HON VL705 Mesh Big and Tall Executive Chair

Does The HON VL705 Mesh Big and Tall Executive Chair Provide Enough Comfort For Larger Users ?

HON VL705 Mesh Big and Tall Executive ChairThe HON VL705 Mesh Big and Tall Executive Chair is a classic looking office chair with a strong seat, supportive back rest, two arm rest and a five-point, 360 degree caster base for manoeuvrability.

The colour is a uniform black, which means that it should suit most office suites. It is not particularly flashy in its looks. However, there are many elements to the specification that suggest that it will be well-suited to a wide market.

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What benefits have buyers mentioned in their reviews for this HON VL705 Executive Chair?

The target market for this chair is clear from the name. This a “big and tall” ergonomic chair that has been designed for larger individuals. The seat is 22 inches wide and well padded, the backrest is tall and broad and there is a maximum weight allowance of 450 pounds.

The additional benefit here is the way that the office chair can be adjusted for different heights and arm widths. This means that a wider number of users should be able to find the right position to stay supported at work all day.

HON VL705 Mesh Executive Chair
There are many happy buyers that feel more supported and are able to sit more naturally because of the dimensions and adjustments of this chair. An added benefit here is the stability that is provided.

The width, the strength of the base and the construction are all pretty sturdy with no wobbles or fear of collapse. At the same time, the chair is not overly heavy and can be moved across the floor with relative ease.

Are there any downsides to choosing this HON VL705 Mesh Big & Tall Executive Chair?

When it comes to the comfort levels provided, there are plenty of mixed reviews. On the plus side, there is a breathable mesh on the back that ensure that users don’t get to sweaty and sticky across the course of the day.

There is also an integrated lumbar support that can be adjusted to user’s needs. These basic features do help, but there are still larger users that feel as though the designers could have been a little more considerate.

Some feel that the seat is a little firm and unsupportive for their frame. Others feel that the hard plastic around the back rest and the armrests are a little uncomfortable for long term use.

Summary: how does this negative feedback affect the final recommendation on this Big and Tall Executive Chair?

The security, strong construction and adjustable parts of this HON executive chair all combine to ensure that larger users have a stable place to sit for long shifts of office work. A lot of effort has gone into ensuring that these users can find the correct seating position.

Unfortunately, less effort seems to have gone into the comfort features. Buyers can use this for long periods, but it is not the perfect option with those hard parts. With a little more consideration in this area and a bit more padding, this HON ergonomic chair could be on the way to becoming a great option for the larger worker.

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