ungloved or gloved neck brace that is simple to manipulate. You’ll eventually quit using the neck brace on daily rides if it’s hard to put on or take off.

Both these features provide you with a better grip when you’re seated or moving up after using the commode. Also, see if the commode has a wide structure, which will add to the user’s convenience. 


The budget should also be one of your major factors. It all depends on what amount you are ready to shell out for a neck brace. There are different ranged neck braces you can find in the market. These are some of the features you will in the below three range brackets-

  • Below $50: Your options are restricted. However, you can still obtain security on a tight budget. Such braces will be doing the job, but they will not be the most up-to-date in terms of materials or brace technology.
  • $50-$100: This price range broadens your options slightly, but you’re still not receiving cutting-edge tech. Look into this collection if you’re looking for an excellent brace that won’t do massive damage to your pocket.
  • Above $100: Professional racewear is offered in this price range. Such motocross neck braces are cutting-edge and provide riders with the finest neck protection available.

If you plan on wearing a neck brace every day, it makes sense to get expensive protective gear. However, if you are just doing it as a hobby once in a while, you may reconsider your decision. The choice is yours!


By now, you must be an expert in neck braces. So, are you ready for the last round of commonly asked questions to wipe off all the doubts from your mind?

Question: Can Neck Brace Break My Collar Bone?

Answer: This notion is a fairly plausible misconception, as a neck brace worn poorly could strike your clavicle after a crash. However, a properly fitted brace doesn’t sit close to your collarbones. It is because the brace is constructed with collarbone relief spaces to avoid contact in that area.
When it comes to injuries in the game, more than 90% of collarbones fracture outwards. It can be caused by colliding with an outstretched arm, landing on your shoulder, or colliding with a helmet rim. These factors force the bone to break.
Even with the development of neck braces, the number of collarbones fracturing inwards has not decreased considerably. Moreover, you are 50 times more likely to break your clavicle while riding SX or MX than you are to suffer a spinal injury.

Question: Should My Kid Wear A Neck Brace?

Answer: If you’re wondering if your child ought to wear a neck brace while racing and riding motocross, the decision depends on personal preference after considering the material in this article.
In enduro racing and motocross, neck braces aren’t required, and the bulk of brands provide a version in youth sizes. Child neck braces have similar protective characteristics as adult neck braces. The only difference is that they are tailored to the mini bike racers’ smaller frames.
In your locality, you may notice that not all children are using neck braces. Moreover, as we previously stated, whether or not your child must have one is a matter of personal opinion. If it’s within your means, we suggest having your room fitted for a neck brace.
It will offer you additional peace of mind while they’re out shredding motors.

Question: How Do Dirt Bike Neck Braces Avoid Neck Injuries?

Answer: The assumption goes that if collision forces can be dissipated or absorbed over sturdier body regions, the neck will bend less. This limitation in head motion prevents spinal cord injury, hyperflexion, and hyperextension.

Question: What Are The Limitations of Neck Braces?

Answer: No matter which brand or design of neck brace you choose, they all have limitations in terms of their efficiency. It is all dependent on the type of collision you have. None can defend you if you hit straight on your head.
The brace must be so sturdy and substantial that head movement would be nearly impossible to stop this. This is not an option for secured riding.
However, apart from this case, braces in the industry are engineered to provide two things. You get the ability to ride unrestrained while having enhanced crash protection when opposed to riding sans a brace.

Question: Can Thoracic Strut Harm My Spine Lower Down The Back?

Answer: The rider has complete control over how far to travel and what to take. The same is the case with any protective gear. The helmet is the only piece of safety equipment that is required by law in the UK. Thus, everything else is up to you.
Enhanced protection is generally part of the riding kit for trail motorcyclists. It tends to reflect the higher risk of trying to ride off-road. So, do you need a neck brace in the kit bag? To respond, it relies on personal risk tolerance and the kind of riding you do daily.
Say you’re a weekend trail rider whose content to bumble around at 15 mph on the neighborhood lanes. Then, getting dressed up like a supercross rider could seem like an unnecessary expense. In actuality, the road before the lanes are perhaps the most dangerous portion of your bike!
Neck braces are more appropriate for quicker cyclists and adventure bike riders.

Final Thoughts

Neck braces are a vital accessory needed to make movements smoother and pain-free for those suffering. By using a good neck brace, you will also be able to quickly recover from injuries or post-surgery complications, thanks to its ample support.  

Our top four picks are backed by extensive research, top features, and customer reviews. Although all of them are have some remarkable attributes, our top pick for you is the Remedy for Life Adjustable Neck Brace. This model, in particular, comes with all the right features one requires! The best part being the EZ dials, air circulation, and the comfort it provides even after being a rigid neck brace.

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