HON Solve Series Office Chair Review

Is The HON Solve Series Mid Back Office Chair As Ergonomically Adaptable And Comfortable As Promised?

The HON Solve Series Mid Back Office Chair is a straightforward office chair that uses an interesting blend of materials and simple shapes to create something accessible, but not unappealing in terms of its look.

There is a fabric seat in a nice midnight blue or red, with what appears to be plenty of padding, against a black mid-back back rest with a mesh.

There is also a typical base with casters, armrests and the standard height and tilt adjustments. Is this the right blend of style, function and comfort?

What benefits have users highlighted when reviewing this HON Solve Series Black Mesh Office Chair online?

HON SVM1ALC90TK Solve Series Mesh Back Task Chair, Midnight

The main focus with this work chair, or task chair as they also call it, is the use of ergonomic adjustment for comfort and support. The product description invites users in saying the chair will “conform to your body” thanks to the use of adjustable features and the flexibility of the materials.

In addition to the typical height and tilt there is that stretch back mesh for movement and breathability. It also provides a multidirectional lumbar support.

There are also plenty of sales promises regarding the durability of the HON chairs. The makers talk about the tough wheels for continual mobility across the workspace, the strength of the five-star base and the general quality of the other materials used.

Buyers are mostly impressed with the build quality and the parts used. This is helped by the fact that there is hardly any assembly required. Therefore, there is so little to break or misalign, and few fixtures to come loose and cause problems.

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What downsides have buyers experienced with this HON Solve Series Ergonomic Chair?

The majority of buyers seems to be pretty happy with what they receive with this model. There are some users that are less impressed with the comfort provided because of added comfort does comes from the waterfall shape on the front, but this is not enough for those that find the seat too firm.

HON HONSVM1ALC10TK Solve Mid Task Chair with Mesh Back and Adjustable Lumbar Support, in Ink (HSLVTMMKD), Black

The padding is dense and doesn’t allow users to sink in like some other desk chairs. Some have no complaints about this approach, but it doesn’t suit everyone. Others mention a lack of instructions on the mechanisms, with the suggestion that the methods are as intuitive as they should be. Still, they all work fine once users get the hang of them.

Summary: does this mixed response on the negative aspects mean that this HON Solve Series Ergonomically Adjustable Office Chair is a recommendable budget option?

One aspect yet to be mentioned here with this ergonomic chair is one final sales promise about a “budget friendly” option. The makers clearly aimed to provide a chair with the quality and low price for value for money.

It seems as though they were able to meet this aim because there are buyers talking about the quality of the comfort and parts for the money paid.

There are models out there with better padding and more features, at a higher price. However, the HON chair still provides a good support system, strong construction and cannot be faulted on the use of adjustable elements.

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