How to Find the Best Milk Frother And Which Type We Recommend

There’s something wonderfully indulgent about getting a foam-topped coffee from your local cafe as a treat yourself moment but this doesn’t have to be reserved only for out the house.

By purchasing a milk frother you can create fancy, cafe-style cappuccinos and lattes in the comfort of your own home. But where are the best places to buy a milk frother, how much do they cost and what should you look for when going into this purchase? Let’s take a look.

How to Find the Best Milk Frother

There are three different types of milk frothers; battery-powered handheld, electric cylinder frothers, and removable jug frothers. The first one requires you to preheat your milk beforehand while the others heat and steam your milk while frothing it depending on what quantity of milk you’re using.

The removable jug versions have a large capacity, are easier to clean, and usually come at a higher price tag. The most trendy milk frothers by far are the compact cylindrical frothers that steam and froth your milk in one small, sleek design. As you can see there’s a lot of variety available to suit a host of different coffee needs so we are going to dive into what each one can do and what purpose it’s best suited for.

When choosing what milk frother is the best buy for you there are a few factors to consider; appearance, functionality, and price. You could decide to go with a milk frother that is from the same brand as the rest of your coffee gear for a cohesive and chic look.

You could go for the best budget option or choose to invest in something a little more high-tech or you could pick the one with the most settings so you can customize your experience. It really depends on which one fits your needs and budget best. The best way to find what suits you is to shop around on different platforms to see what’s available on the market and for what price.

The three main ways to get a really quality milk frother:

  • Amazon
  • Specialized coffee brands
  • Tried and true appliance brands

We are going to take a look at a few options from each to show you what’s available and the price you might expect to pay for each one. This should give you a comprehensive guide on where milk frothers are available and how to choose between what is on offer.


Amazon has a wide array of products across a large price range and their delivery is quick and easy if you live in a major city. They have a large variety of milk frothers from different brands with a variety of designs so let’s have a look at two of these that are on offer:

Handheld- Zulay MilkBoss Electric Milk Frother

Assorted colors of Zulay Milk Frother

The Zulay MilkBoss is a really cute little handheld frother that is small scale but still useful and attractive. It is battery powered so you can use it conveniently without any cables getting in the way. One of the biggest selling points of these frothers is that they come in 40 different colors and finishes so you can pick one that fits your personal style to a T.

This style of frother requires you to heat your milk beforehand if you are looking for a hot froth, which is a downside to a manual frother like this. Once heated you insert the wand, which is fitted with a round coiled, stainless steel whisk and whisk until you achieve your desired foam.

It comes with a small compact stand for easy storage that won’t take up any extra space on your counter. To clean simply put the whisk end underwater and turn it on briefly to get all the residual milk out.

Coffee Brands

When it comes to coffee accessories it’s only natural to gravitate towards specialized coffee brands. They know what goes well with coffee and the best way to get the perfect brew at home so they are a no-brainer. The one downside to these specialized brands is that they come at a higher price tag but they are still worth considering because of their quality and coffee know-how.

Keurig Milk Frother

black automatic milk frother

Keurig is a renowned coffee brand that is famous for bringing cafe-style coffee into the home. To go with its popular and innovative coffee machines they have this compact milk frother and milk steamer that works, and looks, very similar to the Nespresso Aeroccino for half the price.

This makes this option a great investment in comparison without skimping on the specialized coffee quality. It will get you perfectly frothed milk in 3 minutes with a choice of hot or cold froth.

This design is easy to clean, has a 6oz capacity, and can be used for dairy and non-dairy milk. The Keurig displays perfectly that you can still get a quality frother for a more affordable price from a renowned brand without having to fork out for the latest trend.

Kitchen Appliance Classics

Although they might not specialize in coffee the tried and true kitchen appliance brands can still be relied upon to make a quality product. A lot of the most popular brands have some form of milk frother on their books that are really worth considering.

Breville Milk Cafe

Frotherbreville stainless steel milk frother

For really precision milk boiling and frothing the Breville Milk Cafe is the one for you! It has a stainless steel jug with a cool-touch handle that sits on top of a stainless steel induction pad that heats it to any temperature you program using the futuristic style dial.

The base is fitted with a stop/start button and a temperature dial so you can make a variety of foams as well as milk boiled to the absolute perfect temperature; whether that’s warm or cool. It has an automatic shut-off and a removable jug that makes cleaning really easy. This lets you get really specific with your steaming so you can replicate your favorite coffee flawlessly.

It’s a big investment in your coffee journey but its precision and ease of cleaning make that a little more worthwhile while. Breville is an established brand that guarantees quality so if you did invest your money in this one it is bound to last you years.

Best Milk Frother: Conclusion

There are so many milk frothers on the market and so many avenues to acquire them that finding the perfect one for you should be child’s play. All of these retail options have a good range of prices as well as different variations of milk frothers so you can’t really go wrong with any option you choose.

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