HON Lota Work Chair Review

Is The HON Lota Mid-Back Work Chair A Little Too Simplistic To Please Buyers?

HON Lota Mid-Back Work Chair
The ergonomic HON Lota Mid-Back Work Chair with Mesh Back and Polished Aluminum Base looks like a very simple, sleek office chair with its clean lines and aluminum base.

It has a number of interesting features such as the re-positionable arms, range of colours, 360 swivel, pneumatic height adjustment and tilt lock.

Apparently this chair is designed for “providing one seating solution for everyone”, because of its adaptability for different users, but does this mean that all buyers are happy with their purchase?

What benefits have users noted in their reviews for this HON Lota Work Chair?

As well as being a good looking, ergonomic chair that many buyers claim to enjoy using in their office, it appears to have strong materials and a firm seat and mesh on the back for support in the lumbar region and breath ability, which is just what buyers need.

Furthermore, the HON chair is pretty easy to put together, even if some did need to go back and do some tightening up, and when it is completely finished it feels much more secure than some other chairs that buyers have tried from more expensive brands.

HON Lota Ergonomic Work Chair
This is especially true in the arms because they stay where they are needed. While the back is comfortable and seems to help with posture, some users do question the comfort of the seat because of the use of firmer foam padding rather than fabric cushioning.

It is aspects like this, where one element is great but another is less so, that make buyers reconsider the chair and lead to negative reviews.

Why do some buyers think this HON Lota Mid-Back Chair is problematic and how does it fall short of expectations?

There are suggestions that the functions and adjustments of this chair are basic in terms of the height achieved and the ability to tilt the seat back and even though it is easy to operate and more than adequate for some, it could be a bit too limited for others.

The specification talks about “weight activated controls” that get rid of the need for complication levers and paddles but for some this just isn’t enough.

Other than the poor marks on adjustability and comfort, there are occasional comments about declines in quality over time – but not so many for it to be a big concern – as well as some about the colours.

Some buyers like the blue on black but others are irked by the contrast in black and charcoal, saying it looks “mismatched” rather than deliberate.

Summary: is this HON Lota mesh back office chair still recommendable with these mixed reviews?

Going back to this idea of basic adjustments and one buyer’s summary of it being a “solid” chair, there is the clear sense here that this chair is good enough to do the job but not the best out there.

There are some consumers that will find that the HON ergonomic chair comes up short in a few ways; however, if basic is all you need and the range of adjustments and the idea of a firmer mesh with good support sounds ideal for your needs, you should be happy with this easy-to-assemble product.

You can check out more reviews about the HON Lota Mid-Back Work Chair on Amazon here.

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