HON HVL702 Mesh High-Back Task Chair

Does The HON HVL702 Mesh High-Back Task Chair Offer Good Value?

HON Mesh High-Back Task ChairThe HON HVL702 Mesh High-Back Task Chair is a good looking black mesh chair that would suit most communal office environments. There is a nice blend of simple shapes and nice lines that take it beyond typical designs.

There are also a number of adjustable features for the best experience. Yet, the makers are quick to point out that this is a “budget friendly” ergonomic chair where buyers can get a little more for their money. The question is, does this really offer good value?

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The Pros and Cons of this HON HVL702 Task Chair:


  • a flexible and adjustable back
  • enough support for larger users
  • a good look


  • a few issues for smaller users
  • some assembly problems


This HON HVL702 Task Chair is an adjustable chair with a good blend of customisable options and strong parts. 

The most notable element of this chair has to be that mesh back. Mesh is a common option with many “affordable” ergonomic office chairs like this. Still, there is an attractive look and shape to this back rest that makes it look a little more expensive than some other models.

HON HVL702 Mesh High-Back Task Chair

There is also the fact that this mesh back is a little more adjustable and flexible. It conforms nicely to the shape of the back for support as users move around.

This idea of an adjustable, customizable seating position is enhanced with the use of the seat height adjustments, the tilt on the best rest and the adjustments on the arm rests.

There are also some promises over the quality of this Hon office chair, despite that idea of it being “budget friendly”. They promise strong components across the seat – from the five star swivelling base to the seat and moving parts.

For the most part, buyers seem to be happy enough with the build quality here. They like the parts, the ease of assembly and the weight capacity for slightly larger users.

Still, there are some that aren’t as happy with the feel of this HON HVL702 Mesh High-Back Task Chair. 

The feel of this HON office chair isn’t going to suit everyone, and there are a few lower rated reviews from those that say that the back rest isn’t rigid enough. There are also those that echo the idea of this being a chair for larger users, by complaining that it was too big for them.

Aside from these comments, the only other major complaints come from the minority that struggled with the assembly. Some felt that the parts were a little difficult to put together, especially the casters in the base.

What does this all mean for the final verdict on this HON Mesh High-Back Ergonomic Chair?

In the end the appeal of this desk chair comes down to personal needs and preferences more than anything to do with the build. There is is nothing wrong with the design and components for those that like the flexibility, adjustments and wider seat. Yet, there will be some people that struggle with the size and wish they had something a little firmer.

If you believe that your needs fit in the former category, this HON chair could well be a great option for you.

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