HON HVL220 Mid Back Task Chair

Is The “Budget” HON HVL220 Mid Back Task Chair Comfortable Enough?

HON HVL220 Mid Back Task ChairThe HON HVL220 Mid Back Task Chair comes with the promise of a durable, yet budget friendly ergonomic chair. There is reinforced resin on the five star base and abrasion resistant polyester on the upholstery.

There are also the basics of an adjustable height, some arm rests, casters on the base and a swivel seat for moving between work areas.

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The Pros and Cons of this HON HVL220 Mid Back Task Chair:


  • a clear, simple look to the shape of the chair
  • a simple assembly process that users handle with ease
  • a good amount of support and weight allowance for comfort


  • limitations in the ergonomics, especially the tilt
  • problems with the stability of the seat height mechanism


It is clear that this HON Mid Back Swivel Chair is great as an office chair as well as a task chair, thanks to the style and ease of use.

The use of the simple shape and minimal parts has two benefits in the office environment. First of all, there is the fact that it fits in with pretty much any communal office with ease. This isn’t going to stand out from the crowd or divide opinion.

The budget friendly price also means that office can buy this in greater numbers to kit out their work environment with the same chair throughout.

HON HVL220 Mid Back Ergonomic Chair Side View

The other benefit with the simple shape and build is the ease of assembly. There are many people that are surprised at just how easy it was to put this ergonomic chair together in their study or task room.

Then there is the comfort and user experience once buyers have the HON chair up and ready to go. Most find it to be comfortable enough with the size and shape of the seat, the padding in the back rest and the position of the armrest. This chair has a 250 pound weight capacity for larger users.

This HON HVL220 Mid Back Computer Chair is a budget chair, but some feel the designers could still go a little further with some of the features.

There are some issues with the pneumatic height adjustment. It doesn’t have the strength and gas within in order to get the controlled seat height adjustments that many are after. It has a tendency to drop too often.

When we add in the wobbles of the cheaper build, this isn’t as secure as some would have liked. There are minimal ergonomics too. There are some of the basics with the shape and waterfall seat edge. Yet, there is barely any tilt in the back and not as much back support as some would have liked.

What does this all mean for the final verdict on this HON Black Upholstered Office Chair?

There isn’t that much to say about this task chair because it doesn’t really do a lot. This is a pro or a con depending on the user. The chair fulfils many needs as a simple task or office chair. It has a good shape and look and offers great freedom of movement.

Those working for long periods at their projects would prefer to see a little more in the ergonomics and stability. Even so, the HON chair still works well in the right room.

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